Can Android See When iPhone Is Typing?

There has been a superiority battle between iPhone users and Android users because iPhone comes with advanced features. Some go to the point to prove that the functionality is different, which brought about the topic can android see when iPhone is typing?

Yes, Android will be able to see when your iPhone is typing. This feature is available in the latest software version, so you must update your phone as soon as possible. So, I guess this ends the debate on whether you can see an iPhone user typing while using android.

Can Android See When Iphone Is Typing?

If you have an Android device, it’s normal if you get curious to know if it can tell when your iPhone is typing. From experience, you will see typing from the top of your messaging platform whenever an iPhone user tries to message you.

Can Android See When iPhone Is Typing

Android can detect when you use the keyboard in iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging apps on your iPhone. You must know the typing indicator only works for third-party apps mentioned earlier.

You can’t see the typing indicator if you are using SMS or MMS. All you get to see is the message once the sender presses the send button.

Simple Ways You Can Turn Off The Typing Indicator On Android?

If you want to turn off the typing indicator on your Android phone, there are several ways to do this. Using signal messenger as the case study, you can always turn off your typing indicator with the method below.

1. Open the signal app on your phone.

Open the signal app on your phone


2. At the left of your screen (top), you should tab on the account icon (That should open the settings menu for you)

tab on the account icon

3. Click on privacy

Click on privacy

4. On the next screen displayed, you will see typing indicator

see typing indicator

5. By default, it is turned on

Simply tap on the button to disable the typing indicator

Is It Possible To See Someone Typing On Signal?

You can see if anyone is typing on a signal. The signal is a messaging app that allows users to send text, pictures, and video messages from their phone to another phone or person.

It uses your cell phone’s data connection and requires no special software or hardware. Signal will show you when someone is typing and about to send you messages.

This comes to action because the typing indicator on the messaging app comes enabled by default. So, if you want to stop seeing it and others from seeing it when you are typing, you need to disable it.

How Do You Stop People From Seeing You Typing?

I have tried the voice-to-text method using my android and iPhone, and I realized it is not a way to stop people from seeing you typing. The only option to do this is to follow the step I have below:

  1. You should switch on your airplane mode on your phone.
  2. Locate the settings icon on your phone, click on it, and from there, locate the airplane
  3. Click on it to enable it, and then go ahead to type your message
  4. Your receiver will not see that you are typing unless you switch off the airplane mode

Note: It is not so easy to turn off and on airplane mode, but it does prove to be an effective way to stop others from seeing you typing.

Is It Possible For Someone To Catch Sight Of My Text Messages?

Someone can easily catch sight of your text messages if you give them access. There are many ways that someone could catch sight of your text messages.

First, they could have access to your phone. If you don’t place restrictions on your phone or if you don’t change the passwords frequently enough, then anyone with access to the device could read your text messages.

This is most likely to happen if your phone is lost or stolen, so you’ll want to ensure that all of its information is secure.

Second, someone could try to steal your phone and then look through its contents. If someone steals your phone and then tries to use it as their own (or if they’re able to get into your account via something like an app), they could see all of the text messages you’ve sent and received over the past few months.

This method is more difficult than just hacking into someone’s account directly as it requires some skill and knowledge on how to hack.

Can Someone See You Typing On Whatsapp?

Someone can see you typing on WhatsApp. I tried this with my wife to experiment with this, and it turned out that she could see me typing from her android phone. The same as when she was typing, I was able to see from my iPhone.

The only way someone cannot see you typing is when they are not on the WhatsApp app. Also, if they are on another chat page with someone else, they won’t be able to see when you are typing until they close the chat.

Can Iphone Users Block Android Texts?

Yes, as an iPhone user, you can always block the texts from an android user.

The method is different from SMS and WhatsApp.

Let us start with SMS

To block android users from sending you SMS, do this:

1. Go to your contact

2. Locate the person

Locate the person

3. Click the info icon in front of the contact

Click the icon in front of the contact

4. Scroll down

5. Choose block this caller

Choose block this caller


6. Once the person sends a text, you will not be able to receive it

On WhatsApp, do this:

1. Open your WhatsApp app

Open your Whatsapp app

2. Click on the chat with the person

3. Click on the person’s profile picture

Click on the person's profile picture

4. Scroll down to select block and confirm your action

Click on the chat with the person

How Do You Know An Android User Blocks You?

If an android user blocks you, there are several ways you can get to notice the action. The signs below are clear indications that an android user has blocked you.

  1. You are trying to send a message to the person, but they don’t see your message.
  2. You are trying to view their profile on social media, and it says, “you can’t see this person right now.”
  3. You have tried sending them a message, but they won’t respond.

What Happens Whenever You Send A Text To Someone That Blocked You?

When you send a text message to someone that has blocked you, it will be sent as an unread message. This means that the person who has blocked you will not get any notifications about your messages. It does not matter the number of messages you send; the person will never receive it.

Also, if the person eventually unblocks you, those messages you sent when you were blocked can never be recovered or seen. But the new messages you send after being unblocked will be seen by the person.

Is Texting And Typing The Same?

No, texting and typing are not the same. Most people think they are the same, and they are not. Typing is the process of sending a text message. You can type and choose not to send whatever sentence you have in the chat section.

But once you send the words or sentence, you have eventually done texting. So, without typing, there is no way you can execute texting.


If you are a person that cherishes texting over call, then you are on the same page with me. One of the features common with texting, especially with a third-party app, is that your receiver can easily know when you are typing, and it does have nothing to do with you using iPhone or Android. This is why you see questions like can android see when iPhone is typing, and this page gives the right answer.

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