Can Wi-Fi Owner See What Sites I Visit On Phone?

Can Wi-Fi Owner See What Sites I Visit On Phone

Not just you, but the majority of people these days use the internet for a variety of purposes. No matter what the reason for surfing the Internet is, many users are concerned about their privacy.

Like many users, are you concerned about your internet privacy and wondering can Wi-Fi owner see what sites i visit on phone or other devices? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, the Wi-Fi owner can view your searches.

In addition to your search, the Wi-Fi owner can view a more detailed browsing history using a tracking or third-party monitoring tool. However, you can easily prevent all types of monitoring and follow this article to know all of them.

Can Wi-Fi Owner See What Sites I Visit On Phone?

Unfortunately, the answer is BIG YES. A Wi-Fi owner can easily see your browsing history as well as track your online activity. On the other hand, only the owner has permission to check browsing history.

However, if you also have access to the router, you can also check the browsing history of connected devices. Also, the type of router also plays an essential role in viewing browsing history.

Can Wi-Fi Owner See What Sites I Visit On Phone

That means most of the old routers don’t have browser tracking facilities. On the other hand, new or modern routers track or keep the browsing history through logs. However, no matter what your router type, accessing the browning history also depends on the protocol too.

Basically, there are two types of protocols, including HTTP and HTTPS. Both protocol types will let you view browsing history differently. You can follow the section to learn more about them:

HTTP: HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol has a less secure facility. That means when you visit a website that has HTTP protocol, then the wifi owner can easily be able to see what websites you’ve visited.

Plus, the wifi owner can also check what you’re doing on any particular website. And most importantly, the owner can also track all your online activities by using a monitoring or tracking service.

HTTPS: On the other hand, it’s more secure to use HTTPS. Basically, when you visit a website with HTTPS, then the wifi owner can only be able to see what websites you’ve visited. But the owner cannot be able to see or track your activities on any particular website.

HTTPS means HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. This protocol system implements a global standard TLS/SSL certificate security technology. TLS/SSL ensures secure data exchange between client and server.

Note: In short, when you visit a website with HTTP protocol, the WiFi owner can see all your activity. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi owner can only see the website you visited, not your activity.

How To Prevent Monitoring Of Your Online Activities?

Somehow you find out that someone or Wi-Fi owner is tracking your online activities, and now you want to stop it? Well, it’s easy and for that, you’ve to follow some simple steps. You can use VPN, Tor browser as well as a privacy-conscious search engine.

However, if you don’t about any of them, check out the section below to learn about them:


When it’s about masking your location, encryption of your online activities, or anonymous online surfing, nothing beats a VPN. In that case, you can use any premium VPN service to prevent tracking or monitoring. There are many top-quality VPNs that are available, you can use any of them that meets your budget.


Tor Browser

Another powerful solution you can follow to bypass monitoring is using the Tor browser. It’s a free service that offers a powerful encryption service. This service or browser is powerful enough to circumvent government censorship. So, if you don’t want to invest in VPN, this one will be the best solution for you.

Tor Browser

Utilizing Privacy-Conscious Search Engine

Lost certainly not least, another solution you can follow to get rid of monitoring is using a privacy-conscious search engine. One of the top quality privacy-conscious search engines is DuckDuckGo. The specialty of this search engine is it doesn’t track or store users’ search history.

Utilizing Privacy-Conscious Search Engine

Closing Thoughts

Since most of today’s minor to severe crime is mostly associated with online activities, it’s necessary to be concerned about online privacy. Therefore, it’s good to know who can view your online activities and history.

If you’re a mobile data user, then you’ve nothing to worry about. But if you’re using a Wi-Fi network, be mindful of it. That is because now you know can Wi-Fi owner see what sites i visit on phone or any other device.

However, now you also know how to prevent someone from viewing your online activity. Hopefully, you found this article helpful; thanks for staying until the end, and don’t forget to let us know if you still have any questions.

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