Can You Recover Reddit Undelete Posts?

Can You Recover Undelete Reddit Posts

Reddit is a social media site with over 1.1 billion monthly active users. It also includes an online community of people who usually post and share content. Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world, and it is an excellent place to inform, entertain, or even sell products.

If you want to register an account with Reddit, it is free and does not need any email ID. Many times, most Reddit users come across a situation where they cannot see their messages or posts. Reddit undelete posts are the most common query by all the platform visitors.

The deletion or disappearance of posts can happen due to numerous reasons. For instance, it might happen by the action taken by the moderators or administrators of the platform. Is there any hack to view the deleted posts on Reddit? This blog will unveil a few tips and tricks to view deleted posts.

Can You Recover Undelete Reddit Posts?

The process of posting on Reddit is quite simple, and there are no limits to what you can post. You can upload photos, videos, links, text posts, etc., but the community will only accept authentic content. Reddit has few rules in place that does not allow spamming, personal information, and anything illegal. Furthermore, one cannot intrude into the functioning of the site. For your post to be successful on Reddit, you need to know how to get upvotes from other users and determine what content will work well on the site.

Can You Recover Undelete Reddit Posts

Restoring a deleted Reddit post is not possible. Reddit has a strict policy on its users, and it will never allow any third party to access deleted data. Do not worry at all. If you still want to recover a Reddit post, you should use third-party services that are not affiliated with Reddit.

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts?

There are many options and tools to recover deleted posts from Reddit. The best way to see the posts or comments is by using a browser extension to show deleted posts. One such extension is called Web Scraper, and this extension can be used on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Once installed, you must first find the post you want to view and then click on the Web Scraper icon in your browser’s toolbar or right-click on the post and select “scrape.” This will load all the data for that post, including text, links, and comments, into a new window.

How To Recover Deleted Reddit Posts?

There are many reasons why a post might be deleted on Reddit. It could be because the post is spam, violates the site’s content policy, or was removed by the user who posted it. If you want to see a deleted post, there are two ways. How? You can use a third-party website that archives Reddit posts and search for the post in question.

1. Ceddit

Ceddit is one of the reliable and used websites by individuals to read deleted posts and comments from Reddit. It helps user read their posts and comments from the cached copies of the content on Reddit. Let us see the steps to execute it.

1. Visit the Reddit website with the post or user URL

Visit the Reddit website

2. Replace the “Reddit” from the URL and paste “Ceddit”

Replace the “Reddit” from the URL and paste “Ceddit”

3. After step b, you will be taken to a new webpage, which will show your deleted posts.

2. Reveddit

Reveddit is no different from Ceddit. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above to see the deleted posts. What is the difference? The only difference or advantage here is that it allows you to hunt users and their posts, unlike Ceddit. Here are the steps to use Reveddit.

  1. Visit the Reveddit portal and feed a Reddit username in the pop-up window to search the deleted posts.
  2. Another option is through the browser plugin or extension. You can get the extensions for Firefox and Chrome. The moment you run the extension; you will start receiving notifications about the deleted posts.

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3. Resavr

It is one user and navigation-friendly platform that helps you view deleted posts from Reddit. This tool can save posts that are more than six hundred characters. What do you need to do to use this tool?


Visit the Resavr portal and search for the required comment or post using the “post title” in the search bar.

4. Un-delete Reddit comments

For the individuals looking for Reddit undelete posts solution, this extension will be helpful other than the ones mentioned above. It is a Chrome extension that allows users to cache the posts and retrieve them later from the browser.

Un-delete Reddit comments

One thing to note here is that this extension is not for recovering the deleted posts but helps save them to view later using Google’s indexedDB. Let us see how to use it.

  1. Click the extension button that is alongside the URL bar you have installed in your Chrome browser.
  2. The targeted post will be saved for you to view at the later stage

Wrap up

The Reddit undelete posts are a new feature introduced in March 2017. It is a way for the company to combat censorship on its platform. The posts are not deleted but instead hidden from public view. The Reddit undelete posts are available for any post created before May 18, 2017 and removed after that date.

This blog has explored a few third-party extensions and portals by which you can recover and see your Reddit posts. There are two ways to recover deleted Reddit posts: use the Reddit website or an external website. The first way involves accessing the original post on Reddit, which can be found in a user’s profile or the comments section. The second way involves finding saved copies of deleted Reddit posts on sites like Archive or Google Cache and other options mentioned above.

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