Can You Return Airpods To Amazon?

Can You Return Airpods To Amazon

Purchasing from Amazon is very convenient as it is hassle-free and allows you to select from high-end to budget-friendly AirPods. But can you return airpods to Amazon?

According to Amazon’s policies, you can return your Airpods. Go to your order, select the item, click on a return option, and select why you want to return your AirPods. Although, you need to make sure to request the return within 30-100 days based on your location.

Many reports that Mac Rejecting My AirPods could be damaged during shipment or unsuitable for your Mac.

Therefore, we are here to aid you with the answer to how you can return your Airpods effortlessly at Amazon.

Can You Return Airpods To Amazon?

Your Airpods can be refunded if they qualify either of the two eligibility criteria set by Amazon’s return policies. These criterias include –

  • Amazon is the seller of the Airpods
  • Their return window is open if you have bought from a third-party seller

Before confirming your order or checking out, you must check if the owner of the AirPods is Amazon or a third-party seller. If a third-party seller sells the AirPods and is qualified for Amazon Prime, you can return it.

Can You Return Airpods To Amazon

However, you must understand that many products are not in Amazon’s inventory. It might come from a third-party seller with their own return policy.

Moreover, the third-party seller has the right to choose the return policy accordingly. They can create their offer policy and guidelines similar to Amazon’s. This is why Amazon can’t control and accept the return of a third-party’s product because the item is not dispatched from their warehouse.

You must check where the AirPods are coming from, and your order is shipped from a seller’s installation. Then you need to send it back to the seller.

During a transaction with a third-party seller, ensure that the return address is included in the US with a prepaid refund label when you request a return.

Also, you might get a full refund from the seller without the item requested for return. But, you must file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim on Amazon if the seller hasn’t sent you anything mentioned in the return policy.

Can You Return Open AirPods To Amazon?

You can return the AirPods if they directly came from Amazon following the 30 days return policy including the shipment receipt. It appears on your account under the “Your Order” section on Amazon.

However, you’ll be able to see a message instructing you to return or replace an item. If not, that means the item is not returnable.

Moreover, when you open the box of the AirPods, check whether there is any serial number or UPC provided with the package or not.

Ensure that AirPods UPC or serial number is not missing when you return it or Amazon won’t accept it. If the box doesn’t have it, you can return it as it came.

Although, if the AirPods are not returnable and come damaged or you have difficulty connecting to your device, as many people report Mac Rejecting My AirPods, you can request a refund or replacement from Amazon. If the option is still not available, it’s not refundable.

On the other hand, if you buy AirPods from a third-party seller, check the information on your account under the “Your Order” section on Amazon to ensure if they accept the return policy or not.

Do I Have To Return Amazon In Original Packaging?

You don’t have to return the item in its original packaging when returning it. But, you must discuss it with the seller if you return the package to a third-party seller.

However, it doesn’t matter if you return the item without wrapping the original packaging for Amazon. But you must send the complete product with all the elements.

Do I Have To Return Amazon In Original Packaging

You can discuss with the customer service if there is any chance of deduction from the refund because of the insufficient packaging.

Alternatively, if you bought the item from a third-party seller, you must notify the seller about sending it with or without the original package.

So, you get the exact amount you’ll receive in partial refunds and refunding fees depending on the product condition.

How To Return AirPods To Amazon

You can return the AirPods to Amazon by their web page or application. We have mentioned the steps that you must follow to return the AirPods.

  • Step 1: Log-in: You must log in to your Amazon account and enter your username and password. Then from the “menu”, choose “deregister” option.
  • Step 2: Orders: On the right top corner, there is an ‘Order’ option where you’ll find the recent orders you have made.Here,you can proceed the refund process.
  • Step 3: Return or Replace Items: Go to the order and click the Return or Replace Items button for further instructions on returns and refunds.
  • Step-4: Reason: Select the option that justifies your returning reason from the drop-down menu. Also, you can add more details about returning the Airpods. But it’s not compulsory and you can skip it.
  • Step-5: Request For Refund Or Replacement: Click on “refund” to collect the money back for the item or click on “replacement” to replace the defective piece.

Note: Your refund will be deposited on the card when you purchase the item and then you should return the product within 30 days. However, you can choose the return method among the given options accordingly.

Shipping Process

  • Step 1: Prepare Airpods: Pack the AirPods in their original package and if the serial number is there, pack it too. If you have checked whether the device is functional or not, then make sure that it is switched off.
  • Step 2: Mailing label: You must print a mailing label and then return by using the Amazon trackable shipping method by visiting the customer Support or Online Returns Center for your return.
  • Step-3: Return package: Carefully pack the Airpods with a print of the mailing label and drop the box at the location of a shipper mentioned in the label.

Note: If the package is delivered to Amazon after the 30 days of replacement or refunding policy, you will not be eligible for a refund. In this case, you will be charged the restocking fee of 20% equal to the Airpods amount.

Final Words

Can You Return Airpods To Amazon? Yes, if the product is defective, it’s within your right to return it. But you must check right away when the product arrives and take a photo as evidence that the AirPods you received were not in good shape or not connecting to your device.

Also, if the Airpods have special shipping restrictions, that means under no circumstances is the product refundable.

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