Carrier Lock No Sim Restrictions – How To Check!!

Carrier Lock No Sim Restrictions

Does your iPhone or Android phone have carrier lock and no sim restrictions? If yes, you’re not able to use any sim cards on your phone, which is agonizing.

When your iPhone or Android phone has no sim restrictions because of the carrier lock, then you’ll see a “No SIM Restrictions” message on your screen. Due to this, several questions may arise in your mind, and you may start wondering about the answers here and there. But let’s assure you that this restriction is easily fixable with the right steps.

So, we’ll address all your concerns and provide the right steps to fix this issue on both iPhone and Android phones. Let’s dive into it:

What Is Carrier Lock?

Carrier lock is a name that gives people horror and fear because most people think their phone is hacked or jammed by any means, but the main concept of the carrier lock is different. There is nothing to fear because this is just an easily fixable condition.

Many cell phones, both iPhones and Android phones are sold by the carriers that come “locked” by default to another carrier. Therefore, that “locked” phone can only be opened and used with that carrier. You can’t use the phone using another carrier’s service.

What Is Carrier Lock

However, you can’t count roaming as a carrier service because you can use roaming on a carrier-locked phone. But you can easily use the “locked” phone with another carrier’s service by entering a numeric password or a special code.

When you use those codes or passwords, the lock will be removed. Sometimes after buying an iPhone, if you don’t pay the whole price of the phone upfront, you’ll get a locked carrier phone. Your phone will connect to that specific carrier’s network until you pay the whole amount. No other carrier’s network won’t be permitted on that phone.

What Does Carrier Lock No Sim Restrictions Mean?

Every phone company, including Apple, sells both carriers’ locked and unlocked phones through third-party sellers. If you see a “no restrictions” message in Settings, your phone is unlocked completely. This allows you to use different carriers of your choice.

Carrier Lock No Sim Restrictions

You can change your carrier by swapping the sim cards with the unlocked phones. It’ll also give you an advantage while selling the phone to someone because people pay more for unlocked phones. People are hardly interested in a locked and used phone.

When you buy your Android phone or iPhone from the authentic, official shop, your phone will always be unlocked. But then you need to pay the fixed amount set by your phone company. In this case, you won’t have to worry about carrier lock or any sim restrictions.

However, you’ll surely get carrier-locked phones when you purchase your phone from a third-party seller who has no authentic, official shop. But it’ll be cheaper, and therefore you can purchase the phone at a lower price than the official shop.

Reasons Why People Still Use Carrier Lock Phones

Mostly, people fall for these third-party sellers’ phones due to the lower price. Even when people buy devices in installments, the seller usually locks the carrier so the buyer can’t use any carrier. It’ll stay that way till the full amount is paid off. Only then will the seller unlock the carrier on your phone.

How To Check The Carrier Lock Status On A Phone?

If you want to check the carrier lock status on your iPhone, go to Settings first.

go to Settings first

Then select the “General Settings” option and click on the “About.”

select the “General Settings” option and click on the “About

If your phone is unlocked, there will be a message saying, “No Sim Restrictions.” Otherwise, it’ll show a “SIM Locked” message.

No Sim Restrictions

In the case of the iPhone, go to the setting app first. Then scroll down to the General tab. After that, click on the “About.” Again scroll down to the bottom and find the “Carrier Lock” option.

If it says “No SIM Restrictions,” you can use a different carrier on your iPhone. But if not, then you need to unlock the device by our following guidelines.

You won’t be able to use sim cards of different carriers on such a phone. Even if you insert a sim card on a carrier-locked phone, it won’t work because your phone won’t get connected to any cellular network.

Carrier Lock No Sim Restriction – How To Fix It?

When you use an unlocked phone, you’ll be able to use different carriers and, therefore, different sim cards. You can use them both inside and outside of the country from which you purchase your phone. Phone calls, text sending, switching to another carrier, etc., will be possible.

If your phone has a dual SIM card feature, then you can also use two different sim cards from two different carriers on the same device. Carrier lock SIM restriction doesn’t occur these days. But if you’re one of those unlucky people who face this problem, then let’s show you the ways to fix it here:

Step 1: Contact Your Network Provider

Contact your carrier network customer service and request an unlock.

Step 2: Keep The Information Prepared

Keep all the documents and information ready because they may ask for it to verify before the confirmation.

Step 3: Get Unlock Confirmation

Then wait for the confirmation of your phone getting unlocked.

Step 4: Checking and additional activity

When you receive the confirmation, you need to follow some other processes as well, which are:

Take Out SIM Card

Take out the carrier SIM card and insert a new one of your preference. See whether your device activates the card automatically or not.

Backup Your Data

But if you can’t have or buy another sim card, then back up your phone data, restore your device using “Factory Reset,” and restore the device data from backup.

Reboot The Phone

Turn on the phone, and you should find that your SIM card is activated.


Your phone having carrier lock and no sim restrictions mean that you won’t be able to use any other SIM carrier on your phone other than the one you’re already using.

Usually, sellers who sell phones in installments use this method so that the users can’t run away without paying them off totally. If you’re interested in paying the whole amount, go to the sellers and ask them to unlock your phone.

But in case it’ll take a lot of time to pay the whole amount, then follow the ways we mentioned above and unlock your phone to use different carriers’ SIM cards.

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