Discord Update Failed Loop Mac – Try 7 Effective Steps To Fix

Discord Update Failed Loop Mac

Surely, Discord is a favorite communication service for gamers. You can enjoy online group gossip and exchange gaming master plan. But there always come updates to keep match with the ongoing online system.

Sometimes, you can experience Discord update failed loop Mac. Due to many issues, your Mac can be stuck in the updating failing loop. Poor network issues, corrupted files, or unusual cache can be the major reason.

Here we have collaborated on the strategy of troubleshooting the problem. After going through the procedure, you can get back online and have fun with friends.

What Is The Discord Update Failed Loop?

Discord always goes through a steady stream of updates. The app automatically updates itself whenever you open it. The update includes bug fixes and new functionality. But if Discord fails to update, you won’t open the app, or use it.

Your Discord app will be stuck on the update failed loop and you can see the same interface. It won’t update means you can’t open it. You will miss out to access the new features and fixes. The looped interface continues until you fix it.

Why Is My Discord Update Failing Loop On Mac?

If you are a full-time Discord streamer, you must want a stable performance. New updates enhance the user experience. But facing update bugs is unexpected for all. The automatic updating option ensures the newest stable features and bug fixes.

Behind Discord update failing loop on Mac, the probable reasons are:

  • Network Issue: When the Discord server can’t connect to the network system, you can see the update failed message. Without a stable connection, you can’t access Discord.
  • Server issue: Discord update failure can cause a server down. The server may not work. So you need to wait and try to update again later.
  • Antivirus software: Firewalls and antivirus programs can block the update of the Discord app.
  • Corrupted files: If something disrupts the ability of the Discord system, it won’t be updated. Window updates or virus attacks can cause corrupted files.

How Do I Fix Discord Update Failed Mac Loop?

To enjoy a superior experience in Discord, an updated application is necessary. When Discord fails to update, you can’t access it. Stuck on the loop interface is annoying as you can’t detect the unusual reasons of the problem.

Discord Update Failed Loop Mac

Don’t worry, though. You can crack all these possible solutions to fix it.

1. Restart Your PC

Often a simple step can solve complicated problems. You can try out the most straightforward solution by restarting your PC. Discord update fail can appear due to lags of your Mac. so you need to restart your PC and make sure it is also updated with the latest Windows.

2. Check Discord Server Status

Your Mac isn’t always responsible for Discord update failure. For instance, the Discord server may go down and you can experience the update loop on your PC. By checking the served status, you can understand whether the problem is with your device or the Discord server. To check it:

Check Discord Server Status

  • Check all the servers. It should be green if it’s working. If not, and you see red or orange color, then understand the server is down for potential issues.

When the Discord server isn’t working, wait for some time until Discord gets up and fixes it. Or if the server is green then there are must problems with your Mac. Attempt the below-fixing procedure.

3. Run Discord As Administration

This method is effective to fix the Discord update fail loop error. Running the Discord as administration can solve the problem. It gives the complete privilege and the admin can execute all the changes.

  • Open the Discord shortcut by clicking right on the mouse. Then click the “Run as Administrator option”.

Run Discord As Administration

  • Then UAC window will appear and you need to click on the Yes button.
  • Now, try to update the Discord app on your Mac.

4. Disable Antivirus/Windows Defender

Antivirus applications and firewalls can interrupt Discord updates. They block the updating process. Disabling these 3rd party programs can fix the issue. You should disable them and try that your Mac is able to run Discord successfully.

  • Right-click on the antivirus program of your Mac. then select the uninstall option.

Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender

  • You may set the time until the next restart.
  • Now, open your Discord app and check if it works and try installing it.
  • Then, also disable the Windows defender.

5. Rename Update File

Discord executable file solely works to keep updated Discord client on the PC. But if you are stuck on the update loop, you can bypass the issue by renaming this file. It forces the formation of a new update file.

  • Using the Windows and R buttons together will open the Windows Run Box.
  • Write %localappdata% in the Run box and Enter.
  • Select the Discord folder and get the Update.exe file.

Select the Discord folder and get the Update.exe file

  • Choose the rename option by right-clicking the file. Rename the file as Discord2.exe
  • Go back to Discord and open it.

This solution is not permanent. It disables the update option. Without the regular updates, Discord users won’t have the latest features and fixes. Sometimes, the app entirely stops working with the older version.

6. Change Internet Connection

Unstable internet connection frequently causes problems with user experience. It is the most obvious reason that you can stick on the Discord updating loop. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and the frequency range is enough for running the program. Otherwise, you should move to new internet service.

7. Uninstall And Reinstall Discord

Discord update failed loop can occur frequently until you solve the root cause. When the above solutions don’t solve the problem, then the only fix is to remove and reinstall the Discord app. By installing a fresh copy, the Discord app should work out.

  • Go to the Finder app option and select application

Go to the Finder app option and select application

  • Select the Discord app

Select the Discord app

  • Right-click on the app and you can see the Move to bin or Move to trash option. Transfer it to the trash.
  • Now, right-click on the Trash and press the Empty Trash. It will uninstall Discord successfully from your Mac

right-click on the Trash and press the Empty Trash

  • Then, simply download Discord from their official website and open the fresh copy on your PC

Reinstalling the Discord app is the most effective and reliable solution to fix the Discord update failed loop. It will remove all the previous cache and help to access the latest version of the applicaiton.

Final Words

Discord update failed loop is a serious error that can spoil your experience on this platform. There are various fixes to get it right. However, you need to take steps wisely. Our guide will be proven helpful to you. These methods will fix the issue and you can maintain good communication.

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