Do Data Recovery Companies Look At Your Files?

Do Data Recovery Companies Look At Your Files

It’s difficult not to panic when you lose images, movies, important legal documents, and other digital data. These data can include a significant chunk of your memories.

Moreover sometimes many confidential company data are also lost like this by mistake. That is the time when a Data recovery company comes in handy. But, you might wonder, do data recovery companies look at your files?

Don’t be worried! With a data recovery company, your data is fully safe. They don’t even look at your documents. All they do is establish a secure environment and recover your lost data.

So, suppose you are thinking of hiring a data recovery company to retrieve your lost digital data and are confused about your privacy. In that case, our guide will answer all your queries today.

Key Points

  • Unprofessional data recovery companies can breach your personal data.
  • Always choose companies with highly qualified engineers, technicians, and lab facilities for proper data recovery.
  • Data recovery companies are not supposed to look into your files.
  • Data recovery services are a must for small as well as large companies to recover their confidential data in case of a damaged disk.

Can You Trust Data Recovery Companies?

You can trust top data recovery firms to keep your personal information confidential. They work with a number of significant companies and organizations that deal with sensitive information on a regular basis. This would not be feasible without trust.

When anything goes wrong, like a drive crashes or a storage device is dropped, and you don’t have a backup, data recovery companies are supposed to save your vital information.

Can You Trust Data Recovery Companies

According to a Ponemon Institute study, encryption keys are frequently turned over to data recovery companies as part of the process. So, breach of your personal data becomes much easier as the companies now have full access to your personal data.

Buy with professional companies; these cases are very rare as they won’t touch or use any of your personal data. A company without trained engineers, a Cleanroom facility, and unique and sterilized retrieval equipment is not even an expert. They often say that the drive is fully damaged, so it is impossible to recover the data.

In some extreme circumstances, firms seeking to defraud consumers will request payment in advance, then say the data is impossible to recover and further degrade the drive. As a result, if you need to consult a data recovery firm, make sure they are specialists so you can fully trust them with your personal information.

Do Data Recovery Companies Look At Your Files?

Data recovery companies will technically need to take a look into the file “Names” at the very minimum. After all, they’re attempting to recover the files. While they’re theoretically not meant to be accessing files that have nothing to do with the repair.

Do Data Recovery Companies Look At Your Files

You may have packed your laptop’s hard drive with sensitive, vital, and confidential data. You should be aware that an expert will have access to your data; this is an inescapable scenario that everyone must face.

There will always be a person accessing the data, regardless of which data recovery specialist you contact and deliver your drives to.

So, there is a high chance that more minor reputable organizations can often look at your data. Because it is technically impossible to tell whether the mechanic looked at your files or not.

On the other hand, reputable data recovery firms ensure that they keep their word and do not look into your sensitive information.

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Why Does Your Business Need Data Recovery Services?

When it comes to data recovery services, many companies often ignore them. But, it is a must for any company to have access to data recovery services. Below we will look into a few of these reasons.

Faulty Storage Disks

Viruses attack the most prevalent reason for disk damage. Viruses can infect your disk from various sources like unidentified USB disks and surf through suspected websites.

Faulty or Damaged disks are also caused by damaged media, which can penetrate deep inside your storage disks and cause damage to all your data inside the disks.

Faulty Storage Disks

Sometimes you may be able to retrieve data by yourself after the infection. But it becomes extremely difficult to restore the whole data. To avoid losing all of your data due to faulty disks, make sure you’ve backed it up and have data recovery services on hand.

Damage in Primary Storage

Sometimes a company suffers from a situation where the whole computer and system remain okay, but the primary storage gets damaged due to many unwanted reasons. The reasons include work-related damage or even natural disasters that sweep almost all of the data.

Often companies have solution providers who can help bring some data back from the damaged disk, but even they can suffer to get back whole data if the disk is completely destroyed.

So, what is the solution to bring back data from entire damaged disks? Well, the answer is simple: you will need help from professional data recovery companies as they will ensure that you get almost the whole data back from the damaged disk.

Faulty Operating System

The possibilities of an operating system failure are quite unlikely as most businesses focus highly on using a very high-tech operating system.

Faulty Operating System

Operating system failure is more common in private computers. But, nonetheless, even if the chance for operating system failure is as low as 1%, you need to be ready to protect your important data.

If the os system crashes, it will not be able to load up, and you will be unable to access your data. Data recovery solutions will assist you in recovering your data. However, there is a potential that some data will be lost.

Theft of Data

If your data is stolen, you will need to pay a huge amount of money to the hackers to recover all their personal data. Regrettably, data theft is still a problem all around the world, and it may happen to everyone, both companies and individuals.

Hackers can steal all of your information, even the data of the largest corporations, and then return it for a price. However, you won’t have to worry about recovering your data without paying a hefty price for data recovery services.

The simplest approach to defending yourself or your company from data theft is to have an IT partner who can track down the perpetrator and prevent hackers from obtaining sensitive data.

Top Data Recovery Service Companies List

There are thousands of data recovery services. But to properly protect and recover your data, you should look for highly professional renowned companies. Hence, to protect you from the trouble, we have created a list of 5 data recovery service companies.

1. DataTech Labs

DataTech’s ISO 5 Class 100 labs are located in Boston, Denver, and Dallas, allowing it to service customers in the Central and Easter along with Mountain time zones.

DataTech Labs

This organization offers expert data retrieval solutions that are priced depending on the technology required to accomplish the data recovery. They can effectively recover data from a wide range of devices, including hard disks, camera cards, memory sticks, and other storage devices.


  • 24/7 services available
  • Offers free assessment of disks
  • Has over 100 labs
  • Can perform recovery in almost all operating systems.


  • No other manufacturer other than Western Digital has certified DataTech.

2. Ace Data Recovery

Ace Data Recovery is one of the oldest data recovery companies in the world, and it works on an hourly basis. Their engineers can recover any sort of file from any type of storage medium, no matter how badly it has been damaged. Duplication of tapes can be done on almost any type of contemporary or old technology.

Ace Data Recovery


  • Can recover data from all types of storage media
  • One of the oldest companies around
  • Microsoft registered partner
  • Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, urgent and site recovery services are available.


  • Billed on an hourly basis, which can be expensive

3. Disk Doctors

Disk Doctors has facilities in both the United States and Canada, with its headquarters in Georgia. The clean rooms in the laboratory are ISO 5 Class 100.

Disk Doctors

The data is kept on file by Disk Doctors for two weeks. If the customer doesn’t need another copy, the company wipes the data using military-grade technology and offers recovery from all standard storage devices.


  • Data was completely wiped out using military-grade software
  • Has HIPAA compliance
  • Offers low-cost services than other recovery firms
  • Disk Doctors may transmit retrieved data back via digital transmission and has a 40GB limit, which is exceptionally high.


  • It doesn’t have BBB accreditation.

4. Gillware Data Recovery Service

For small organizations and individuals who have lost data, Gillware provides complete data recovery services. By contacting Gillware’s staff remotely, it is occasionally feasible to retrieve data without having to send the equipment. Any operating system’s data can be retrieved from hardware.

Gillware Data Recovery Service


  • No need to ship the whole disk
  • Can work with a vast range of devices
  • Free evaluation of storage disk
  • Comes with ISO-5 certification


  • Not suitable for very large companies

5. SERT Data Recovery

Data can be recovered from hard disks, solid-state drives, Micro SD cards, and mobile phones using ERT. All data recovery processes are conducted in clean rooms to protect the data on your device. It will make every effort to recover your crucial data using expert recovery specialists and equipment.

SERT Data Recovery


  • No charge if data can’t be recovered
  • Can also recover data from mobile phones
  • Provides low-cost solution
  • 24/7 consultation


  • Not suitable for working camera cards and devices like that.


Regardless of how modern you think your systems are, the most common causes of data loss can impact every aspect of your business. As a result, data recovery services are essential for businesses, as data recovery experts exactly understand what they’re dealing with.

But, with data recovery procedures handled by third-party companies, the biggest question comes from do data recovery companies look at your files.

To protect your files from being accessed by data recovery companies, always make sure to work with renowned and professional companies. Also, check their facilities well before letting them work with your storage devices.

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