Do Ethernet Splitters Reduce Speed?

Did you know that you can have multiple devices connected to one internet server using just an ethernet splitter? Does that mean you don’t need more than one router /modem? Yes, you only need one router. That sounds great, but while ethernet splitter allows you to connect many devices, do ethernet splitters reduce speed?

Yes, your ethernet splitters can reduce internet speed if you have too many devices connected to one network provider. At first, the effect might not be prevalent or noticeable, but you will eventually notice the drop in the internet speed.

It is possible that your internet speed will be reduced if you have too many connections on your router or modem. As a result, you’ll start to experience significant evidence while browsing the internet, with pages loading slower than usual.

Article Summary:

  • Ethernet splitter saves you the money of getting an extra router or modem.
  • With the ethernet splitter, you can serve internet connection to multiple devices with one router.
  • Ethernet network cables run faster than wireless connections and are more efficient when sharing internet connection between multiple devices.
  • Ethernet cable cannot be easily tapped into (hacked), something that’s possible with radio waves used in wireless connections.

What Is An Ethernet Splitter?

An Ethernet splitter is a device that allows you to split a single Ethernet cable connection into two or more. It is perfect for homes and offices, and it has gained recognition in small and large business sectors today.

Through the help of the Ethernet splitter, anyone can easily connect their computers or any other type of Ethernet-enabled device to the network. The system allows users to transfer files, chat with other people, and do other tasks through the network we usually do.

What Is An Ethernet Splitter

However, to have a smooth connection, you’ll need a quality ethernet splitter. There are different types out there in the market, and getting the wrong one will give you a negative impression of how an ethernet splitter works.

So, getting the proper one that is compatible with your devices is important. Consult with your ISP or other professionals to have a good experience with connecting multiple devices to one internet service device using an Ethernet splitter.

Do Ethernet Splitters Reduce Speed?

Now that you know the function of an Ethernet splitter, you might likely ask if the device has any negative impact on the internet speed. Of course, connecting multiple devices to one Ethernet wall port is fun and adventurous, but your internet speed will have to pay the price for it.

The answer to this question is yes. As multiple devices connected to your internet network will slow down your speed. The more devices connected to a single port, the slower it will go. It is quite hard to accept, but that is just the truth.

Do Ethernet Splitters Reduce Speed

As the signal you are using will be shared among the connected devices, you will likely see a drop in the internet speed. Your internet speed will only get as fast as it should be if you disconnect other devices and remain the only one on the internet device.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ethernet Splitters

Ethernet splitters are very useful devices that divide a single network cable into multiple cables. It comes handy if you have numerous devices which require Internet access and they’re spread out in different areas of your house.

However, the device has its advantages and disadvantages, and below are those that you need to know which will help you decide whether or not it’s the right product for you.

Advantages Of Ethernet Splitters

Advantages Of Ethernet Splitters

1. You Can Get It Without Going Out Of Budget

Using ethernet splitters is easier and more cost-effective than making new cabling connections. With just a few cable drops, you can easily access your network from different locations. You can get different types from the market, and the prices vary. However, choosing the affordable and quality ones will save you some money for other things.

You should do well to check some customer reviews recommendations on each product before any purchase. Also, getting your product from trusted brands will make a difference. So, go for trusted brands’ products or consult with your ISP.

2. Save Money For Multiple Internet Routers

Ethernet splitters can connect several devices to a single network cable or Internet connection. That means you do not need to purchase any other internet router or modem to connect multiple devices.

An ethernet splitter solves the problem so you can save both time and money. It is a lifesaver, especially in large homes and offices with high-speed Internet service demand from the inhabitant. A central point for Internet access and ethernet splitters can make sharing home internet connection easier.

3. Security

With the ethernet splitters, the chances for someone to tamper with your data, listen to your conversations, and steal information from any of your connected computers is extremely low.

It is ideal for sensitive environments such as banks and healthcare institutions, which is why it is not surprising that some people prefer to use ethernet cabling for their computers rather than other options such as wireless connections.

With the design and configuration of ethernet cable, it is quite difficult for anyone to hack into your system. Therefore, keeping files and data safe is a preferred option to consider when it comes to keeping files and data safe.

4. Expandable

One of the biggest advantages of ethernet extenders is expanding their ability. It means that an ethernet splitter can be set up in your home, and then additional nodes can be added as your house grows or as you require more ethernet ports.

5. Reliability

In addition, the ethernet splitters are reliable and built to last for years. While some manufacturers only use high-grade materials for the splitter, others will build in surge protection and have a power switch like your ordinary power plug. As with any product, be sure to check into which one best fits your needs before you buy.

6. Efficiency

If you are experiencing a lot of traffic on your wireless connection, ethernet splitters can be an effective solution to reduce congestion. The ethernet network cables run faster than wireless connections and are more efficient when sharing an internet connection between multiple devices.

Disadvantages Of Ethernet Splitters

Disadvantages Of Ethernet Splitters

1. Inability To Move The Device Around

Mobility is the common disadvantage of all the existing ethernet network splitters. You can not freely move around with it, like you can do with your modem. So, if you plan on getting a splitter, you should know that it has to be in one position.

2. Slow Internet Speed

A major drawback of Ethernet splitters is reduced internet speed. The more devices that connect to you through the splitter, the more your internet speed will drop. Splitting the network automatically has a drastic effect on your internet speed.

3. Installation

Installing Ethernet splitters can seem overwhelming and confusing to someone who has never done it before. If a device must be attached to another device via Ethernet cable, a method is required for the devices to communicate with each other.

It is where ethernet splitters come into play. In this case, you need someone experienced to help with the installation. Calling your internet service provider will make the task all easy for you.

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How Does An Ethernet Splitter Work?

The Ethernet Splitter allows you to connect multiple devices to the Internet simultaneously. It also lets you conveniently share a high-speed Internet connection among the computers within your home.

So, the function or work of the ethernet splitter is to split the signal into two different signals. There are generally two types of Ethernet splitter available, active and passive.

The active splitters are powered by a small DC transformer that converts standard DC power into low-level AC. At the same time, the passive network splitters use non-powered hardware to redirect the signal in two separate directions.

Whichever you get from the two, rest assured they serve the same purpose: split your network to serve different devices.

How Do I Set Up Ethernet Splitters?

Setting up Ethernet splitters is an easy solution that will allow you to share one Internet modem or LAN connection among multiple devices. Most common household and office Ethernet installations use a cable connected to an Ethernet switch. These Ethernet cables connect the switch to multiple computers, TVs, and other devices.

How Do I Set Up Ethernet Splitters

For example, in an office environment with multiple desktop computers but only one broadband Internet connection, an Ethernet splitter can be connected between the one coaxial cable that runs from the building’s router to the switch.

The device will then distribute the single Internet connection across all the computers connected to it through network cables. However, you should allow the internet service provider to get the work done effectively.


An Ethernet Splitter is a handy tool that helps with connecting multiple devices to one single network server at once. It helps to save you money from buying multiple network signal devices.

But the common challenge most people encounter with ethernet splitters is the drop in internet speed, which raises the question, do ethernet splitters reduce speed? However, we provided you with the right answer on this page and shared other important information you need to know to have a healthy network connection.

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