Do Motherboards Come with Wi-Fi?

Do Motherboards Come with Wi-Fi

Not only you but also there are a bunch of people out there who want to know do motherboards come with Wi-Fi? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is both YES and NO.

So what is the reason behind this confusing answer? Well, the reason is that some motherboards have a built-in Wi-Fi facility and some motherboards don’t. Therefore, it’s tough to answer as we don’t know which motherboard you have or want to buy.

However, there are several methods you can follow to determine if a motherboard has a Wi-Fi option. And if you are curious enough to know about them, then follow this article to get all the necessary information regarding Wi-Fi facility on a motherboard.

Do Motherboards Come With Wi-Fi?

You already have a brief idea about whether all motherboards come with Wi-Fi or not. However, if you’re planning to build a new PC or if you want to know your existing PC’s motherboard’s Wi-Fi status, there are several ways that you can follow.

Do Motherboards Come with Wi-Fi

We’ve included all the necessary information you might need while figuring out the Wi-Fi availability. Have a look at the section below:

1. Check The Wi-Fi Option On Your Existing PC’s Motherboard

So you already have a PC and are not sure about the Wi-Fi option of your PC’s motherboard? In that case, there are several options that you can follow to figure out whether your motherboard has Wi-Fi or not. Check out the section below:

Look For The Wi-Fi Signal

Let’s start with the easiest way which is checking the availability of Wi-Fi through the signal on your PC. All you have to do is look for the small Wi-Fi icon in the lower right corner.

Look For The Wi-Fi Signal

If you see any Wi-Fi signal, it means your motherboard has a Wi-Fi option. On the other hand, if you don’t see any Wi-Fi signal on your PC, then you need to go for a Wi-Fi adapter.

A Physical Check

Manually checking the availability of Wi-Fi on your motherboard could be another easy way to find out the Wi-Fi option. You have to check the rear side of the motherboard, which means you have to check the IO panel.

A Physical Check


You just have to look for an antenna connector port at the back side which indicates the motherboard has a Wi-Fi option. However, some motherboard’s IO panels don’t include an antenna connector as well.

The process looks a bit confusing? In that case, you’ll like the next section.

Check The Network Adapters Section

Since physically checking the availability of Wi-Fi is a bit confusing, then you should check it from your PC program. In that case, you can take help from the Network Adapters section.

Check The Network Adapters Section

Here are the steps you need to follow to check the Wi-Fi option from your PC:

  • Go to the “Start” icon on your PC and here search for “Device Manager”
  • After entering the “Device Manage” now you see all the devices that are registered on your PC
  • Now search for any name that has Wi-Fi, 802.11, or wireless networks in the “Device Manager” window

If you find Wi-Fi, 802.11, or Wireless Network, that means your motherboard has the Wi-Fi option. On the other hand, if you cannot be able to see any of the names, you have to look for another option to connect to the Wi-Fi.

2. Check The Wi-Fi Option Before Getting A New Motherboard

If you’re planning to get a new motherboard for your PC and love to use Wi-Fi for internet usability, then this section is for you. Here we’ve included the ways you can follow to figure out the availability of Wi-Fi on a motherboard. Have a look at the section below:

See Online Review

If you are going to buy a motherboard for your PC, try to check online reviews to know if the motherboard has Wi-Fi or not. It’s a modern age, and you don’t have to go to a store to know about any specific features.

See Online Review

You can take help from the official or review websites as well as YouTube for reliable information. Here you can learn about the availability of the Wi-Fi and other different facilities.

Read The Specifications

If you don’t want to see the online reviews and want to check any feature manually, then you should check the product manual. Simply grab the motherboard’s packet and check out the product specifications.

Read The Specifications

If a motherboard has a built-in Wi-Fi facility, you can see the motherboard’s Wi-Fi capability in the Specifications section.

Why Don’t All Motherboards Come With Pre-Installed Wi-Fi?

It’s common to have questions about not having a pre-installed Wi-Fi facility on your PC’s motherboard. However, it’s tough to answer the question in one line as many aspects are related to it. Some of the key reasons are included in the section below, have a look:

Why Don’t All Motherboards Come With Pre-Installed Wi-Fi


The core reason behind not having pre-installed Wi-Fi on a motherboard is cost-related issues. Basically, pre-installed Wi-Fi is way more expensive than non-Wi-Fi options. Plus, it’s a rule of thumb, you always have to pay extra for extra facilities.

Onboard Wi-Fi Motherboard Cannot Be Upgraded

Another reason for not having a Wi-Fi option on the motherboard is onboard Wi-Fi motherboards cannot be upgraded. That means when your motherboard has 5 standard Wi-Fi facilities, you cannot upgrade it to 6 standard. In short, you have to stick to your pre-installed Wi-Fi standard.

Lack Of Another Facility

Having an onboard Wi-Fi motherboard is a reason for not having some other facilities on your PC. You may not have the VGA port on your motherboard for just having onboard Wi-Fi. Since motherboards come with a limited number of PCIe lanes, it’s tough to have everything in one place.

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What To Do When A Motherboard Doesn’t Have Wi-Fi?

Like many others, if your motherboard doesn’t have Wi-Fi capability, don’t worry because you’re not alone. However, you should take it as a curse as there are many ways that you can follow to use the Wi-Fi on your PC. Wondering how to do that, follow the section below for guidance:

USB Wi-Fi Adapter

When your motherboard does not have onboard Wi-Fi, the best solution would be to use a Wi-Fi adapter. It is the easiest and cheapest option. All you have to do is get a USB Wi-Fi adapter and attach it to your PC’s USB port to use the Wi-Fi connection.

USB Wi-Fi Adapter

PCIe Wi-Fi Adapter

PCle Wi-Fi adapter is another reliable option that you can follow to get Wi-Fi on your PC. This device will give you a stable wifi connection, and it’s a much better option than the Wi-Fi adapter or dongle. Simply plug the PCIe Wi-Fi expansion card into a PCIe port on your motherboard, and you’re good to go.

PCIe Wi-Fi Adapter

Upgrade The Motherboard

Last certainly not least, if you’re not satisfied with any of the above-mentioned methods, then you should change the motherboard. Upgrading the motherboard is your last option. Get a new onboard wifi motherboard and replace it with the old one.

Upgrade The Motherboard

Closing Thoughts

Now you know the differences between a motherboard with and without onboard Wi-Fi. Plus, you also know do motherboards come with Wi-Fi, and why you’ll not get the Wi-Fi option on all motherboards.

However, if your motherboard doesn’t have onboard Wi-Fi, then nothing to worry about. Throughout this article, we’ve shown ways that you can follow to use Wi-Fi on a PC that’s motherboard doesn’t have the Wi-Fi option.

Simply follow one of the methods to get a wireless connection on your PC. And among all the solutions, getting a PCIe Wi-Fi expansion card would be the best solution as it offers easy usability as well as a reliable and stable connection.

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