Fios Router G1100 Vs G3100: Which One Is Better?

Fios Router G1100 Vs G3100

People always want to use a more effective and excellent featured router at an affordable price. But, we need to choose the router with new advanced technology and more convenience level.

You may know that the Fios Router G1100 and G3100 routers are the most popular routers in the market. Both models are manufactured by the same company. Their features are quite similar, but they differ slightly.

When you would like to think of buying a router for your home, you must face some difficulty choosing between one of them. Let us see which one will be better comparing Fios Router G1100 vs G3100.

The Comparison Chart of Fios Router C1100 Vs G310:

Comparison Fios Router C1100 Fios Router G3100
Cost Expensive Cheaper
Wifi performance G1100 provides N technology. Better wireless performance due to AC wireless connectivity
Airprint Airprint features available Not supported
Warranty One year Two years
Internet Plan Flexibility to choose internet plan and home phone requires ISP to install Verizon’s Fios service on it.
Features Fios Router C1100 Fios Router G3100
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Technology Band Gateway Fios
Control Method Touch App
Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 802.11bgn, 802.11b, 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency,
Communication 802.11b/g 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4 GHz Radio
Number of port 4 5
Product dimension 12.1 x 9.4 x 6.7 inches 9 x 5 x 5 inches
Item weight 3.5 pounds 3.6 pounds
Manufacturer Gateway Arcadyan Technology Corporation
Customers Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.1 out of 5 stars
Release Date November 20, 2019, April 26, 2016
Country of origin/ made by China

Fios Router G1100 Vs G3100: Which One Should You Choose?

Both routers are generally well. There is a little difference between them. You know Fios Quantum Gateway Router G 1100 is better than G 3100. Wifi 6 technology is integrated into Fios wireless routers. This technology provides high data speeds. Your devices will stay connected without being slowed down.

Fios Router G1100 Vs G3100

You know,this router is the updated model in Verrizon’s line of home routers. It consists of a four-port gigabit switch.  Among its other features are 802.11 ac WiFi, IPv6 support for wireless distribution systems, and 10/100/1000 Mbps broadband connection compatibility.

Moreover, it works with Windows 10, Vista, and later versions, and Mac OS X 10.8 and higher versions. At the same time, it supports all network types out there. On the contrary, Fios Quantum Gateway Router G3100 has two Ethernet ports and does not support 802.11AC WiFi.

Actually, this router does not have a USB port. It only has a single generation of wireless connectivity. Technology. The router does not run IPv6 and is not compatible with Windows 10. It does not have the installation’s browser or any CD.

1. Fios Router G1100

Special Features of Fios Router G1100

The Fios router G1100 looks very nice and smart that the previous model. It is customized with wireless connectivity technology. This router is the frontier branded product.

fios router G1100

Fios router is also a dual-band wireless router with Fios gateway. This router generally requires a converter or adapter for using the consumer’s destination.

The Wi-Fi extends more than any other older router. All family members can use this router without battling for bandwidth.

You will get the best and fastest connection by using the Fios quantum gateway. It will provide the best network service. Dual-band technology is just an amazing feature.

The Fios G1100 router will be more effective for up to some years. More than six internet devices can run with this Fios router G1100. Consumers will get twice the speed rather than the old version

Consumers will get two different frequencies with dual-band technology. This feature will provide low and high bandwidth activities. Streaming movies and checking email are the two best services from this Fios router G3100.

If you use multiple devices, you will get a seamless internet experience and it is called bandwidth capacity. Consumers will get a strong signal within 2600 sqft. This router can also handle more than ten devices easily.


  • 5Ghz channel of the Fios router G1100 is good
  • Extra 5Ghz channel will provide a better performance level
  • This router is customized with a good cable
  • The installation process is very easy
  • It is a router with great work and a nice upgrade system


  • Consumers can face DNS problems sometimes.

2. Fios Router G3100

Special Features of Fios Router G3100

The Fios router G3100 is a product of Arcadyan technologies. The G3100 is one type of mesh WiFi that works the best.

fios router G3100

Consumers can run an eight-port Netgear network with this amazing router. They will get full home coverage with the G3100 to all home smart devices.

The frequency band class of this high-quality router is tri-band. The Wi-Fi connection of this G3100 router is much more standard than others.

It is the latest Wi-Fi generation with a speed of thirty-eight percent faster on five GHz than any kind of previous Wi-Fi router.

Laptop connectivity speed will be 650Mbs to 850 Mbs with the G3100 that will provide pretty good service. Overall, the G3100 mesh WiFi system is an upgrading system ever.

Users will get an optimal experience by using the Wi-Fi intensive activities from this Fios router G3100.


  • It’s a great idea to buy a Fios router G3100 for getting a full-coverage network at home
  • The wireless speed of the Fios router G3100 is high
  • The G3100 router works very well
  • The setting process is very easy and no need for any extra experience
  • The signal of this router is much more powerful


  • Unstable download speeds and upload

Final Verdict

A computer and other smart network devices need Wi-Fi support or wired ethernet sometimes. Every router comes with new upgrade features and experiences day by day. Experimenting with a router should be done prior to using it.

In this content, we have tried to make a detailed comparison between two popular and upgraded routers named Fios G1100 and Fios G 3100. The comparison between Fios router G1100 Vs G3100 will be much helpful for all. We have stated different amazing features of these two routers with a comparison table, pros and cons for better understanding. Hopefully, this information will be much more effective for all new users. Pick up the router based on your needs and get the best service.

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