How to Fix Discord Airpods Not Working?

Airpods and Discord are both popular things used all over the world. When you can’t connect them, it can be frustrating. Since AirPods are required in Discord, it is frustrating when this issue arises. How to fix Discord AirPods not working?

It is easy to fix Discord AirPods not working if the problem is simply connecting them properly. However, identify the issue. Continue reading the article to learn why and how to fix the issue.

Key Facts:

  • This is not a very uncommon problem, as many people experience issues with AirPods connecting with Discord, so there is a solution to the problem.
  • Make sure that the AirPods are correctly connected to your laptop/PC by following the steps below.
  • There are huge ways to handle the issue, 12 of which are given here.
  • The Mac has a hard time connecting the audio properly with the AirPods.

Is It Possible To Fix Discord Airpods That’s Not Working

Of course, it is possible to fix the issue if you are sure that your AirPods and PC are working perfectly well. This is a pretty common problem that a lot of people experience, especially if someone just started using these Bluetooth headphones. The first step is always to find the cause of the problem and troubleshoot what will solve it. This is a common problem, and if you suddenly stop hearing from your AirPods, it is time to follow the steps provided below to make it okay. If none of the steps below work, you might have a bigger problem than anticipated; your AirPods may be the problem.

If you just bought the AirPods, then you can return them in case they are faulty. However, make sure to check the AirPods on other devices and apps before assuming they are broken!

Why Does My Airpods Not Work On Discord?

From this section, you will understand the problem that might cause the AirPods to act the way that they are. There are many reasons for this, but the most common ones are listed below.

  1. The first reason might be that you don’t have the proper audio drivers installed on your laptop or PC. Audio drivers are software that helps your laptop connect with audio devices such as speakers, headphones, and microphones. The audio drivers are
    • Sound card
    • Motherboard
    • USB Controllers
    • Headset
    • USB microphones
    • Audio interfaces
  2. If the audio drivers are not updated, it is possible for the audio to stop connecting as well.
  3. Another common mistake is when people mute themselves without meaning to do so. Sometimes, when you are trying to decrease the volume, you might mute yourself. So the first step should always be to check if you are muted or not.
  4. The Discord server status might not be working. This might be because your Wi-Fi connection is bad, which means you can’t communicate with your friends.

How To Connect Airpods With Discord?

Another problem is when you don’t know how to connect the AirPods with Discord. If you don’t complete this initial step correctly, you will not hear any audio! So here is how to connect your AirPods with Discord. Don’t worry; this process should not take more than a minute or two.

1. The first step is to go to Settings on your PC and select Devices from the main menu.

Go to setting in your Pc

2. Then select the section that says Bluetooth & other devices from the settings.

Then select the section that says Bluetooth & other devices from the settings

3. The toggle switch for Bluetooth should be turned on, and you should click “Add Bluetooth or other devices.”

Add Bluetooth or other devices

4. Select the Add a device window to Select Bluetooth.

Select the Add a device window to Select Bluetooth

5. Now open the case of AirPods with the AirPods in them and hold the back of the case until you see the pulsing white light.

Now open the case of AirPods

pulsing white light of air p[od

6. Now add a device window that should show AirPods, which should be clicked to connect.

paring airpod

clicked to connect

7. Launch Discord now and check the audio.

As you can see, it is a pretty simple process, and now your AirPods are properly connected. This doesn’t mean that you will no longer have a problem connecting, so let’s jump to the next section.

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How To Fix Airpods Not Working On Discord?

Now comes the most important part: fixing the problems that you are facing. Considering how widespread this problem is, there are a lot of potential solutions available to test.

How to Fix Discord Airpods Not Working

1. Logging Out Of Discord

The first and easiest way to fix the problem is to relog into Discord. This might seem annoying, but it is a simple fix. This is useful when there is a technical glitch in the program. Make sure also to close the tab and reopen it when logging back into Discord. You can try this multiple times if it doesn’t work the first time.

logout discord

2. Making Airpods The Default Audio

Making Airpods The Default Audio

  • Go to settings and make sure that the AirPods are the default audio, as sometimes, due to a bug in the PC, the AirPods might not get recognized.
  • You simply have to right-click the speaker’s icon and select “open sound settings.”
  • Then go to the sound control panel and right-click below the playback and recording tab to show disabled devices.
  • If your AirPods are among the disabled devices, simply select them to make them the default device.

3. Setting Discord To Run As An Administrator

On Windows 11, you could make Discord run as an administrator, as sometimes the app might not have the right to transmit your voice over the internet. Do this by right-clicking the Discord icon and going to properties, from where you should go to the compatibility tab. Basically, select the option of running this program as an administrator and launch Discord to check the audio.

4. Selecting The Proper Input And Output Device

Sometimes, the problem is because the wrong input and output device is selected on your Discord. This is very easy to check. Just go to the Discord settings, from where you will find the options for input device and output device, and here is where you select your AirPods as both the input and output device. This way, the primary audio will be through your AirPods only.

5. Checking The Sound Mixer

Another issue is when the audio for the Discord software is muted on your PC, and it needs to be turned on. For this, you will have to go to the Windows settings to search for a sound mixer. In the sound mixer, you will locate Discord. Make sure that the sound for Discord is turned up and not muted, which can accidentally happen.

6. Compatibility With The Latest Audio Subsystem

The latest Subsystem that Discord uses might not be compatible with your AirPods. Don’t worry; this is also an issue with a solution! Simply go to settings on Discord and select voice & video. After this, go to audio Subsystem and select legacy, which should fix this problem.

7. Resetting Voice Settings

Sometimes, you need to reset the voice settings on Discord to fix the problem. Simply go to settings and then voice and video, where you will find reset voice and video, which you need to click. This will refresh the audio and video sets of the device, which can fix the problem in a simple and easy way.

8. Changing Server Region

If the problem is not with the discord setting or your AirPods, it might be related to the discord server region. Some regions are banned, or some countries might have low connectivity. This might not work for everyone, but it is worth a try to change the server region. Go to Discord and open the server settings. If this doesn’t work, click “overview” instead. From there, find the server region and select a different region. Make sure to select the new setting and restart the app.

9. Cleaning AirPods

If the AirPods are dirty, it can damage the proximity sensors, which can lead to you not hearing someone. This is pretty simple to do! Just get rubbing alcohol and clean the external surface of the headphone except for the speaker mesh. Make sure to use a soft cloth and use cotton buds to clean joints and spaces.

Cleaning AirPods

10. Calibrating Discord Sensitivity

The automatic input sensitivity in Discord might be disabled or not configured properly. To fix this, select the gear icon on Discord. From there, go to voice & video. Then go to input sensitivity and switch the toggle next to determine input sensitivity automatically. Now you have to speak into the AirPods and make sure the bar glows green. Lastly, disable the toggle.

11. Checking Airpods’ Charging

The AirPods need to be changed regularly, and if they run out of battery, they will stop working, which means you will not be able to hear anyone through them. So check the charge of the AirPods by putting them in the charging case. If it is low, charge them for at least 40 minutes and see if you can hear audio now.

Checking Airpods' Charging

12. Disabling Windows Exclusive Mode

Sometimes applications need exclusive control of the audio device driver to work, which can cause problems in Discord. It is important to disable this setting. Just right-click on the sound icon on the PC and select recording devices. Now go to the airport microphone and click properties. From there, you need to go to the advanced tab and uncheck all the boxes for exclusive mode. Confirm the setting and restart your PC.

How To Fix Airpods Not Working On Discord Mac?

The thing is, when Discord is on a Macbook, the quality of the audio severely goes down. This is because of the limitations of the Bluetooth on the Mac. The mic on the AirPods is not that great for picking up sounds either.

To fix this, first of all, have the Discord app already launched on the Mac before attempting to connect it with AirPods. Another thing that you can do is to use the AirPods without their microphone, so they only depend on the headphone aspect of it. Wait for the Discord to update this new input and try using it again. You can use another mic instead of the AirPods one. It should make things better, but there isn’t much else that can be done to fix the issue!

How To Fix Airpods Not Working On Discord PC?

The PC is your personal computer, and the article so far has told you how to fix the audio when it comes to Discord.

The main thing is to make sure that the AirPods are correctly connected to Discord. Then make sure that all the audio drivers are up to date and your sound is not on mute. Once you have passed all of these steps, jump on to more technical solutions. Hopefully, you will find the solution to this problem!

Final Thought

Now you know all the ways to fix problems with connecting AirPods with Discord, which is a pretty common problem. Almost all the issues that can happen between Bluetooth headphones and Discord are mentioned in this article. Therefore, hopefully, you will not have to worry about this issue any more after reading this informative article!

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