How Can A User Opening Msg File On Mac?

How Can A Mac User Open A MSG FILE

Understanding file formats can sometimes be complex due to the different structures in which they appear. Each form differs in documents, videos, or music files. These files have functions and limitations and will usually not work when applied outside of their functionality. Opening MSG File On Mac can be difficult without the proper knowledge to access MSG files on Mac computers.

MSG File is a unique file that is used only for Microsoft Outlook documents. However, Microsoft Outlook exports and shares files in MSF format which cannot be accessed by Outlook on Mac computers. This article gives in-depth knowledge on how to go about opening MSG File On Mac.

Opening MSG Files On Mac: What Is It And Is It Safe?

The MSG file is specific to Microsoft Outlook. Outlook exports its content using the MSG file format, making the MSG a unique file type. MSG files usually contain email messages that other users received. The files can also have schedules, tasks, and appointments.

MSG emails might include the sender, the recipient, the time and the date that the email was received. Users of the MSG file will also notice that calendar appointments may consist of the date, location, and invited users.

Opening MSG Files On Mac

An MSG file isn’t harmful when they are created using Microsoft Outlook. People that open self-created MSG files aren’t in any danger of malware or virus attacks. However, it is essential to be careful about opening MSG files from unknown sources because they might have malware. MSG file export emails that have attachments are especially prone to malware attacks. The best protection against any form of malware attack is to constantly scan for malware using an anti-virus constantly.

How Can A Mac User Open A MSG FILE?

There are various ways for Mac users that to open an outlook attachment on a Mac computer. A practical approach is to run windows on the Mac using parallels. However, there are other tools will allow easy access to MSG files on Mac computers.

How Can A Mac User Open A MSG FILE

The following paragraphs include details of the various ways to open MSG files on Mac computers.

Install Windows On The Mac

Installing windows on the Mac is one of the most tedious and time-consuming ways to open MSG files on Mac. However, it is worth the effort, especially for those who run many Windows applications on their Mac. Apple has made installing Windows alongside MacOS easy by using the Boot Camp utility.

The Boot Camp is included in most modern Intel-based Mac systems. The user will be taken through a step-by-step process, installing the Windows and their drivers automatically. After installing the Windows on the Mac computer, the user can hold down the option key as the system loads. Holding down the key will allow the user to choose between MacOS or Windows.

Alternatively, one can install windows on a virtual machine. This will enable the user not to restart the system every time they switch to windows. Parallel Desktop and Vmare fusion are the leading options for a virtual machine.

Using The Outlook Web App

Using the outlook web is one of the most straightforward solutions for opening MSG files on Mac. One can email the file as an attachment to an address. Outlook has an in-built MSG viewing which users can utilize in viewing the attachment.

Using The Outlook Web App

Installing Mozilla Sea Monkey On The Mac

Mozilla is the company that built the popular Firefox web browser. Mozilla has an older all-in-one internet application suite called the SeaMonkey. The application combines web browsing, emails, etc.  The SeaMonkey application is the only web suite from Mozilla that can open MSG files.

It is simple to use. One has to install the software, then go to windows and open mail and newsgroup from the menu. The user will be asked to open a new account. A prompt for the new account creation will show a cancel option, which should be clicked. One can select “File” and then click Open File.

Installing An MSG Viewer

The Mac computer has several small utilities programmed to allow the viewing of MSG files. Below are a few programs computer users can consider:

Installing An MSG Viewer

  • MSG Viewer For Microsoft Outlook is available for free download on the Mac App Store. It is important to note there are in-app purchases when the app is downloaded on the Mac App Store. MSG Viewer For Microsoft Outlook will allow users to access MSG files in their chosen email application. It is essential to pay for the in-app purchases because the free version will only convert portions of the file.
  • SYSInfo MSG Viewer costs about $39 from their website. The free trial limits the amount of MSG file viewing to twenty-five.
  • Klammer costs about $3.99 from the app store (Mac). It allows users to open their MSG files easily. In-app purchases will enable users to convert bulk MSG attachments to view them using any preferred email app.

Other apps that allow viewing of MSG files are; WinMail.dat Opener, MSG viewer, and MessageViewer Online.

Changing The File Extension

If the user creates an MSG using any other program that isn’t Outlook, then changing the file extension might work.

To use this method, click on the file and select the Get info option. The name and extension should be expanded and changed to MSG.


Opening Msg Files On Mac is a complicated process, especially when Windows Operating System (OS) has to be installed on the Mac computer. However, it is important to have the ability to view attachments without any limitations. Fortunately, this article covers various ways to open MSG files on Mac, even without going through the tedious route of installing windows on the system.

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