How Do I Recover Deleted Recordings On Directv?

How Do I Recover Deleted Recordings On Directv

While mobile-based streaming services are booming in this period of time, DirecTV is still enhancing the joyous moments in family time. The satellite-based TV entertainer is constantly adding new channels to their bags and improving the user experience at the same time. Besides, you can easily record any shows you want, and that’s one of the reasons why new users subscribe every day to the service.

But, how do I recover deleted recordings on DirecTV in case I accidentally delete any? The process is very straightforward, and you can do it yourself within minutes. Press the “Menu” button on the remote controller after turning on the TV and DirecTV. Then go to history by clicking “Manage Recording.” Now locate your deleted recording and click on restore. You will get your deleted recordings right away!

Key Takeaways:

  • DirecTV HD DVR comes with 1 TB of storage for program recording.
  • It has the ability to record up to 5 shows at a time.
  • You can recover deleted recordings via different methods.

What About DVR Recordings Recovery?

DVR or Digital Video Recording is typically used in Closed circuit cameras and satellite TV recording. If you lost any data accidentally, you have some different methods to recover it. Let’s have a short discussion about it.

What About Dvr Recordings Recovery

First Method: Use Third-Party Apps

  • Step-1: First, you need to connect the DVR to the PC using an Ethernet cable.
  • Step-2: Once you’ve done that, the next step is to check the file format of your DVR recordings. If they’re in AVI or MPEG format, then you can use a number of different video recovery programs such as EaseUS, Recuva or Stellar.
  • Step-3: Once you’ve selected a recovery program, the next step is to follow the instructions provided by the program to recover your DVR recordings.

Few tips:

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of the program installed.
  • Ensure that you have enough free space on your hard drive to save the recovered files.
  • If your DVR recordings are in a different file format, then you might need to use a different method to recover them.

2nd Method: Contact Customer Support

If you don’t get your desired recordings by applying the method above, don’t worry, you still have the chance to recover them. Contact your service provider, they will do their best to recover your deleted recordings from DVR.

Can I Recover Deleted Recordings On DirecTV?

DirecTV is a leading digital television service provider in the United States. It offers more than 250 TV channels, including movies, sports, and music. Besides, it gives you the ability to record your favorite shows. You can even record 5 different shows at the same time.

Can I Recover Deleted Recordings On Directv

And most interestingly, if you accidentally delete a recording you can still recover it. DirecTV offers a few different ways to help you recover your lost or deleted recordings.

Causes For The Deletion Of DirecTV Recordings

There are a few possible reasons why your DirecTV recordings might be deleted.


This is the most common scenario of losing recordings. You might’ve accidentally deleted it and now looking to get it back. In such cases, try to recover it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could lose it forever.

Shortage of storage

If you have too many recordings on your DVR, older recordings will be automatically deleted to make room for new ones. You can prevent this by deleting recordings you no longer need, or by upgrading to a DVR with more storage space.

Technical Errors

In rare cases, technical errors can cause recordings to be deleted. If this happens, you should contact DirecTV customer service for help.

How Do I Recover Deleted Recordings On DirecTV?

There are 2 different methods to recover DirecTV recordings in case you deleted or lost them.

How Do I Recover Deleted Recordings On Directv

Method 1- DirecTV History

  • Step 1: Power up the television/computer and the DirecTV DVR.
  • Step 2: Press the “Menu” button on the remote
  • Step 3: Go to history by clicking “Manage Recording”
  • Step 4: Locate your deleted recording
  • Step 5: Click on restore, and you got it!

Method 2- Hard Drive

In case you’re using Genie DVR, it has a hard drive inside that can store 1 TB of data. If you lost a recording from your DVR, then use this method.

  • Step-1: Connect the DVR to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Step-2: Use a recovery program such as EaseUS, Recuva, or Stellar.
  • Step-3: Follow the instructions provided by the software.
  • Step-4: Save the deleted recordings on your computer hard drive.

Method 3. Retrieve Deleted DirecTV Recordings Using TiVo Software

Tivo software is one of the easiest ways to recover your deleted recording file from DirecTV. Hence, if you’re already using the software with your DirecTV, you don’t need to worry about your lost recordings, as it is super easy to recover the file with TiVo.

Retrieve Deleted Shows from DirecTV using TiVo Software with HD:

Step 1: Go to the TiVo central menu and select my shows. Then tap on the “Recently Deleted” option.

Step 2: You need to highlight the show you want to recover and tap on the select button.

Step 3: There will be many options on the screen; you must select “Recover this show” from the given option.

How Do I Recover Deleted Recordings On Directv? 2

Source: easeus

NB. Using this procedure, you can recover one recording at a time, even if that was a series or multiple files you have recorded. So, if, unfortunately, you have deleted multiple shows, repeat the process to restore them all.

Recover Deleted Recordings from TiVo Software with SD:

Step 1: Tap the “TiVo Central” button on the remote controller.

Step 2: Choose “Now Playing List” & then tap on “Recently Deleted Recordings.” Look for the recording that you deleted from the recently deleted folder.

How Do I Recover Deleted Recordings On Directv? 3

Source: easeus

Step 3: Go to highlight the shows or recordings and tap on the “Select” option.

Step 4: Select the “Recover” option from the deleted program list and press “OK.”

Step 5: Once the recovery is made, a message will pop up on the screen with “Recovery Complete.” Then you need to save the recovery file with any options – “Keep Until I Delete”, Keep Through, or “Don’t change Date.”

Step 6: Now click on “TiVo Central,” and you’ll find your deleted recordings in the “Now Playing” list.

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You see how simple it is to recover your deleted DirecTV recordings. Next time, don’t panic if you lose your recorded shows.

Use these methods to get back your recordings easily. Last but not least, always try to make a backup for your lovable shows.

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