How Do Youtubers Get Invited To VidCon?

How Do Youtubers Get Invited To VidCon? 2

Getting an invitation from VidCon is a dream for every video content creator. It is an yearly convention for online brands, creators, fans, and executives. In simple words, this is a real life version of digital content creators.

VidCon is a place where you can experience that online magic in real life; bands, creators,  fans, all are in one place.

This is an event where fans can make new friends, creators can enhance their reach, and leading-edge industry deals happen here.

However, if you are a YouTubes, you may get invited to the VidCon. But, How Do YouTuber Get Invited to VidCon? What’s the requirement? You have to think about it.

Read the entire article with a good intent. Hopefully, you’ll have a clear idea about the VidCon Invitation, its requirement to join, and everything.

How Do Youtubers Get Invited To VidCon?

YouTubers will get invited to VidCon automatically, if they create quality content. What things should you keep in mind to make, and publish videos to get an invitation from VidCon? This question may come to your mind. In this segment, we have demonstrated some of the criteria to be invited. Read, and follow them carefully to see you as a featured creator there.

How Do Youtubers Get Invited To VidCon

Criteria No-1: Recognized Among Viewers

If you would like to get invited to VidCon, you have to be known to the audience. For that, you don’t have to have millions of subscribers, but need to have enough to be recognized and discovered.

Subscriber is just a number of people with whom you are connected. Remember that, VidCon is not only a place to connect with other creators,but also your audience.

YouTubers get invited depending on the impact they have on the  audience. So, first, make sure that you are recognized by enough viewers.

Criteria No-2: Your Quality Content

What makes you popular, and discoverable? Obviously your content, right? So, you have to focus on making quality content as much as possible that will create an impact on your viewers.

While making a content, make sure that it is simple to discover. Besides, it is eye-catching, and unique.

If your content is different from others, approved, accepted, and appreciated by many, you may be eligible for invitation from VidCon.

Your Quality Content

Criteria No-3: Online Presence

The visual content you make should be discoverable. In that case, you have to post videos on a regular basis that will raise awareness about your content. In addition, ensure that it is memorable, and simple to find, and remember.

If you make videos regularly, it will help analyze your channel. Fortuitously, if your videos have gone viral, trending, there is a high chance to be invited to VidCon.

Criteria No-4: Ability To Guide Ambitious Creator

To get invited, and a featured creator, you must have good relations with other creatures. On the other hand, you have to know how to connect with the people in a professional industry.

VidCon is a place where everyone attends to learn, make friends, and enhance relationships with other creators. They arrange workshops there, where a featured creator shares their journey, obstacles, knowledge, and motivates new creators.

So, you have that ability to guide and monitor ambitious creators; then you may get an invitation from VidCon.

Ability To Guide Ambitious Creator

What Types of Passes for VidCon?

There are three types of passes for VidCon. These are Community Track, Creator Track, and Industry Track.

Community Track

This one is open for everyone who loves watching YouTube videos, and wants to meet their favorite creators worldwide and meet other fans. The ticket range for Community Track starts from $100 to $180 depending on how early you purchase your ticket.

Creator Track

The Creator Track is a vital one that brings together a group: fan-to-fan, fan-to-creator, creator-to fan, creator-to-creator and more. It is mainly for aspiring creators who want to learn more, build their brand online. Price range of the track from $150 to $200 depending how early you purchase your ticket.

Industry Track

This is for people who work in online video, or video adjacent companies like, branding, advertising, or talent management. If you would like to join it, you have to spend $500 to $850 depending on when you get your ticket.

Industry Track

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more to know about VidCon, this segment is for you where we have given answers to a couple of questions.

Who Started VidCon?

In 2010, the first VidCon was introduced by Vlogbrothers, Hank Green. At that time, it was arranged at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, situated in Los Angeles. More than 1400 people attended that time. After 8 years later in 2018, Viacom the owner of Paramount Pictures & Viacom Media Network owns VidCon.

Where Is VidCon Held?

It is held at the Anaheim Convention Center which is in California, United States. The place is not far from Los Angeles, and is considered one of the best places for people to get together.

How Can I Apply For The VidCon Creator Grant?

To apply for the Vidcon Creator Grant, you have to make sure that you are uploading two videos a month for the past 6 months. You don’t need to upload those videos only on YouTube; you can use other platforms like Twitch,, or Instagram. If you can do that, then you can apply for the VideoCon Creator Grant.

How To Earn VidCon Creator Certificate?

To earn a VidCon Creator certificate, you have to follow a number of things. These include

  1. Choose a category from three different categories.
  2. Attend at least 4 sessions of your selected category.
  3. Get your RFID bracelet before starting a session.
  4. If the above three things are done by you, you’ll get a VidCon Creator Certificate.

How To Earn VidCon Creator Certificate

Final Thought

It’s a dream for every YouTuber to get an invitation from VidCon which is one of the biggest platforms that helps creators to meet other creators, and fans.

If anyone wants to get invited, they have to be recognized first by their video content. Besides that, their content has to be meaningful, unique, and eye-catching that will create an impact on viewers.

Apart from that, a creator should have the ability to mentor aspiring cretors to reach their goals, and share their knowledge, obstacles, and motivate them to fulfill their dream. In simple words, they must have good communication skills.

If the criteria we have demonstrated above can be fulfilled by a YouTuber, there is a possibility to get an invitation from VidCon.

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