How To Connect Landline Phone To Wifi Router?

How To Connect Landline Phone To Wifi Router

In this modern age, when we have much software for voice and video calls, the landline phone seems to be ancient technology. However, there are still a lot of benefits to using a landline phone. The convenience of making both local and long-distance calls is one advantage. You have access to E911 and voicemail free of charge and clear crystal voice quality.

With these benefits, you will be happy to know that you can now connect your landline phone with a Wifi router. It converts the voice signal from your landline phone to a digital signal once it is connected to the router.

While installing a landline phone, you need to pay fees to the professional service provider. But why waste it when you can simply make this installation. Keep going with this guide to learn how to connect a landline phone to Wifi router.

Can You Connect Landline Phone To Wifi Router?

VoIP refers to landline phones and this service provider allows you to make regular calls via the Internet. People use it for a more quality voice calling experience, and sometimes video conference calls. With the cable wire, you can connect the VoIP phones to your router.

You might have known that you cannot connect your router or modem wirelessly. But you can connect it through a cable wire. Plug your landline phone into the phone port to connect it. VoIP uses the voice-over-internet protocol to connect your router to the internet. It turns audio data into signals that transfer through the internet.

Because of having a phone port, you can connect a landline to it. It will depend on your house’ wirings. You can connect phones to the wall phone wall jacks. By using a phone splitter, you can connect multiple phones to one router.

How To Connect Landline Phone To Wifi Router?

Once you connect your landline phone to your router, your voice signals will reach via a router. It can convert digital signals over the internet. You can connect your landline to your router very easily with the help of a high-speed internet connection. Use these steps below:

How To Connect Landline Phone To Wifi Router

  • Power off the router. Before turning off the router, you have to unplug all wires to identify the ports.

turn off router

  • You have to connect an ethernet wire. Generally, there is an ethernet wire with a landline phone. Now you have to plug the wire into the router’s port.

connect an ethernet wire

  • The Ethernet wire has to plug into the LAN port behind your router. Plug the cable into the Ethernet outlet with your laptop.
  • Connect your analog phone to a router using a cable. Behind the device, you can find a phone adapter port. It may be labeled ‘Phone 1. In this phase, you will connect your landline with your Wi-Fi.

Connect your analog phone to a router using a cable

  • After connecting the landline and router, you can turn on both the router and computer. And waits for the indicator light to stop blinking. You know the Router Ip Address plays a vital role to enable the PC
  • After stabilizing the router, you can connect the router to an outlet. Turning the router on and waiting to be stabilized.
  • Last, of all, you can now test your landline. Using a free call service, you can call any local food.

If you use the internet at high speed, you can get better services. Connecting a landline phone may be different according to the different routers.

How To Connect Landline Phone To Modem

To make the connection, make sure your modem is set up with internet service and there is an extra phone port.  The process of connection is given below:

  • Connect the router to your modem.

Connect the router to your modem

  • Unplug both these devices.
  • Now, connect the phone port to the router and use another cable port to connect the wall jack.
  • The first green port on the modem needs to be connected to one end of the green phone connector. Make the other connection to the base station. You must hear the dial tone by dialing a 10-digit number.
  • Your phone and modem are connected if you have dialed successfully.

Things Need To Consider Before Connecting Your Phone

You need a clear conception of Wi-Fi routers and the internet before you follow the instructions in this article. These factors predestine how your home is connected to the internet. You know that it is impossible to connect your landline home phone wirelessly. To get land phone service, it needs to be a physical connection.

  • Type of connection: You know a landline phone cannot connect to your Wi-Wi router wirelessly. But you can connect it physically. With a DSL or a cable connection, it creates a connection between Wi-Fi routers and the internet. Though fiber connection is getting popular, the infrastructure setup is expensive. At the same time, the transition becomes slow.
  • The speed of the internet: You will experience clear voice calls if you have a better internet connection. Actually, your location, network traffic, etc play a vital role.
  • The standard of Wi-Fi: You see many different types of Wi-Fi devices at present. The devices can transfer data at various speeds and rates. Data can be transferred as fast as 940 Mbps on a better device. To get the qualitative voice, you not only need a high download speed but also need the highest standard router. Otherwise, you will get a harsh voice. So, maintain the quality of the router for a flawless experience.

Bottom Line

From the above-mentioned discussion, you can get considerable instruction about “how to connect a landline phone to the WiFi router.” We have tried to describe it most easily. These instructions may change because of updating or a newish router. So whenever you would like to do this, you must go through the updated information. Still, if you fail, then consult a professional.

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