How To Create Hyperlink In Discord?

Surely, you have seen hyperlinks on Discord that redirects you to a web page, youtube channel, or any document. However, it looks cool without sending a messy and big link. If you also want to learn how to create hyperlinks in Discord, then you are at the right place.

Hyperlinks are useful terms in directing traffic to a specific page. Since discord doesn’t allow you to create hyperlinks, you need to take the help of other websites. Here we will disclose the process of creating Hyperlinks in Discord.

Can You Create Links In Discord?

If you are unfamiliar with a hyperlink, let me tell you, it is a link to another location or file, and if you click on the highlighted words where the link is embedded, you will be taken to the location of the link. A hyperlink is a great way to share something on your chat and if you don’t know how to do it, you will be unable to share many things. You can easily add information on Discord chat with a link rather than using long eyesore links.

However, there are no functions to create clickable links on the chatbox of discord. Because of security concerns, Discord discourages the opening of any links. Because sometimes suspicious links may redirect you to many scams. This is not mean, you can not post the links. You can go through a few unofficial ways to create hyperlink text like using a bot or webhook. And use it on your Discord chat.

Are Links Allowed In Discord?

While Discord won’t allow you to send hyperlink text from your account, you can use a bot or webhook to embed links in Discord. Keep reading to learn how to create hyperlinks in discord using bot and webhook.

2 Effective Methods To Create Hyperlink In Discord

In Discord, hyperlinks are not allowed in chat. However, you can still create hyperlinks on Discord using these two methods.

Method 1: Carl-bot (Discord Hyperlink Bot)

You will find a number of bots for Discord that can help you execute commands and use hyperlinks within the text through an embed. The hyperlink with Carl bot can be used by following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Carl bot website and use your Discord account to log in.

go to Carl bot website

Step 2: You will be taken to the dashboard and there it will ask you to select the server where you would like to link this bot. You can use this hyperlink on any server you choose.

Give permission by clicking Continue and Authorize.

Step 3: You can skip configuring other features of this bot or click get started to configure. Carl’s dashboard will appear after that.

click get started to configure

Step 4: To open the embeds creator, scroll down on the left-side menu and click on Embeds.

Step 5: The format is: prefix [write the text that you want to be displayed on the hyperlink](paste the link in this section)

Writing example: if you want to redirect to your YouTube Channel like then the end result will look like this: Check my Youtube channel.

Step 6: After you have added the description, go down and find Destination. Click the drop-down and select the channel.

Step 7: Click on Post and this embed message with a hyperlink will be sent.

Click on Post and this embed message with a hyperlink will be sent

Method 2: Webhook (Discord Embed Link Generator)

The Webhook is also a great option for creating hyperlinks on Discord.

Step 1: Go to Discord on the web or open the application. You will need to select the destination server where the hyperlink will be used.

select the destination server where the hyperlink will be used

Step 2: Select Server Settings from the drop-down menu under the server name.

Step 3: Click on Integrations from the left-side menu and then on New Webhook. Specify the channel for the hyperlinked message, then name the Webhook.

After completion, copy the webhook link by clicking on the Copy Webhook URL.

Step 4: Now, go to website and generate the hyperlink message.

generate the hyperlink message

In the Webhook URL section, paste the copied webhook link.

Step 5: you will find the Embed section at the bottom of the page. Here, create a new embed by clicking on the + icon.

Step 6: Use the same format that was shown in the bot embeds for the description.

The format is: prefix [write the text that you want to be displayed on the hyperlink](paste the link in this section)

Writing example: Check my [YouTube Channel](

And the end result will look like: Check my Youtube channel

Step 7: There are a few options that allow you to customize the link and you can also color the link from the color option.

Step 8: Click Send Message at the top once you have completed the process.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Is It Allowed To Post-normal Links On Discord?

Some channels on discord don’t allow to send links and some do. Some channels allow for link embedding but it is not active, in this case, the user needs to copy-paste the links on a browser. These restrictions are set by the admins as many links may redirect to spam messages.

How Do You Mask A Link?

Using the hyperlink functions, you can mask a link. You can easily do it with the help of several hyperlink-creating websites.

Final Thoughts

Discord is very active in bringing new changes and updates to give their user the proper security and the best experience. If you are new to Discord, it is normal to wonder how to use it, why fix Better Discord not working, or how you can create hyperlinks in Discord. While there is so much to learn, we hope you have learned how to create hyperlinks in Discord from this article.

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