How To Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger?

How To Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger

There is no way to delete a Facebook profile while keeping Messenger. Alternatively, you can deactivate your profile and continue to use Messenger to communicate with acquaintances. The only major drawback is that you’ll almost certainly need to add Messenger contacts from your phone’s “phone contacts.” The procedure might be a little complicated.

Even though you don’t like the new terms of service modifications, Facebook will not really want you to delete your profile forever. Furthermore, some individuals may be filled with remorse if they delete their account and are unable to recover it. Fortunately, the Facebook management team has made it simple to deactivate Facebook but keep messenger, which is similar to deleting it momentarily.

How To Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger

Deleting And Deactivating A Facebook Profile – The Difference

Like any other company, Facebook really doesn’t want to lose any of its users or customers. If you’ve ever considered quitting Facebook, you may have observed that the default choice is to deactivate your account rather than delete it. Account activity is momentarily halted when you deactivate your account.

The system will continue to keep your data, and you may quickly recover your profile at any moment by signing in. While your account is disabled, you may still use Facebook’s Messenger application. If you wish to retrieve your personal information, deleting your account is probably not the best option.

However, if you cancel your account permanently, Facebook will suspend your account on the Messaging application and remove any information relating to you.

Keep in mind that data is not simply cleaned out. The entire deletion procedure takes 90 days. That is, Facebook will offer you 30 days to withdraw the deletion request. If you do not withdraw the request, Facebook will clear up your data after 60 days.

Things To Consider Before You Want To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Before you hurry to erase anything Facebook-related from your desktop and mobile devices, consider how you will prepare for the deletion of your account. Here are a few things you can do to get ready:

Things To Consider Before You Want To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

  • Data Back-up: After you delete your profile, all of your data will be deleted from Facebook. Your Facebook data is likely to include images, posts, and chats. You can back up your information if you want to keep any of it. Facebook provides resources for properly backing up your data.
  • Accessibility: Create a list of all the external application logins that you use with your Facebook profile. Spotify and dating apps are two examples of popular external applications. You will lose access to such accounts if you delete Facebook. Before you cut off the ability to access your Facebook profile, make sure to change your login details.
  • Facebook Messenger: You will be unable to use the Facebook Messenger application after deleting your Facebook profile. If you still require the Messaging service but don’t want to deal with the burden of keeping a Facebook account, just deactivate your account.

Now, let us discuss the crux of this guide, how to deactivate Facebook but keep messenger.

Can I Delete Facebook But Keep Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is yet another famous messaging kit that may be utilized independently even when the Facebook profile has been deactivated. Messengers are essential and do not have a shared wall for users to post on. As a result, it is a more straightforward method to interact with friends and family without having to worry about disclosing personal details.

The vast majority of Facebook fans now solely utilize Messenger, leaving their Facebook profile undisturbed. All communication and social platforms allow users to temporarily or permanently leave the site. Facebook also allows for the partial or total termination of a Facebook profile.

To permanently erase the user account, use the option “Delete Account.”  This will delete that specific user profile, and connection to that profile will no longer be allowed. Another temporary alternative is to disable the Facebook profile while leaving some features, such as Messenger, operational. A similar option allows the user to reactivate a deactivated account whenever necessary.

How Can I Use Messenger If I Deactivate My Facebook Account?

There is one critical thought to consider if you wish to delete your account. Facebook will prompt you at the conclusion of the procedure whether you wish to opt-out of getting Messenger chats. If you opt-out, you will no longer be able to use Messenger. If you remain opted in, you may effectively deactivate Facebook but keep Messenger.  Here’s how to cancel your Facebook profile while continuing to use Messenger:

  • Sign in to your Facebook profile by accessing the official site.
  • Navigate to the “Settings & Privacy” option and then to “Settings.”

Settings & Privacy

  • Select Your Facebook Data, then choose “Deactivation and Deletion.”
  • Proceed to Profile Deactivation after selecting “Deactivate Account.”

Deactivate Account

  • Select a reason for quitting Facebook, then press the “Continue” button.
  • Exit the pop-up window, uncheck the “opt out of receiving Messenger messages” option, and then select “Deactivate.”

Deactivate facebook account

Alternatively, there is a far more straightforward procedure for smartphone users who aren’t ready to cancel their profile altogether. Consider uninstalling the mobile phone app if you’re genuinely sick of Facebook. Your profile will stay operational, but you will no longer get alerts or notifications on your smartphone. Friends and acquaintances will still be able to locate you, and you won’t have to worry about losing any of your old images and memories.

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Using Messenger Without A Facebook Account

Prior to December 2019, all that was required to maintain a Facebook Messenger profile was a phone number. You must now have a Facebook profile, but it does not have to be operative. If you cancel your Facebook profile before, you can use it to establish a Messenger profile without initially reactivating it. All you have to do is enter into Messenger with the credentials from your deactivated account and click or tap Sign in.

Using Messenger Without A Facebook Account

If you previously had a Facebook profile that you abruptly deleted, or if you’ve never had a Facebook profile, you can register a new one and then delete it after installing Messenger.

  • Launch the Messenger application and select the “Create New Account” option. A pop-up box may appear, requesting that you sign in using information from Tap the “Continue” button.
  • A browser window appears, urging you to sign up for a new Fb account. Complete the information on each page, then press “Next” until you reach the final one, then hit Sign Up. Specify the first and last names that you wish to display in your Messenger profile. You must authenticate your login with a code issued to you through email or text.
  • Messenger includes your Facebook profile image next to your username by default. However, you cannot post or alter your profile photo within Messenger; you must do so through your Facebook profile, either through the site or the smartphone application. As a result, setting up A Facebook account also generates a Messenger profile, which you may use right away.
  • Make absolutely sure that your Facebook profile is deactivated rather than deleted. When you remove your account, your Messenger profile and all of your conversations are also deleted. You must have a deactivated Facebook profile in order to utilize Messenger. So, deactivate your Facebook profile if desired, and proceed to use Messenger as if your Facebook profile was still active!

Setting up your messenger profile without a Facebook account

Once you authenticate your account, there are several settings to complete before you can fully utilize the application. You might include a picture of yourself so that other people can identify you. The application will then ask you if you wish to connect your phone contacts to Messenger. If you give the program these rights, it will constantly visit your contact book and add people to Messenger. If you do not want to simplify this procedure, you may manually add your contacts to your Messenger profile.

This may be accomplished by looking for contact phone numbers (if their smartphone is linked to Messenger) or by putting their names into the field. It’s possible that you’ll have to read through multiple profiles before discovering the individual you’re searching for. And if you decide that Facebook Messenger is overvalued, you can quickly delete it and use a comparable instant messaging platform like WhatsApp alternatively.

How To Use Messenger Without A Facebook Account On Mac?

Now that you’ve canceled your Facebook profile, there are a couple of methods to reunite with everyone you know using Messenger. As previously stated, if you wish to utilize your Messenger login online, simply sign in at To use the mobile apps of Messenger, go to the Play Store or App Store, search for Messenger, install it, and log in using your existing login. Finally, there is more than one alternative for Mac.

Since 2020, you’ve been able to download an official Messenger desktop app:

  • Open the Mac App Store.
  • Look for Messenger.
  • Click Download to launch the application.
  • “Login with phone or email” should be selected.
  • Fill up your Facebook information.
  • Click the Login button.

Deactivate Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS

Before we begin, bear in mind that you should first delete or cancel your main Facebook profile before you can initiate a deactivation of the Messenger Application. The button to “Delete” on Facebook Messenger will not show unless you deactivate your primary Facebook profile. Here’s how to get started.

  1. If you want to go back to the social networking website in the far future, instead of deleting it, select “Deactivate.” However, remember that reactivating your Facebook profile will immediately re-enable Facebook Messenger.
  2. Then, launch the Facebook Messenger application on the preferred Android or iOS smartphone devices. In the top column, click on your profile photo on the left side. Scroll down and choose “Legal and Policies.”
  3. “Deactivate Messenger” feature is situated at the far bottom. Click it, then verify your choice by providing your credentials and pressing the ‘Continue’ button. Facebook Messenger will be deleted instantly and may not be reactivated until you join your primary Facebook profile or the Facebook Messenger application.

Remember that deactivating Messenger does not remove your messages; it only renders your account inaccessible to other individuals. You will also be unable to post or get notifications. If you wish to return to Messenger, you can do so at any time, and all will be recovered. As previously stated, reactivating your Facebook profile after deactivation will also reactivate your Messenger profile. Yes, Facebook operates in weird ways, and we must cope with it.

Now that we have discussed all the possible ways to deactivate Facebook but keep messenger, let us now look at some of the features of the Facebook messenger application.

Facebook Messenger – Features

Facebook messenger is quite unique from any other social messaging application. Some of the features of messenger include:

  • Although Messenger lacks a calendar, it does allow you to make event reminders using the Reminders option on the mobile application. Another clever method is to send a message with reference to a specific day, and the application will ask you whether you want to set a reminder.
  • The name of a group message, as well as the nicknames of the persons engaged, can be changed.
  • If you want to convey a message without having to type or make a full voice call, you may send audio snippets using Messenger.
  • Notifications may be muted per conversation for a certain number of days or turned off entirely, both on the desktop application of Messenger and through the smartphone app.


It is always possible to deactivate your Facebook profile. You will not lose access to previous information, but your account will appear to be removed. As long as you don’t opt-out of messaging, you may continue to use the Messenger mobile application to communicate with friends and family. Thus, the option to deactivate Facebook but keep messenger is always based on user preferences.

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