How to Delete IMVU Account?

How to Delete IMVU Account

IMVU is a widely popular platform with more than 7 million monthly active users worldwide. It’s a social media-based platform where users can easily make their avatar images and interact with each other.

Through this game, you would be able to explore the virtual world, and designed to immerse players. It is one of the oldest games where you can meet people worldwide. Let’s find out how to delete IMVU account.

Why Should I Delete My IMUV Account?

Since it is an online platform, it can also lead to trouble. IMVU is often used by hackers, scammers, and many people come with malicious intentions also. If you haven’t used your IMVU account in a long time, you might want to think about deleting it. It will secure your data and won’t be able to lead to any risk.

So, if you are interested in IMVU account deletion, you are in the right place. Look at the article to know the proper steps for deleting an IMVU account.

How To Delete IMVU Account?

There are 3-methods to delete an IMVU account. The methods are discussed below-

  • Through Website
  • By sending email
  • Mobile app

How to Delete IMVU Account

Through Website

1. Log In to Your Account

First, a user must log in to their IMVU account. You can do this on any desktop or laptop web browser. The user will need all the information to delete the account. You need to do this if you have more than one IMVU account.

Log In to Your Account

2. Go To the Account Deletion Page

Go to the Account Details option after securely logging in to your IMVU account. From there, visit the delete account page. On the following page, you will see a confirmation of your avatar name. If the name is correct, then enter your account password for confirmation. After completing all the steps, click on Continue.

Go To the Account Deletion Page

3. Get A Notification Message of Success

After entering the password correctly, you will receive a success message confirming that your account has been deleted. If you have more than one account, repeat each step.

4. Check Your Mail

Lastly, check the mail inbox associated with your account. It is a final confirmation mail. This mail also includes a link that you can use to reactivate the account.

Check Your Mail

Through Email

You can send IMVU an email requesting that they delete your account. It’s one of the easiest and safe ways to delete your IMVU account.

  • Open your mail account and log in to the account that is associated with your IMVU account
  • In Gmail, press on compose email option to create an email.
  • Then enter the email address DMCA@imvu.comin the “To” section.
  • Give a subject regarding “delete my IMVU account.”
  • In the body, write all the necessary information and the reason especially for deleting your account
  • Click send button after describing all information.

Through The Mobile App

  • Go to the account closing page and from there, log in to your account
  • Enter to the Delete Account page, put your password, and afterward click Continue.
  • The account deletion process is complete
  • Wait for a confirmation mail

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do IMVU Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, IMUV automatically deletes inactive accounts, but it takes several years of inactive accounts to be removed. If you delete your accounts following the above steps, IMVU will temporarily delete the account.It will be permanently deleted if you don’t access it for several months.

What Happens When You Delete Your IMVU Account?

When a user deletes the IMVU account, IMVU will permanently remove all the objects they have created or purchased. The user’s account information will also be deleted, including username, email address, and password.

Can You Recover a Deleted IMVU Account?

Yes, you can recover your IMVU account. To reactive your account, you have to sign in to your account. First of all, put your email address and password and hit on “sign-in.”

How Long Does It Take to Delete an IMVU Account?

IMVU accounts are deleted within a few days. However, it can take up to a week. If you receive the confirmation email, your account has been deleted. However, your account has not yet been deleted if you did not receive the confirmation email.

What Are the Alternatives to IMVU?

There are many alternative games like IMVU. For example- ZEPETO, Habbo, ActiveWorlds, and Open Cobalt are some of them.

Rounding Up

Currently, IMVU has millions of users all over the world. Undoubtedly online games lead to many risks, especially for underaged ones. If you are not active in your IMVU account, it’s better to delete your account. The above article will help you delete your IMVU account.

We hope this article will provide you with the proper solution for deleting IMVU accounts. So, learn how to delete IMVU account and say goodbye to IMVU.

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