How To Extend Wi-Fi To Detached Garage? [6 Techniques You Can Apply]

How To Extend Wi-Fi To Detached Garage

Life without the internet is a nightmare that makes anyone very slow, inefficient, boring, and ineffective. Widespread access to the internet allows people to think about whether Wi-Fi can be extended to outbuildings, including garages.

Unfortunately, you will face different trouble connecting your smart devices to your home Wi-Fi, especially if you are in a detached garage. That’s why, in this context, we will discuss how to extend Wi-Fi to a detached garage.

Luckily, you can extend the internet connection to your detached garage by installing a Wi-Fi extender, USB antenna, or network adapter.

Let’s explore in-depth details on how to extend the Wi-Fi range to a detached garage.

Why Will You Need Wi-Fi In Your Detached Garage?

There are numerous reasons why you will need the internet in the garage. Just like the different parts of your home, you may need a strong Wi-Fi signal in your garage. Some key reasons for having Wi-Fi in the detached garage have been pointed out below.

Why Will You Need Wi-Fi In Your Detached Garage

  • You will need a strong Wi-Fi signal if you set up security cameras in your garage.
  • A stable Wi-Fi signal is necessary if you have a home office, shed, workshop, or even a gym with a detached garage.
  • For sure, you will need a stable network service when you intend to spend time alone in the garage.
  • When repairing any vehicle, you may need a Wi-Fi connection to find out information from the internet.
  • If your garage is designed with a smart door opener, you will need an internet connection to control the door.
  • Smart lights also require Wi-Fi connectivity to brighten up your garage from your mobile.

What Are The Reasons For Getting Signal Weak In Garage?

Distance and Wi-Fi range are the main factors when talking about signal strength in the garage. Below, we have demonstrated some key reasons for not getting strong Wi-Fi in the garage.

What Are The Reasons For Getting Signal Weak In Garage

Router Location

If your home’s wireless router is installed in a corner, you will not get the Wi-Fi signal outside your house. In that case, there is less chance you may find network signals if the garage is far away from home.

Object Interferences

Obstructions like thick walls, trees, or anything else can intercept the router’s signal to the garage. Whenever Wi-Fi signals have to pass through multiple layers or walls, they are weakened.

Installation Process

Wireless routers usually contain multiple antennas, depending on the model and coverage area. These antennas help to direct the internet connection in different directions. If you direct the router antennas opposite your garage, you will not get a stable signal in the garage.

Wireless Router Capability

A wireless router plays a crucial role in getting a strong signal in your garage. If you install a router whose coverage range is lower than your garage, you will not get the Wi-Fi signal in the garage. Every router usually comes with a specific coverage range, which helps to know how far you will get the Wi-Fi signals.

How To Extend Wi-Fi To Detached Garage?

You can adopt different techniques to extend the Wi-Fi range to the detached garage. We have demonstrated some effective techniques to extend your Wi-Fi range to the detached garage depending on the possibilities. So, let’s explore the techniques you can adopt.

How To Extend Wi-Fi To Detached Garage

1. Re-position Your Wireless Router

Re-positioning the wireless router should be the first thing you should try to get a stable Wi-Fi signal in your garage. In that case, you can install your router in a location closer to your house and garage. You have to ensure that the router will cover both your garage and house.

Re-position Your Wireless Router

Avoid thick walls and trees that can block the Wi-Fi signal. We prefer to install the router outside the wall of your house. This position will help to cover the area between your house and the garage. However, don’t forget to examine the internet connection speed while installing the router.

2. Set Up A Wi-Fi Extender Or Booster

A Wi-Fi extender is a device that can be used to boost Wi-Fi signals. It actually catches signals from the main router, then strengthens the signal to provide more extensive coverage.

Set Up A Wi-Fi Extender Or Booster

You will find two types of Wi-Fi extenders: indoor and outdoor extenders. Both of these extenders are quite effective in boosting the Wi-Fi signal stability. However, indoor Wi-Fi extenders are only designed to use indoor space. You will just need to plug in and connect with your existing router.

On the other hand, outdoor Wi-Fi extenders are designed to get signals in a larger coverage area. This type of extender is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions. To set up an outdoor Wi-Fi extender, you have to connect the extender to your main router through an Ethernet cable.

3. Install A Second Router

Installing a new router is another great way to get a Wi-Fi signal in your garage. In this case, you don’t need to make a new internet connection. Just connecting the main router to the new router with an Ethernet cable will help to get signals in your garage.

As it works with cables, there is no issue with how far the garage is from your house. The cable can be buried underground, so there will be no problem. Besides, you don’t need to stress about obstacles like wall thickness, trees, or Wi-Fi extenders. Although installing a new router is expensive, you will get strong and stable Wi-Fi signals.

4. Set Up A Powerful USB Antenna In Your Garage

If your garage is not too far from your house, setting up a strong USB antenna will help you get a stable Wi-Fi signal in your garage. An antenna will catch weak signals and make them strong enough to cover your desired area.

Powerful USB Antenna In Your Garage

However, it also depends on obstacles like walls and trees like Wi-Fi extenders. In that case, setting up an antenna with 5dBi will help to cover a wide area. Additionally, you should consider antenna direction and range to get better coverage.

5. Set Up A Powerful Mesh Wireless Router

Mesh wireless routers are generally similar to traditional wireless routers. The only difference is that mesh wireless routers offer a strong and stable signal, ideal for a very big house.

Set Up A Powerful Mesh Wireless Router

This type of router ensures you better internet speed with larger coverage areas. So, you will get stable Wi-Fi signals in your garage. Another good thing is that there won’t be any dead zones when you install a Mesh wireless router.

6. Change Frequency

Wireless routers are usually in two frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You will get poor coverage if you set the router at a 5 GHz frequency. In contrast, the 2.4 GHz frequency will provide greater coverage with a better internet connection. If your router doesn’t have this feature, you should switch to a new one to ensure better speed and strength of signals.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about extending Wi-Fi to a detached garage have been answered below. To get the answer to your desired question, check out the section.

How Far Can A Wireless Router Reach?

Wireless routers usually reach approximately 150 feet (45 meters) indoors and 300 feet (92 meters) outdoors at a 2.4 GHz frequency. On the other hand, you will get about one-third of these distances if you use 5 GHz frequencies.

Can A Wi-Fi Extender Cover Signals 1000 Feet Away From The Router?

Regular Wi-Fi extenders can cover internet signals 400-1000 feet away from the router. You will find some robust Wi-Fi extenders which can extend the coverage area up to 2,000 feet.

Can I Use Powerline Network Adapter To Extend Wi-Fi To Detached Garage?

Yes, a powerline network adapter can be used to extend Wi-Fi to your detached garage. In that case, you have to connect your router to the powerline network adapter using an Ethernet cable.


Traditional wireless routers are not powerful enough to cover the outside of the house. If your garage is a little far away from your house, there is less chance you may find any Wi-Fi signal. In that case, extending your Wi-Fi router’s signal is a great way to get an internet connection in your detached garage.

However, you may now know how to extend Wi-Fi to a detached garage. Following the techniques discussed in this context, you can easily extend your router’s signal strength. This way, you can ensure a Wi-Fi connection in your garage with stable network speed.

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