How to Fix MacBook Pro Beeping 3 Times? – Quick Solution 2023

How to Fix MacBook Pro Beeping 3 Times? – Quick Solution 2023 2

Buying a new MacBook Pro can be as exciting as ever, but even the high-end computer comes with its fair share of flaws. The fascinating thing is that we live in an era of advanced technology, yet we are still somehow tangled within its imperfections.

Why is the MacBook Pro beeping 3 times, you say? Well, there are a few reasons for this occurrence. One prominent issue would be the macOS operating system not updating correctly, leading to hardware incompatibility, and another would be due to faulty RAM or damaged hardware.

The likelihood of damaging your MacBook by dropping it is far superior to a macOS issue. Hence, that might be the case.

That said, no matter what the problem is, it’s clear that your MacBook needs a proper diagnosis to make the issue go away. So let’s get into unraveling this mysterious problem.

What Does It Mean When My MacBook Pro Beeping 3 Times?

When your MacBook beeps three times, several factors come into play. The black screen and beeping intervals may differ depending upon the type of case your MacBook is facing.

This sort of Black screen will indicate three beeps after every 5-second pause. This means that the Macbook Pro is facing some hardware compatibility issues. In most cases, it’s due to the memory that fails to pass the macOS integrity check.

However, if you notice this screen, followed by three long and short beeps alternatively, this is a sign that the mac firmware has been corrupted.

There is no need to panic in such cases as the Macbook Pro’s intelligent OS is restoring its firmware to fix and diagnose the problem on its own.

Why Does Your Macbook Beep 3 Times?

Computers running operating systems go through such phases quite often. Whether it’s your affordable windows laptop or a high-end MacBook Pro, electronic hardware and software don’t last forever.

Just like that, there are a few main reasons behind these three beeps of Death rhyming in with the Blue Screen Of Death in Windows laptops. Now, without any further ado, let’s dive into the main reasons, shall we?

RAM Failure

The memory of your laptop is essential for a number of operations. It does everything from starting up the computer to handling numerous applications simultaneously!

However, it ages and gets damaged from things like water and overheating. Even though overheating isn’t a big issue in the newer MacBook Pros, the older ones still face this problem.

RAM Failure

Although you wouldn’t intentionally drop something as expensive as a MacBook on the floor, it happens by mistake and the occasional spillage of drinks and sharp accessories.

All of these cause the internal hardware to get damaged somehow and thus leading to this issue.

Above is a screen showing a perfectly functioning memory. If you have a dual-channel RAM and notice one stick not showing any readings or not being detected, you need to get the stick replaced or removed immediately.

Interrupted Software Updates

Did you ever do the unthinkable when updating your Apple MacBook Pro?

If yes, you’re one of the daring macOS users who are now suffering from the three beeps of death!

Now let’s move into the details. If you’ve been a Macbook Pro or any other Apple accessory user for a while, you are likely across the notion of plugging in your device while updating.

Hence, this improves update quality by providing an uninterrupted file download. However, if for some reason you hadn’t plugged in your MacBook while updating and it had shut down mid update due to battery drainage.

Interrupted Software Updates on macbook pro ac

Then it would leave you with corrupted files, which destroy the system integrity. As updates install new files throughout the process, an interruption would leave incomplete files leading to hardware incompatibility.

And the incompatibility of such hardware prevents the MacBook from starting correctly, leading to the MacBook Pro beeping three times. Thus it’s always advised to plug your MacBook into the power supply when updating.

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What To Do If Your Macbook Pro Beeps 3 Times?

If your Macbook Pro is beeping three times, and you just can’t take the stress of going into the complications of fixing these software issues on your own, then here are a few things you could do.

First things first, you could ask or call for the assistance of Apple support. Especially if your Macbook Pro falls under the official warranty, you could quickly get the problem fixed without any additional cost.

What To Do If Your Macbook Pro Beeps 3 Times

However, suppose your device is out of its official warranty jurisdictions. In that case, it’s time that you replace the memory of your Macbook Pro, as removing the faulty RAM eliminates the problem entirely and hopefully fixes it.

Above is an image showing the installation and location of new memory sticks in their respective memory slots.

You begin by unscrewing and removing the bottom plate of the laptop, followed by removing the old RAM stick from the notches. Lastly, installing the new memory.

How To Fix MacBook Pro Beeping 3 Times?

It still leaves us with this troubling question of how to fix the MacBook beeping three times on a software level? Don’t trouble yourself, as we’ve got your back.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Beeping 3 Times quick solution


Let’s get into the different methods you could look up to fix this problem. Hopefully, one of the methods will get this problem fixed for you.

Keep in mind that the diagnosis of different MacBook Pro models may differ slightly, so pick the one that suits your model!

Reset The NVRAM To End The Incompatibility

For Apple Silicone MacBook Pros, this is done automatically, without the need to go through the process itself. The modern M1 chips are incredibly efficient and powerful; Apple Silicone users can rest with ease.

However, for resetting the  NVRAM on Intel-based MacBooks, you need to begin by plugging in your mac to the power supply and then restarting your computer.

Immediately when it starts booting, press and hold; Option + Command + P +R

Reset The NVRAM To End The Incompatibility

Once you notice the Apple logo appear and disappear for a second time and hear the startup sound again, the reset would be complete, and you could release the keys.

Reset The SMC For Intel-based MacBook Pro

The vital thing to note is that M1 MacBook owners do not have access to this action as it’s pretty much impossible to reset the SMC on M1 MacBook Pro.

Reset The SMC For Intel-based MacBook Pro

Intel MacBook Pro owners with T2 chips can easily do this via turning off their MacBooks and then holding down the power button for 10 seconds and finally releasing it.

Wait a few seconds and then power the computer on by pressing the power button one last time, your SMC should be reset, and any RAM-related issue should be resolved.

Run The Apple Diagnostics Feature To Resolve The Issue

This feature comes in pretty handy quite often than you release. But, what does this software do precisely?

This software helps detect damaged components and recommends a few solutions to the problems along with the assistance from Apple support.

M1 MacBook Pro owners can run the diagnosis by turning off the computer, pressing and holding the power button until a startup options window pops up.

Then press Command + D as shown in the image below.

Run The Apple Diagnostics Feature To Resolve The Issue

On the contrary, Intel MacBook Pro users could easily run the diagnostics software by following a somewhat similar method. Start by turning off the Mac, followed by turning it on; however, be sure to press and hold the D key as the system boots up.

As soon as you notice a progress bar or an option to select the language, you can release the key and move into the diagnosis. When the diagnosis is made, you will be presented with a list of issues and their possible fixes.


The MacBook Pro may be one of the most expensive and advanced laptops that ever existed. However, it’s still as fragile and delicate as the other mid-range and budget computers.

The MacBook Pro beeping 3 times issue has been there since the beginning of the MacBook era. There have been numerous reports regarding this problem.

Hence, we’ve been delighted to help you see some ways to fix and diagnose this crisis. Apple has indeed made a lot of changes and fixes to this issue in the past years.

Regular updates and fixes have led to a considerable drop in customer complaints regarding this specific situation. Hence, the best advice would always be to keep your MacBook Pro up to date!

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