How To Fix Reused Content YouTube [6 Effective Techniques]

how to fix reused content youtube

Reused content is now one of the most common problems that new and old YouTube content creators face. Almost 30 to 40% of channels get rejected due to reused content, especially when applying for monetization.

If your channel also has the same issue, a question may perplex your mind: how to fix reused content on YouTube?

Reused content can be fixed in different ways, such as by adding your voice and face, using text-to-speech, removing re-uploaded content, and many more.

To know more in-depth details about these methods, keep reading the context. Here you will get six effective techniques to fix your reused content.

Some Common Reasons For Reused Content On YouTube

It is very common to wonder about the reasons for reused content if your YouTube channel gets rejected. For that, here we have pointed out some common reasons for declaring your content reused.

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  • If you upload a video multiple times with your own voice on your channel (i.e., re-upload your own video), YouTube will consider it reused content.
  • Whenever you upload other creators’ videos on your channel, the uploaded videos will be considered repetitive or reused content by YouTube.
  • If you upload videos on your channel from downloading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., those uploaded videos also cause reused problems on your YouTube channel.
  • When you upload a video editing with different videos downloaded from social media or other channels on your channel, the video also faces reused content issues.
  • In case you upload a video on your channel that contains another video’s audio, the video will be considered reused content by the YouTube algorithm, even if the music is used as background music.

How To Fix Reused Content On YouTube?

As reused content creates monetization issues, you shouldn’t upload videos considered reused content. If you have already uploaded reused content to your channel, following some simple techniques, you can fix this.

how to fix reused content youtube

For your convenience, below, we have demonstrated six effective and simple techniques to fix your reused content.

1. Add Your Voice And Face

If you’ve reused content, you can fix it by adding your face and voice to the video. In that case, you can talk about what’s happening in the video.

Add Your Voice And Face

However, just adding your face to the beginning of the video or showing it a few times is not enough to fix the video. You have to present your appearance from start to finish or at least a large part of your video.

This way, you can give your audience a sense of your presence, which differentiates between the original and your video.

2. Add Narrative Voice

This technique is quite similar to the first one. In that case, your video only needs your voice, not your face. This technique is very helpful if you don’t like to show your appearance in your video.

Add Narrative Voice

In that case, you just need to record the voice-over for the video and compile it with the video before uploading it. However, if something important is audible in your video, you can also mute your voice to ensure the original sound.

3. Use Text To Speech

You will find some software online that is specifically designed to convert text to speech. If you don’t want to add your own voice to your video, you can take the help of this software.

Use Text To Speech

Using this software, you just have to write a script (what you want to say), choose a voice (male, female, child, adult), and convert it to audio. For example, you can use Murf to convert your written script to audio. It has a large collection of languages ​​and voices to make any voice as natural as possible.

Once you’ve got the audio, you need to add it to your video. This will help to make a difference between the original and your video.

4. Get Permission From Original Owner

If your uploaded videos are considered reused content for background music only, you will need permission to share the content. Unfortunately, uploading videos without permission will constitute copyright infringement, especially if there is copyright protection.

Get Permission From Original Owner

Once the content you upload has permission, the owner and you will never face this kind of reused content problem. However, seeking permission will depend on:

  • Whether the content you want to upload is the subject of copyright protection.
  • The reason you are sharing it.

For copyright-protected content, you have to get permission from the copyright owner directly.

5. Remove Re-uploaded Content

Uploading the same videos more than once is one of the key causes for the video being considered reused content. So, you should delete all videos from your channel uploaded more than once.

Remove Re-uploaded Content

Even if you upload the same content on two accounts, both accounts will violate the content reuse policy of YouTube. In that case, you can make significant changes to both videos before uploading them to your accounts.

6. Change Videos Metadata

Video metadata such as titles, tags, thumbnails, and descriptions sometimes cause reused content on YouTube. This mainly happens if you upload a video whose metadata matches other content on YouTube.

Change Videos Metadata

Proper metadata is very important for getting traffic to the video as well as considering the original content. So, you should set unique metadata for your video so that viewers get basic information about the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions regarding fixing reused content on YouTube have been answered below. If you have any queries concerning this, check out this section. You may get your answer here.

How Can I Find Reused Content On YouTube?

YouTube will notify you directly if any uploaded videos are considered reused content by its policy. They will even tell you the exact part of your video that is in violation.

Can Reused Content On YouTube Be Monetized?

The short answer is yes, reused content on your YouTube channel can be monetized. But the condition is that there should be a significant difference between your video and the original video. In that case, you can make your videos different from others by following the techniques mentioned above.

What Will Occur If I Upload Reused Content?

YouTube will consider the video as reused content if your uploaded videos, even a part of your videos, come from other channels. When YouTube finds that your channel has too many videos that violate its policies, it will remove your monetization from your entire channel.


Reused content is the prime barrier to getting monetization of a channel on YouTube. In that case, fixing the reused content will be the easiest way to get monetization.

You may have understood how to fix reused content on YouTube after reading the content. Usually, employing the simple techniques mentioned above, you can easily fix the reused videos on your YouTube channel.

However, it is better not to upload reused content. If you’re confused about reused content, check out the first section to know the reasons considered reused content on YouTube.

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