How To Get Discord Token Safely: 100% Free and Legal

How To Get Discord Token

Do you want full access to your discord account? A discord token gives you full access to your account. The Discord token is a code that must be entered in order to access Discord’s servers. So, if you want to get a discord token, you’ll need to know how to get discord token first.

This token is offered by some agencies for $0.10 per token. The good news is you can get it free. You have to keep patience and read this guide till the end. It will take only 5 minutes to get your discord token. After reading this content, you can know the entire process to collect a token. Moreover, you can also share and sell to your friends. So, let’s take a cup of coffee and enjoy the full content.

Can You Get A New Discord Token?

Sometimes, our Discord account is hacked, and we are unable to access it. However, if you have a forgotten password, you may recover it. So, before knowing the solution, you have to know how to recover your discord account without access to Email or Phone.

So, Is it possible to get a new token after recovering the account? Yes you can get a new discord token. The good news is that your token will change when your password is changed. It was originally tweeted on Twitter by the Discord in 2017.

token news

So, make sure your discord account is protected. For protection you can do  two-factor authentication. So, you can put an extra layer of security to prevent any type of hacker attack. Here are some tips to protect your account.

  • Tips 01: Use a Strong Password
  • Tips 02: Use Two-Factor Authentication
  • Tips 03: Be Careful About What You Click
  • Tips 04: Keep Your Software Up To Date
  • Tips 05: Don’t Share Your Account

Now you have known the process to get a new discord token. So, let’s move on to the main question.

How To Get Discord Token in 2022?

As I have told you before, a discord token is like a key to open the door of your account. It is a code that must be entered in order to access Discord’s servers. There are two types of token:

How To Get Discord Token

One time token: One-time tokens are used to login to your account for a single session. It means you have to enter the token every time you want to login to your account.

Permanent token: On the other side, permanent tokens are used to login to your account permanently.

So,  the process of getting a discord token is very simple. Just follow the steps that are given below.

Step 01: First go to “” and open discord.

go to and open discord

Step 02: Click the browser’s three dot option and open the Developer Tools in your browser.

open the Developer Tools

Step 03: Then, Click the “Developer options” and find the option on the left-hand side whose name is “Storage”. Now, simply click on the “Local Storage” option.

Developer options

Step 04: Now, Let’s type on the search bar “Token” but you may not find anything. You have to click on the “Toggle device toolbar” or you can press “CTRL+Shift+M”.

Toggle device toolbar

Step 05: Now, let’s follow the bottom side and copy the code.

follow the bottom side and copy the code

So, here is the entire process to get a discord token. I hope you can understand this guide very easily.

How Can You Find Your Discord Token?

Both free and premium methods are available for obtaining a Discord token. It depends on you which one you want to use. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to use the free method. Let’s see both methods one by one.

Free Method:

The steps for the free method are very easy. Just follow the steps that are previously described. There are some limitations of free discord tokens. Here they are:

Limitations of free discord tokens:

  1. The free token may not work for a long time.
  2. It can be banned anytime by the Discord.
  3. The free token is not permanent.
  4. You have to follow some process to get it every time.
  5. It’s a waste of time.

Paid Method:

Paid discord tokens are the best method to get a token. It is because they are cheap and permanent. You don’t need to follow any process to get it. Just buy it and use it for a lifetime.

Just follow the links, see the price and buy from them. You can buy from any website that you feel is authentic. We don’t give you the guarantee that all are authentic and real buyers. See the public reviews to judge their quality.

Paid Method

Here are some advantages of the paid discord token.

Advantages of Paid Discord Tokens:

  1. They are very cheap. You can get it only from $0.2 to $40.
  2. They are permanent. You don’t need to buy it again and again.
  3. You will get a lifetime guarantee with it.
  4. You can get customer support from them.
  5. You will get a replacement if it gets banned.


  1. Check the website and  reviews before buying any token.
  2. Only buy it from the trusted website.
  3. Check the price. It should be reasonable.
  4. Avoid the fake seller.

So,  these are the methods that you can use to get a discord token.

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How To Find Your Discord Token On Mobile?

Finding the discord token is a little bit different on the mobile phone. But, you can get the tokens.

Before finding the tokens, you should must know:

  1. You must have a rooted phone to get the token. (Sometime not root phone can get the token but it’s not sure)
  2. You should know how to use the “File Manager”.

Here is a video that will assist you to get the tokens fast from your mobile device. Don’t misuse the token. Use it for a good purpose.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQ’s)

Can Discord Token Bypass 2fa?

Yes, it is  possible to bypass the 2fa by using the Discord token. But, I don’t recommend you to do it. Though it is legal, sometimes your account may be banned by Discord. So, it’s better to not do it. But, if you really want to do it, you can follow the steps that are described previously.

How Do I Protect My Discord Token?

You can reduce the  chances of your token being hacked by following some simple steps:

  • Never give your token to anyone.
  • Don’t use it on untrusted websites.
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Keep your token in a safe place.
  • Don’t use it on the public computer.

How Did My Discord Get Hacked?

Sometimes our account gets hacked because of our carelessness. The most possible reason is that we use the same password for all accounts. So, if one account gets hacked, all accounts may be hacked. That’s why I recommend you to use a different password for all accounts. Another reason is that we use public Wi-Fi. So, it’s better to not use public Wi-Fi. You can use the VPN for this purpose.

Final Word

We normally use discord tokens for our personal purposes. But, you should use it for a good purpose. Because, if you use it for a bad purpose, your account may be banned by Discord. So, use it carefully.

So, if you want to enhance your gaming experience, you should use the Discord token. Moreover, these tokens  are very cheap. So, you can easily afford it. Don’t worry about the security. Just follow the precautions that are described above. You will be safe then.

So, guys, if you have any further questions about the discord tokens, feel free to contact us. You can leave a comment below the post. Thank You!

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