How To Get Free Makeup Like Youtubers?

How To Get Free Makeup Like YouTubers

Everybody knows that makeup products are not cheap, and sometimes you may have to spend thousands to get your favorite product. However, how about getting those expensive products for free?

Yes, you heard right, and the fact is you can get free makeup products like most YouTubers. Sounds fun? Also, wondering how to get free makeup like youtubers?

Well, beauty brands spend millions a year giving out free products, and you can take the chance without being an influencer. The best way to get free makeup products is by requesting free samples, joining product review websites, requesting PR samples, and so on.

Want to know more about getting makeup products in detail? Continue reading until the end to find comprehensive guidance.

Why Do Beauty Product Brands Offer Free Makeup Products?

Although it’s tough to believe that beauty brands offer free products, it’s true. From small to high-end brands, almost all makeup product manufacturers provide free products just for advertising.

There is no non-profit cosmetic company; all want to increase their sales by increasing advertising. When you request a free product, the brand will ask you to promote the product on your social media account.

Why Do Beauty Product Brands Offer Free Makeup Products

Alongside this, it’s human nature that we love to get free things, and beauty brands use this aspect to increase their product value. That is because when anyone gets an expensive product for free, the consumer will definitely suggest the brand to their friends.

In short, the main purpose of offering free products to consumers is to increase brand value and sales.

How To Get Free Makeup Like YouTubers

There are many ways that you can follow to get free makeup, like YouTubers. But, not all the ways are reliable; therefore, we’ve included some methods that will definitely work. Excited to know about them? Simply follow the section below.

How To Get Free Makeup Like YouTubers

Requesting Free Samples:

The first way to get free makeup products like YouTubers is to request the brand for samples directly. There are several beauty brands that offer free samples. So how actually do you request or ask a brand for samples?

Don’t worry; we’ve included some tips below and arranged them in order. Follow the provided tips step by step:

Make A List:

In the beginning, you need to make a list of all the beauty brands that offer free sample products. And for your convenience, here we’ve listed some of the top-quality brands that offer free samples, and you can try:

Find Their Contact Number Or Address:

Once your list is ready, you must collect their contact information. Basically, you’ll find a contact number or email address on “About Us,” “Help,” or “Contact Us.” You’ll find most of these options on the top or bottom of their website’s homepage.

Write An Eye-Catching Letter Or Email:

After collecting the contact information, it’s time to write a short and eye-catching letter or email. Well, it’s all up to you what you’re gonna write in your email or letter, but be sure to include that you like their product. Also, try to explain why you like their product and then ask for samples.

Send It And Check Your Email Frequently:

Most brands that give free sample products get tons of sample requests daily, so be patient to get a reply. However, don’t forget to check your email address regularly. If the beauty brand likes your request and wants to give you a free sample, they will ask for your address for further action.

Joining Review Websites:

Another simple but effective way to get free makeup products like YouTubers is by joining review websites. Many different review websites are available, including Influenster, Zipper, and glamour beauty club, which will give you free makeup products.

Among all of them, Influenster is one of the effective platforms that will let you get free samples or PR products without being an influencer. And if you’re interested in Influenster and want to know more about it, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Go To The Website Or Download The App:

Influenster is a free platform where you can sign up for the website and also download the app for free of cost. Create one with the required information.

Complete Your Profile:

After you create an account, connect or link your social media accounts. The more social media you add or connect, the more likely you are to get free products.

Complete All Snaps:

Only connecting your social media accounts is not enough, you also have to complete all the provided snaps on your account. These are surveys that help this platform understand your preferences and opinions about the products they will send you.

Check Your Email Frequently:

Check your email frequently. Influenster will send you a pre-campaign survey as well as will also let you know about Voxbox. Here the Voxbox means a box of free product samples.

Note: Once you receive any Voxbox, don’t forget to review the product within the allotted time. Also, try to share the received product on your social media account to earn more points. The more points you accumulate, the more Voxbox you can get in the future.

Join Makeup Samples From Test Groups:

Last but certainly not least, another thing you can do is join makeup sample testing groups. There are many different makeup product test groups that allow consumers to join and test out products.

It’s usually a short survey that allows the consumers to keep the makeup or beauty products after the testing. Many YouTubers follow the same method and also review the products to get more free products.

However, you won’t need to be an influencer or have a big subscriber to join the test group. Anyone can join this group and give their opinion after testing the product. Most product testing hosts often give the tested product to the tester for free.

Want to know about some of the programs that provide free samples for testing? In that case, check out the section below to get the name of some of the organizers that offer free samples for testing:

These are some of the programs or organizations that offer free beauty product samples for testing.

Closing Thoughts

Getting free makeup products is not a dream or impossible thing anymore. Now you know how to get free makeup like youtubers, so simply try one of the mentioned methods to get free makeup products.

Among all three methods, trying the second or joining a review website is the easiest and most effective way. However, you may don’t know some YouTubers also get free products from their local stores.

So, visit local beauty stores and check if they are offering any free products or not. If they offer any sample product giveaway program, you should grab the chance and get free beauty products.

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