How To Get WiFi 200 Feet Away (5 Simple Methods)

How To Get WiFi 200 Feet Away

Many people struggle with WiFi connections after shifting from a small flat to a big house. It is truly so frustrating when you find dead WiFi spots throughout the house. You can even experience connection issues in the garage, backyard, or kitchen. So how to get WiFi 200 feet away around the house? In this post, you will get the solutions to boost your WiFi connection.

How To Get WiFi 200 Feet Away?

Nowadays, the internet is one of the most vital necessities in human life. Everyone expects a speedy and seamless WiFi connection. But sometimes, you won’t get the expected connections. So here are some hacks that help you to spread the WiFi network around a large area.

How To Get WiFi 200 Feet Away

Router Placement

Router placement is one of the most significant considerations for a strong WiFi connection. Almost all the routers broadcast wireless signals in a sphere-like form. It gives coverage in a 45 to 90-degree area.

A router with omnidirectional broadcasting should be placed in the center of your home. The central location allows extending WiFi in every square inch seamlessly. In the home or office, avoid places where there are big walls and furniture. Moreover, keeping the router above 200 feet approximately will deliver better and faster frequencies. Sometimes a simple repositioning of the router can be a quick fix.

Increase Router’s Frequency Band

Increasing the router’s frequency band can dramatically improve the WiFi signals. You can make changes if you own a dual-band WiFi router. The frequency range is 2.4 GHz for residential usage. This is the reason why more traffic affects the efficiency of the connection. You can increase the frequency band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, which is much faster than a local one.

Increase Router’s Frequency Band

To shift the frequency band, go through the steps:

  • Log in to your router using any web browser.
  • There is an option to get the admin credential for the 5 GHz frequency band. Turn it on.

Attach New Antenna

You can spread the WiFi signal in larger areas by attaching new antennas. However, your router should have an internal antenna to make this attachment. You will get this accessory in the market with ease.

Attach New Antenna

There are directional and omnidirectional antennas. You better choose the omnidirectional antennas to have a signal in every direction within 200 feet. Directiontional antennas are used to get a strong internet connection in a specific position.

Get A Powerful Router

Using a dated router can drop internet connection in a wide area. When you have too many connection issues, understand that it is time to replace your old router. Upgrading the router helps to get excellent performance.

If you want to get a WiFi connection 200 feet away, then try to get the latest router like 802.11n, which is stronger than the 802.11 routers. A powerful router can hit a maximum of 300 Mbps, even 1Gbps.

Get A Powerful Router

Modern routers can switch between various channels, which is a significant matter to consider, especially when many devices run through connections. But the upgraded router is capable of choosing the best channel. This type of router may be more expensive than traditional ones.

Use A WiFi Extender

Installing a WiFi extender is the most obvious way to get a network from 200 feet away. When you are a little far away from your router, the WiFi connection gets slower or loses signals because the WiFi traveling range is specific. You can fix this issue by using a WiFi extender. You should install the extender where you find dead spots.

Use A WiFi Extender


It can’t cover a big area if your router is not powerful. A WiFi extender does the job. It looks quite identical to the router, but they are totally different. It won’t broadcast frequencies as fast as the original router. But it is still good for nothing. Many suggest connecting the extender through an Ethernet port or Powerline. Place the extender near a dead spot; it works as a booster.

Tips To Improve Your WiFi Signals

Extending the network is not enough if you want a flawless WiFi network in a wide area. You need to improve your WiFi connection. There are some procedures that you can utilize for better streaming.

Set A Mesh-based Wifi System

After installing the range extender, you still don’t get high bandwidth compared to the main router. So converting your network to a mesh-based WiFi system is a better idea to get an improved WiFi connection.

This is an app setup. Connect one node to your modem to convey this system. Now, place the satellites as you want. This app will keep monitoring whether the node is placed in the position or not.

Mesh setup is an effective way as it automatically updates the firmware. In this way, you always get solid signals, the latest security setup, and overall better performance. However, this setup is quite expensive. If you need pocket-friendly ways, then it is not for you.

Update Router Firmware

Updating router firmware can improve the WiFi signals. Router manufacturer frequently updates their software so that you can enjoy a bit more speed. You can access the update process right into the administration interface. Typically, most modern routers have this function. If you have an older one, then you need to visit the manufacturer’s website, then download the firmware file.

Eliminate WiFi Intruders

You can experience WiFi connection problems due to interference or WiFi range. The open network or weak password allows entering unwanted guests into your network. You can use many tools to discover which devices are connected to your WiFi network.

Also, your router’s admin interface may also have a traffic analyzer that says which device uses lots of data. You need to secure your line with a strong password and take the necessary steps to stop WiFi owner see your history.

Control Quality

The latest router includes the  Quality of Service (QoS) tools that optimize the bandwidth by using apps. Consequently, this will improve your experience. For example, if you are making a video call and another one is downloading some files, this tool will give you the maximum bandwidth so that your call doesn’t drop.

There are also QoS settings available where you can customize and prioritize different apps on different days. This setting can find under the advanced setting in the administrator panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the router booster work?

A router booster obtains the signals from your router, intensifies them, and transfers them with a boost. In this way, it can deliver strong WiFi signals surrounding your router.

Where should I place a WiFi extender?

The WiFi extender should place within the range of your router. When it gets proper signals, it will extend further. It needs to place within range, not in the dead spots.

Final Words

Routers have a specific range of delivering signals; overcoming that range results in no internet connection. Moreover, some things can weaken the internet signals. Whether you like it or not, you can undergo internet connection problems or see a lot of buffering. It is essential that you follow the above procedures if you would like to enhance and expand your internet connection.

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