How To Know If Someone Has A Second Phone Number

How To Know If Someone Has A Second Phone Number

We are surfing through the modern technological age, and we can’t ignore two facts. The first is that technological advancement has added ease to our lives. The other one is that robust privacy is causing trust issues.

By maneuvering a different phone number, people tend to take steps that harm trust issues and other vital components related to privacy, sometimes criminal activities. So, how to know if someone has a second phone number? Certainly, we can determine if someone has a second phone number.

The easiest method is sneaking into the mobile phone. If someone has another number in his phone, there will be a network signal. And the most amazing part is it is visible though the phone is locked. There are some other ways also except this where you do not need to touch the phone.

Let’s Know some more details regarding the second phone number and other detecting procedures.

How To Know If Someone Has A Second Phone Number

One of the complexities we are facing nowadays is the utilization of a second phone number hiddenly. There are a few ways to detect whether a person uses a second number or not. But, we shall only cover the most straightforward ways that are technical and psychological. Stay tuned for the rest of the articles.

How To Know If Someone Has A Second Phone Number

Psychological Trick

You have to play a psychological trick when you desire to find one’s second number. You must create a conversation with that person and turn the conversation intense. And the intense and profound conversation will block several ways to think instantly.

After you create such a scenario, you need to say that you lost his or her number. You need to react mildly and say, ‘not this one, the other one which has Viber, WhatsApp, or Snapchat.’

They will speak up their primary number. The intense conversation will instantly block their way of thinking, and either they will be numb, or they will start telling some digits of the second phone number.

Sneaking On The Phone

It is the best way to find if someone is using two numbers at the same time. When someone uses two numbers, they can fake it by telling about a single one. But one thing is completely out of their control: the lock screen page. Two sim cards will demonstrate two network beams that show the signal.

Sneaking On The Phone

The network beams will carry a different sign if the user turns off the second number using the phone’s system. The sign is a straight line within a circle.

If they don’t use another sim card, there will be a cross on the network beam, and it will be empty.

Use Of Face Recognition Site

Several sites allow people to search about some by just applying their photos. You can use one of them. By uploading their image, you can get the person and similar-looking persons with their data.

It is noteworthy that those sites are completely illegal and require plenty of charges to flash out data.


Here is a term you can only apply to your spouse: spying on him. You can apply this by maintaining two ways.

  1. First, install a spying app location on their phone. It will inform you more or less everything they do on their phone, like call conversation records, their present places, the pictures they take, and other vital information. It is a difficult process since you need to do it secretly.
  2. The second method is hiring a professional spy with access to many online portals. They will notify you about everything, including the second number. You can also hire someone who would take seductive steps to beget your spouse’s phone number.

You must keep in your mind one thing clearly that is it can backfire any time. So, before you hire someone to spy, make sure they are trustworthy.

Why Do You Need To Know If Someone Has A Second Phone Number?

Before you take the steps above to find the second number, you must know why. There are some reasons which require a second number to use for a person. And the probable reasons are,

  1. If a person desires to distinguish professional and personal calls.
  2. All the network providers do not serve good services all the time. So, it is common that people are using two numbers so that they don’t suffer any network lag.
  3. When you are someone who needs to detect the person who is calling you. In this case, the second phone number works amazingly.
  4. Online shopping platforms require a number to send you promotional offers that you want to avoid. You can use a second number to avoid those promotional offers. Moreover, you can restrict the reaching limit according to your desire by the secondary number.
  5. Another vital reason is the criminal activities that require the second number.
  6. Lastly, the betrayal of a spouse, which is the most common reason. Generally, a husband or a wife tends to use a second number to continue the communication with their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Now you determine whether the reason for using a second phone number is valid or not.


After the discussion through this article, now we know how to know if someone has a second phone number. Using a second phone number is not always a dubious activity. Sometimes, it is more beneficial that we can imagine.

But here is a psychological trick, if someone is using the second number and has no intention to break natural law, they will let you know the number without any hesitation. Having doubt on someone is not an ideal option. So, before you start doubting, determine if they are using the number for a legit reason.

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