How To Login Instagram Without Recovery Code?

How To Login Instagram Without Recovery Code

If you are using a device other than the one you created or frequently use, Instagram may request a verification code. The code is needed to validate the authenticity. If you want to log in without using the recovery code, the traditional methods won’t get you logged in.

So, how to login Instagram without recovery code? There are two different methods you may follow to Log In to Instagram without a recovery code. The first one is by disabling the Two Factor Authentication while the other one is by using the Developer Website.

To get rid of the recovery code, you just need to skip the phase where you will get the recovery code. These methods will save you from entering the recovery code and allow you to access your Instagram account from a different device or browser.

Let’s have a look at the detailed instruction below –

In this scenario, you must use the Instagram app to reset the password and then log in with the new one. 2FA is a popular method for protecting social media accounts. Enabling the 2FA makes your account protected and you will receive a notification every time you try to log in to your Instagram with a new device or browser. First, enter the exact username and tap on the forgotten password.

There will be a gear icon, find the Privacy and Security option from it. Scroll down and go to the Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) setting. Click into Edit 2FA. Now, uncheck or disable both the Authentication App and the text message option.

Here, you need to use a trick to bypass the recovery code step. First, go to the Play/App Store and search for Instagram.

Click on the app’s page and scroll down to the bottom. You will find the Developer Website link there. Tap on it and wait till it loads.

There will be an option that says “Open in App”. Tap on it and it will bypass the recovery phase. By using this login option, you won’t be required to use any recovery code.

How To Login Instagram Without Recovery Code

You can also log in without the recovery code if you have a Facebook account linked to your Instagram account. This will allow you to log in by using Facebook. If you have access to the email or phone number you linked to your account, you will get the recovery code on the email or phone number.

Key Takeaways

  • Recovery Code Allows you to keep your account secured. You will be verified as the owner of the account by using the recovery code.
  • You can log in to your Instagram account without a recovery code if you are using the same device or browser you previously used to log in.

How Can I Get My Old Instagram Back?

If you are not logged into your Instagram account for a while, it’s pretty simple to get the old account back. You don’t need to follow any tricks or hacks to get the account back. Go to the Instagram login page by using a phone or PC. Enter your username and password accurately. Don’t mistake the information as it may take you to the verification phase.

How Can I Get My Old Instagram Back

Tap into login and the account will be back. If you are not using an Instagram account for a while, the account will stay safe and can be used any time with the username and password.

When Will Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Just like the other social media platforms, Instagram also removes inactive accounts from their database. So, don’t stay inactive for a long time. Though Instagram does not specify how long an account can be inactive before being deleted, it is assumed that it will be deleted if it is inactive for more than two months.

You should love, comment, or post photos in your account to stay active. This will also get you better engagement than usual. So, log in and stay connected with others users to have the account active.

Final Words

By disabling the Two Factor Authentication, you can easily log in to your Instagram account without a recovery code. If you can somehow bypass the recovery code phase by using the methods, you won’t require the recovery code anymore. For safety, use these methods just in emergency cases as the 2FA enhances the strength of your account and will protect it from getting hacked.

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