How To Open MSI Files On Macs?

How To Open MSI Files On Macs? 2

You might know by now that windows and macOS don’t go along well with each other. However, if you’ve been spiraling around this twisted scheme created by Apple, then you are at the right place.

How to open MSI files on Mac? You can’t obviously open the file as easily as on Windows computers. However, there are workarounds like using unpacking or extraction utility software on your Mac device.

Software such as Keka would be beneficial for such cases. You could even use the extraction process by using iTunes and Apple’s built-in utility software effectively.

Hopefully, this has somewhat reduced the spiraling confusion inside your mind. However, that’s not all! Be sure to keep a keen lookout throughout this article as you wouldn’t want to miss the exciting part out.

Article Summary:

  • You need to make sure that your Mac has been updated to the latest firmware for this to work.
  • Be sure to use decent extraction software with this process which poses the least harm to your privacy. Hence, Keka seems like a well-reputed software.
  • To set a virtual machine and load up Windows on Mac using Bootcamp, use software such as Parallels or VMWare.
  • Make sure your mac has all the antivirus features turned on so as not to cause any file violation or damage to your Mac computer.

Can I Open Msi File On Mac?

By now, you should know that we obviously can’t open MSI files just the way they are on a Mac. Unlike Macs, Windows computers can open MSI files with ease as those files are specifically designed for the Windows operating systems.

Hence, you can’t open MSI files on a Mac. It just wouldn’t work. You might need to use Apple’s Bootcamp utility software to boot up windows software on your device and finally be able to get it to work on your device.

Furthermore, you could use extraction tools to convert the MSI file to MacOS zip standards which can then easily be opened up by Mac after the extraction from MSI format is complete.

Can I Open Msi File On Mac

Why Open The Msi File?

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to open the MSI file on a Mac. Now, this might be really daunting but consider yourself working on a project. After spending countless nights on your Windows computer, you finally get done with the project.

Suddenly your Windows computer crashes and shuts down completely before the day of the presentation. Hence, leaving you with a Mac or MacBook as the only alternative option.

But wait! How is that MSI file supposed to run on macOS the Mac? Even if that thought comes to your mind, you are still left out with only one option: to open up that file on your Mac by any means necessary.

That might be one iconic reason why one would like to open the file. However, there are countless other reasons and cases where one would like to do that.

Hence, whether it’s just to ease your curiosity or an urgent work project, we’ll help you out through this process with all the new tweaks created by such curious enthusiasts that are now helping numerous others.

How To Open Msi Files On Mac?

There are quite a handful of ways you could follow to open up the MSI files on a Mac. Hence, before looking into the most effective method, let’s look into the things you’ll need to make the process go smoothly.

How To Open MSI Files On Macs

Things You’ll Need

There are two most essential things that you require to complete this task. Let’s take a look into them, shall we?

Mac Format Computer

What’s the use of following this entire process if you don’t have a Mac format computer with you? In short, there’s no use in going through this hassle in the first place if you do not have either a MacBook or a Mac.

Hence, having a properly functioning Mac format computer is crucial for this operation.

Extracting Software

Extracting software is essential for extracting the MSI file from windows format and helps to integrate it into macOS. One famous example of extraction software is Keka which is developed for the sole purpose of assisting Mac users in need.

Extracting Software

Step By Step Guide To Open Msi Files On Mac

So far, we’ve cleared up any doubts regarding the essentials you need for this to work. However, we haven’t yet covered the crucial part of this entire piece of writing.

Hence, that would be the step-wise method of completing this task. So without any further delay, let’s hop staring into them!

Step 1: Navigate the File And Click Extract Using Keka

Use the finder on your Mac to locate the .msi file and then right-click on the file to open the given options from which you could choose what to do.

From there, slide down and click on “Extract using Keka.”

Navigate the File And Click Extract Using Keka

Step 2:  Wait For Keka To Finish Its Job

Once you’ve clicked on extract, you’ll notice that Keka has created a new folder that contains all the files from the .msi file.  Once you open that folder that has been extracted from the .msi folder extension, you’ll see something like this.

Wait For Keka To Finish Its Job

However, if you try opening any one of these files, you’ll witness that the inside of these documents is mostly unreadable, filled with binary codes.


However, you could still put them to good use with some necessary tweaks here and there.

Step 3: Use Bootcamp Utility To Run Or Install Something

If you decide on installing and running software from the MSI file, you need to use Apple’s built-in boot camp utility to load up the Windows operating system on your Mac.

Then by using virtual machine software such as Parallels or VMWare, you can view the contents inside the file even though you wouldn’t exactly be able to run them on your mac.

Use Bootcamp Utility To Run Or Install Something


Whether you’re just a Mac enthusiast exploring new possibilities with your computer or an everyday office worker who needs to open MSI files urgently, hopefully, this write-up has helped you through.

If you’ve read through this piece of writing attentively, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with MSI files on Mac from now on. We hope you’ve been intrigued by our assistance.

It’s essential to keep track of all the methods of opening windows files on your Mac because you never know when you might need that knowledge.

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