How to Print Powerpoint With Notes Multiple Slides Per Page on Mac?

How to Print Powerpoint With Notes Multiple Slides Per Page on Mac

Microsoft’s presentation program, PowerPoint, has a vast number of features that can assist one in creating the best presentation possible. One of these features is printing multiple slides per page with notes. Although the process to use this feature is different in Windows and Mac. As a result, a Mac user might ask how to print PowerPoint with notes multiple slides per page on Mac.

Printing one’s PowerPoint slides with notes is simple. All there is to do is make one change in the “Print menu”.  It is extremely useful for assisting with presentation rehearsing or keeping one organized during a presentation.

This guide covers how to print multiple PowerPoint slides on paper with notes for Mac.

Can You Print Powerpoint Slides With Notes Multiple Per Page On Mac?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at Forethought Software. A few months after the production, it was bought by Microsoft. Ever since the purchase, the program has evolved with the addition of several features that have further made presentation easy. One of these is the ability to print multiple slides per page with notes. And this means one can use the feature on all operating systems, whether Windows or Mac.

Print Powerpoint Slides With Notes on mac

Having notes and multiple slides on a page is very convenient. It makes a presentation flow better as both the presenter and audience can refer to different topics at the same time, during and after sessions. The development has also helped to conserve trees and the ecosystem indirectly because fewer pages mean less paper, and this helps to protect the environment.

The only problem is that the process of printing multiple slides with notes on a page is different in Windows and Mac book operating systems. People might get confused, especially for Macbook, that’s less common. However, both processes are not that difficult. PowerPoint on Windows needs the file to be exported first to create a handout. Mac book’s process is rather very easy for anyone.

It is also crucial to know that, A browser cannot print notes completely from the PowerPoint site. The best option is to send the PowerPoint presentation to a computer first so that one can print it in full. Printing from the PowerPoint website, one can only print a maximum of three lines; this isn’t always ideal for giving out the full information.

There are two options for printing PowerPoint presentations with notes: with and without slide thumbnails. Whichever way, the PowerPoint presentations with notes are frequently printed as handouts for clients, customers, or for training purposes. It helps the readers to comprehend what the speaker has to say.

Notes are important to an audience in various ways, such as:

  • It serves as a walkaway information packet.
  • It is an ideal marketing tool anyone can reference.
  • It is a passable pamphlet that spreads what a speaker says.

Giving one’s audience information to take away depicts professionalism. It tells that it is critical for the audience to understand one’s presentation. Although, there is a limit to how much knowledge a person can process. Therefore, it is crucial not to make too many notes or the audience might lose focus. It is also possible to print one’s presentation without the slide thumbnails. This can be used as a prompt during the presentation or to rework as a takeaway report.

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How To Print Powerpoint With Notes Multiple Slides Per Page On Mac?

Printing multiple slides on a page is very easy; for anyone who is tech-savvy or not. The process takes just a few minutes, and it can save quite a lot of paper for future purposes.

How to Print Powerpoint With Notes Multiple Slides Per Page on Mac

Therefore for a Mac owner that is uncertain about how to print PowerPoint with notes multiple slides on Mac, below are the steps:

  1. Open the presentation on the PowerPoint software. Even if the work is transferred to a new PC, the PC must have Microsoft Office for the process to be successful.
  2. When it’s open in the PowerPoint environment, select File, to open a backstage view.
  1. There will be a Print option; click on it. Of course, the PC must be connected to a printer either wirelessly or wired.
  2. Once one selects the print option, there will be another set of options. Select the Layout option; this is where one can select the number of slides they need per page.
  3. The selection depends on the purpose of the event. If the presenter wants the audience to be able to take notes, it’s best to opt for the 3-slides per page option. This will provide a space for notes when it’s printed.

However, if the presenter wants to offer a takeaway package to the audience, the 4-slides per page option is the best. The 4-slides option is visible, and it’s not jam-packed.

  1. There will be a live preview of the hardcopy on the right as one chooses different layout options. Endeavor to double-check that everything is correct.
  2. If everything is set, proceed to print. It is also possible to skip a few steps and go directly to the print option; use the shortcut Cmd + P to do this.

This step-by-step process will help anyone to print PowerPoint with notes multiple slides per page on Mac. The process for Windows is a little bit different; one has to export to MS Word to be able to create a different layout.


There are straightforward steps for one searching for how to print PowerPoint with notes multiple slides per page on Mac. First, the user must have the PowerPoint software installed into their Mac, next, the operation must be carried out on Microsoft Office software, as this makes the operation seamless.

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