How To Put iPhone In Recovery Mode?

How To Put iPhone In Recovery Mode

Have you forgotten your iPhone password? Well, we have all been there some time. Getting the iPhone into recovery mode is the best troubleshooting method in this case. And, that brings us to our topic for today: how to put iphone in recovery mode?

Well, the procedure of enabling iPhone recovery mode is simple, the very first thing you have to do is to connect your iPhone with MAC or PC using the USB cable.  Next, press the “lower volume” button and the “power” button at the same time. The process can be a little different for various iPhone models.

Even after a successful recovery, your iPhone can remain stuck in this mode. That’s why along with the recovery process we have showcased some troubleshooting methods as well.

Sounds useful? Then, what are we waiting for?

How To Put iPhone In Recovery Mode?

If you put the wrong passcode a specific number of times, your iPhone might lock itself. It’s for your own safety. However, parents with curious toddlers know how frustrating it can be. There’s nothing to worry because Apple allows resetting the iPhone and putting it into recovery mode.

How To Put iPhone In Recovery Mode

iPhone 8 & Later

Apple has made some big changes to iPhone 8. One of these changes involves how you force restart or enable recovery mode. For example, iPhone 8 doesn’t have a “sleep” or “wake” button anymore. Instead, a “side” button has replaced it. Don’t worry though. Just follow our guide below.

  • The first step is to insert a lightning cable into the iPhone. Make sure the connection is tight and secure.
  • Then, you have to press the volume down button. Another finger should be continuously pressing the side button in the meanwhile.This combination is the only way to put the device into recovery mode.

put the device into recovery mode

  • Do not release the finger until the screen turns black completely. Once you notice the “apple” logo appearing on the screen, wait for 10 more seconds. You will notice a “cable” logo indicating the connection. That’s when you are ready for the next step.

notice a cable logo indicating the connection

  • Now, look at your computer screen. It’s attached to the opposite end of the lightning cord. Pretty soon a message will pop up notifying that “a device wants to be restored.”

a device wants to be restored

  • Click on “restore.”

That’s how you get into iPhone recovery mode. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

iPhone 7 & 7+

Many users face a common issue with the iPhone 7 or 7+. Previously, you could shut the phone off by pressing the “home” and “power” buttons together. Unfortunately, iPhone 7 doesn’t allow you to do that anymore. Now, if you try this method, you can only take a screenshot. So, carefully read our instructions if you own an iPhone 7.

  • First, press and hold the “sleep” button on the side for a few seconds.

press and hold the sleep button on the side for a few seconds

  • Then, start pressing the “volume down” button without releasing the earlier button.

pressing the volume down button

  • After a little while, you would no longer see your wallpaper. You have successfully turned off the device.
  • Plug a USB cable into the iPhone and connect it to your computer. A notification will pop up for “restoring” the device. Agree with the message and get it over with.


How Do You Get Out Of A Recovery Mode?

Once you have completed the “force restart” or recovery, you can exit the mode.

  • Press the volume up button. Then press the volume-down button after that. Finally, long press the “side” button.
  • You will see the “apple” logo again. After that, you can use the iPhone as usual. It has exited the recovery mode successfully. Now, one by one find all the data from the iCloud.

Why Is Your iPhone Stuck In A Recovery Mode?

Normally, you would require an iPhone recovery to restore or update it. But, once the “restore” is over, you should be able to use the device as usual. But there are times when you can’t do that. Your iPhone refuses to get over the recovery mode. you can’t see anything but a black screen. so, why does it happen? Let’s find out.

Unofficial Firmware

Apple has forbidden users to download apps from unreliable sources. To protect extra safety, no software with questionable quality can enter the app store.

However, iPhone users keep trying ways to download these apps. Sometimes they even jailbreak to get their hands on the software. Such unofficial firmware can greatly affect the iOS and cause it to be stuck in a recovery mode.

Backdated Version

You should update the iOS from time to time. It is very common to face trouble when your iPhone hasn’t been updated. Because you keep downloading apps designed for the latest iOS version. Your iPhone gets stuck trying to run these apps.

How Fix An iPhone Stuck In The Recovery Mode?

When your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode, it becomes unresponsive. No matter what you type, it never reacts. It would feel like a glass stone in your hand. We understand how frustrating that can be. That’s why we have attached two effective methods of exiting recovery mode below.

Force Restart

Enabling force restart is the easiest way to exit the recovery mode. It only makes sense to describe it first. The restart method we have mentioned here works only for iPhone 8 or the later versions.

  • Start by pressing the volume “up” button. Then, press the volume “down” button.
  • Follow it up by pressing the “side” button. Don’t release just yet.

pressing the “side” button

  • Wait until you see the “apple” logo.

Wait until you see the “apple” logo

Finally, your home screen will be right before you. Try to swipe and run some apps. That way you can be sure whether the iPhone is working or not.

iMyFone Software

Even though force restart is a pretty easy method, it doesn’t work for everyone. Especially if the model is older than iPhone 8. In that case, we suggest you try the one-click method. It involves free third-party software. But, trust me, you won’t regret anything. So, here it goes.

  • First of all, open your web browser on the computer. Search for the “iMyFone” app. Then, click on the download link that matches your computer’s operating system.


  • As you enter the software, it will show three functions. At the bottom, you can see “enter or exit recovery mode.” Tap on that.
  • Next, it will ask you to connect your device to the computer. So, do that and move on to the next step.

recover mode

  • Once the software detects the connection, tap on “exit recovery mode.” You won’t be able to click the ‘enter” option. It would have a “grey” color since your device is already stuck in this mode.
  • Give the software 5 seconds to exit properly. You can see the wallpaper of your phone on the computer screen. It shows that your iPhone is now ready to use as usual.

Update iOS Through iTunes

The first two methods should be enough for you. However, if you haven’t updated the iOS previously, you will keep facing problems. That’s why we have an easy update trick for you.

  • Use your computer to sign into iTunes. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do it right away. Then, enter iTunes and click on “Help” at the top corner.

sign into iTunes

  • Now, scroll down and choose “check for updates.” It makes sure that you are using the latest iTunes version.
  • Next, connect the device using a USB cord. Check whether the computer has recognized the connection or not.

connect the device using a USB cord

  • You will see a notice showing up. It says, “a device wants to be updated.” Click “update” to confirm the statement.

Click update to confirm the statement

  • Then, iTunes will start updating your device. All you have to do is wait. Finally, you can see the notification stating the iPhone has been updated.

That was all. You shouldn’t face more trouble using your iPhone.


You are at the bottom of our guide. In this FAQ section, we will try to answer some of your most common questions. Check it out.

Why Isn’t Your iPhone Responding?

If your iPhone is not responding, it hasn’t exited the recovery mode yet. Or, you might not have updated the iOS to its latest available version. In case, you run high-speed apps in your iPhone designed for the latest configuration devices, it will overwhelm the back-dated iOS. That might be the reason why your iPhone is not responding to your touch.

What Causes iPhone To Get Into A Recovery Mode?

System glitch is the main reason behind this problem. Viruses or system bugs cause such glitches to occur. Even though iPhones are highly guarded.

You can still face this because of installing unreliable firmware. In case you have jailbroken your iPhone previously, the possibility of having viruses in the system gets higher.

Can You Restore Your iPhone Through Recovery Mode?

The simplest method to restore your iPhone is to put it in recovery mode. Suppose you have locked the iPhone by putting in the wrong passwords several times.

If you want to unlock it, you have to somehow erase the data from your device. Recovery mode helps you achieve that. It removes all the customization except those data within an iCloud backup.

How To Hard Reset An iPhone?

To hard reset an iPhone, first press the ‘volume-up’ button > Now, release your fingers and press the “volume-down” button > finally, press the “sleep” button. Keep that hold until the “logo” appears.

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What can be worse than not being able to open your iPhone lock screen? Even more so, if you don’t know why it’s happening. Sending the device in recovery mode can get you out of this awkward situation.

But, before you try this method, we would like to warn you of the consequences. You see, recovery mode erases all the data you have collected in your apps. If you haven’t backed up the important files in the iCloud yet, recovery mode can be a huge risk. You could lose everything you own.

That being said, if you have a good backup, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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