How To Recover a Netflix Profile?

How To Recover A Netflix Profile

It can be frustrating after a busy routine of the day, and you intend to relax with your Netflix, only to find out you can’t access your profile. While there are reasons this could happen, there are some steps you can take on how to recover a Netflix profile.

With this simple hack, you can recover your Netflix, such as logging out of the action and logging in again, calling the toll-free number, reaching out to customer support, or getting help from Netflix forums. The truth is that you are not the first to lose your profile, but the good news is that there is a solution.

Also, recovering your Netflix profile is an important step in getting your account back up and running. Unfortunately, it’s also one that can be confusing at first. However, nothing should be confusing to you after reading this article.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deleting your Netflix profile means you will lose anything that has to do with the profile.
  • You can recover your profile through four different means, which I have discussed below.
  • You get benefits from recovering your profile, which you will read below.
  • There are reasons you could lose your profile, and violating Netflix policy is one of them.

Can You Recover Your Netflix Profile?

You can recover your Netflix profile, but it’s not a straightforward process. There are many ways you can recover your profile, just as said in the introduction. Either of the ways or methods has proven to be effective.

Can You Recover Your Netflix Profile

While our focus is on the possibility of recovering your profile, let me quickly get you through the reasons your profile can be quite hard to reach.

1. Netflix Account Violation

However, you will find it difficult to recover your profile if the primary reason for losing your profile is Netflix policy violation. Many users are on Netflix, and to date, they do not know the platform’s policy. Violation of the policy has led to many accounts or profile closures.

If you fall in this category, it is best that you create another account, as it will be difficult for you to recover your account. But if you are not in this category, such as someone deleting your profile or some unusual activity is spotted, you can still recover your profile.

2. Netflix Account Profile Pin

If you can’t access your profile, it might be because someone has a restriction on the account using the PIN. This method is common among parents that place restrictions on their kid’s Netflix access. Once the Pin has been set to the profile, you will find it hard to access.

Your only chance of accessing the profile again is to remove the PIN. I use this method with my kids as a measure to keep close tabs on the hours they spend on Netflix.

Advantages Of Recover Your Netflix Profile

Netflix is a good platform to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s even better when you’ve got a profile that you can customize to your preferences. But, unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, and you find yourself with a blank profile or one that isn’t quite right.

You might even consider creating a new account to save yourself the stress of recovering your account. However, instead of creating a new profile, there are benefits you get from recovering your Netflix profile.

You Do Not Lose Your Movie Records

When recovering your Netflix Profile, you do not lose your movie records. Also, all of your watched movies will remain available to view and any queued videos and recommendations on the product page.

This is one of the benefits you get from recovering your account. If you create a new account even with the same email is possible; there is no way you can get the archive of your lost account reinstated.

You Do Not Have To Create A New Profile

When you recover your Netflix profile, you can avoid the hassle of creating a new one. If somebody else has used your account and changed the email address or password, it can be difficult to regain access. By recovering your own Netflix profile, you can restore control of your account with just a few clicks.

What Happens When You Delete A Netflix Profile?

When you delete a Netflix profile, you’re not just getting rid of your account, but you will lose some of the following or find it hard to access them anymore. They are your:

1. Viewing History

If you delete your Netflix profile, you’ll lose your viewing history. This means no one will be able to tell what movies or TV shows you watched. Your viewing history is the list of movies and TV shows on Netflix. So, when you watch a movie or TV show, the next time you log into Netflix, those titles will appear in your “Watched” tab.

So, if you delete your Netflix profile, you’ll lose your viewing history. Unfortunately, this means no one will be able to tell what movies or TV shows you watched.

2. Favorite Shows And Movies

When you delete a Netflix profile, you lose your favorite shows and movies on the device where you deleted the profile. If you have multiple profiles, you can still access shows there, but there is no way you can access the show on the deleted profile.

3. Ratings And Reviews

If you delete your Netflix profile, your ratings, reviews, and recommendations will be removed from the site. However, you can continue watching some of the content from Netflix without a profile by logging in through another profile.

Therefore, you need to think twice if it is worth it to delete your Netflix profile.

4. Saved Searches And Filters

The biggest drawback to deleting a Netflix profile is losing your Saved searches and filters.

When you delete a profile, your Saved searches and filters will be deleted. If you want to keep the information in your Saved searches, please copy them to another device before deleting your old profile.

5. Inability To Resume Watching Where You Left Off In A Show Or Movie

When you delete your Netflix profile, you will lose the ability to resume watching where you left off in a show or movie. Therefore, it is best you consider your decision and carefully know the pros and cons of deleting your profile.

How To Recover A Netflix Profile?

Without wasting much of your time, I will take you through four possible ways you can recover your Netflix profile.

How To Recover A Netflix Profile

1. Recovering Through Troubleshooting

It is the last thing you want to hear, but one of the reasons you might not be able to access your profile is the network. The poor connection or relationship between the server and your app can make your profile show empty or void.

You can solve this issue by signing out and logging into the account again. Over time, you should have your profile back and active with a good and strong connection. If the issue persists, then you should try the next recovery method.

2. Seeking Customer Help

Sometimes I intentionally chat with Netflix using the live chat box to know how responsive they are. Over time, the expectation has not been cut short. So, it is a good option for you to consider if you are willing to recover your profile.

The method is quite simple:

  • Visit
  • Scroll down to the footer, where you see lots of commands
  • Click on contact us or the help center
  • Click on live chat
  • You should wait some seconds as a customer agent will join the chat
  • You should provide all details, and they will surely help you get your profile back

3. Calling The Toll-free Center

If chatting is not your thing, like some who do not like to waste time typing, you can call customer support and seek assistance. Just dial the digit +1-800-585-7265 on your mobile and wait till a customer agent join the call.

You should relay the issue to the agent, and he/she will do all within her capacity to help recover your profile.

4. Join Some Community

Sometimes joining a community of like-minded people can help solve your issue. You might be surprised that there has been a solution to your problem once you join the forums. So, here are some of the forums you can join if you have to.

Netflix – Reddit

Netflix Help Center

Netflix Discussion – India Forums


If you are just like me who love to relax with my Netflix after a busy day, losing your profile is one thing you never want to experience. I do not know how this came into existence but losing my profile once was not a pleasing experience.

After several attempts, I finally got my profile back. This is why I have the page to share with you how to recover a Netflix profile. It is easy to do, but calling customer support is the best and most effective method.

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