How To Recover Bing Search History?

Recover Bing Search History

You can recover the search from Google history, use data recovery software or use the DNS cache.

Did you delete your Bing search history by mistake? If you’re trying to find your deleted internet history or simply want to see what your child has been up to on the computer, there is a way. You can access any search history by recovering it.

So, how does one recover search history on Bing? You can recover deleted search history on Bing using three methods. The first is to use the Google account history. Secondly, you can use the DNS cache to find the deleted history or use recovery software.

Most Bing search history is usually captured by computers and can be recovered if deleted. Join us as we dig deep and see how you can your binge history and recover deleted history.

Key Facts:

  • Window computers usually capture and store search histories which can be accessed on various accounts.
  • If you delete search history on Bing, you can recover it through the logged Google accounts, DNS cache, or by using recovery software.
  • Deleted Bing history is usually kept for at least 28 days. However, the search history can be extended if you log into Bing using a Microsoft card.
  • You can access all your search history on different devices if you logged in using the same Google account.

Can Delete Bing History Be Recovered?

Yes, there are several ways you can use to access and recover deleted Bing history. However, in most cases, search history recovery is dependent on the search engine.

You might want to see what the previous user was browsing, or simply recover a deleted URL. In general, internet history is deleted from the browser. However, the same information can be found on computer caches.

I’ve already mentioned some simple ways through which you can recover deleted Bing search history. One of the easiest is using your Google account. However, you must have had the Google account logged in when you were browsing.

How Can I See My Bing History?

If you want to see your Bing history, visit the top-right menu and click on the hamburger menu. You must be logged into your Microsoft account while doing this.

Next, click on the search history to access the Bing search history interface. The best thing about Bing is that it tracks every search you make online as long as you’re logged into Microsoft.

How Can I See My Bing History

For most people, this can be a privacy issue. However, this can be a good thing when you need to use the same sites again.

Bing is a Microsoft search engine that collects and stores all your search history. It is the third-largest search engine behind Google and Baidu.

Your history is usually saved by default. On the search history page, you will access all your search history ranging from web, images, news, and videos.

Depending on what you want to see, you can use a filter for certain periods. For example, you can search for 1-week history, 1-month, or 6 months.

How Long Does Bing Keep Deleted History?

Most searches online show that Bing keeps deleted history for 28 days. However, Bing does store deleted history in the Microsoft account. Before I get you confused, let’s start again.

Whenever you browse on Bing, Microsoft collects all your search terms and URLs among other information. These are stored in cookies along with the time.

How Long Does Bing Keep Deleted History

The data is usually used by Microsoft to make your search experience more convenient and enjoyable. It also helps Microsoft provide better products and services.

If you browse while signing into your Microsoft account, all your search history is kept on the privacy dashboard. The dashboard makes it easier for users to revisit previous sites without typing the terms again.

The privacy dashboard is also where you can delete your search history. However, searches made while you’re not logged into Microsoft will not appear in the dashboard.

When you clear your search history on the dashboard, some copies are usually kept in backups for a limited time.

How To Recover Bing Search History?

You already know you can recover your Bing search history. You might find the need to recover your Bing search history. This can be to retrieve lost information, a deleted URL, or simply discover what the previous user was browsing.Recover Bing Search History

Below, I will discuss 5 ways to recover Bing’s search history. Read through carefully to see which one works for your case.

1. Using Cmd

The Cmd is where you get the deleted information from the cache stores. The DNS Cache stores information about your browsing history. This is a Command Prompt in Windows usually installed in the computer system.

Press start and then click on run. On the search bar, type CMD without any marks. The Command Prompt will open. Here, you’ll see a black window.

Type the command ‘ipconfig/displaydns’ and Hit Enter.

Once you press enter, the window will show all your internet search history.

The method is a little confusing as it saves everything from your online search including apps. What’s more, the command prompts might be a little difficult for normal users.

2. Using Google’s My Activity

Using your Google’s activity is by far the simplest method to recover Bing search history. However, the method will only work if you logged into your Microsoft account when browsing.

Using Google’s My Activity

You need to log into your Google account and enter any information about what you were browsing.

On your Google account, you’re able to see all your browsing history. The history includes the web, images, maps, and much more with a time and date.

If you wish to completely delete your history, you can click on the cog icon and remove all history.

3. Using Cookies

Cookies are simple file texts stored on web browsers. The Bing browser cookie can easily tell the sites you visit often.

However, this method only works if you didn’t delete your cookies history when clearing the browser. In addition, there are a few conditions that must be met for this method to work.

The conditions include:

  • Visited sites are using cookies
  • You’ve not deleted cookies in your browser since you last visited
  • You have cookies enabled in your browser.

On your browser, open the Bing settings and click on cookies. Click on see all cookies and site data.

The cookies you see will give you a clear hint of your browsing history.

4. Through System Restore

System restore brings your computer back to the state it was before you deleted the search history.

This method works efficiently especially if you’re using the latest Windows 8 or 10 operating system. It is a way of rolling back your operating system to a previous version or point.

In a way, system restore can restore your deleted internet settings. However, there is a danger to system restoration. It can also permanently delete some installed apps and programs. Make sure the files are backed up before performing a system restore.

5. Using A Recovery Software

You can also recover deleted Bing search history using recovery software. There are several recovery software online.

A few of the recommended software includes the Data Recovery Wizard and Recuva. However, this should be your last option.

The software can be downloaded online. Most of them come with a tutorial to help you get started. Install the software and run it on your PC.

Once the software runs, it will give you options to choose the files you want to recover. Once the software finishes scanning, all recovered files will be shown. For your case, choose deleted internet history.

You can then choose to recover the selected files and select a location. Select OK once you have a location and the search history will be recovered.


Well, that’s it from me! You now know you can recover Bing search history. If you accidentally deleted your Bing search history, use the methods above to recover it.

However, some methods might not work effectively if certain conditions are met. It’s always important to have a Google account logged in when browsing. This ensures your search history is stored and can be accessed with ease.

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