How To Recover Deleted Grindr Messages?

Recover Deleted Grindr Messages

If you have been using Grindr for any length of time, then you know that sometimes it’s easy to delete the messages accidentally. However, if you want to keep the information intact and not lose it forever, you need to learn the simple way to recover deleted Grindr messages.

You can recover deleted Grindr messages and chat logs. Many people believe that once they delete an item from their mobile phone or computer, it is gone forever. This is not true. You can always recover your Grindr messages through backup and the use of some third-party apps.

This article will show you how to recover deleted messages on Grindr. We will also discuss why it’s essential to secure your account and why you need a backup plan in case something goes wrong with your account.

Key Takeaway:

  • You can’t recover your Grindr profile once you deleted it
  • You can recover deleted messages on Grindr with some third-party applications
  • You can also recover deleted messages on Grindr if you backup your device messages. Also, the receiver can help you retrieve the message as long as they haven’t deleted it.

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Grindr Messages?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted Grindr messages. Grindr is a dating app, and the users are mostly gay. It is used to find partners in the same area and chat with them.

There are many reasons why people want to delete their messages from their Grindr accounts. Some people do it because they don’t like the conversation between them and their partner(s).

Recover Deleted Grindr Messages

Some may have accidentally deleted the conversation by pressing more than one button at once or by clicking on the wrong option when deleting other things from their phone or computer, which may contain sensitive content.

So, if you deleted your messages and need to recover them, you can do that with the methods that I will share with you in the other sections of this article.

What Happens When You Delete Grindr Messages?

When you delete a message from your Grindr inbox, it will be gone forever. Unfortunately, there are no options for recovering deleted messages or un-send them once they’re gone.

But in the real sense, they are not gone forever. They can still be retrieved by whoever you sent them to if they have not deleted them. You just need to reach out to the person to resend the message to you if you want to retrieve it.

Please note that Grindr is just like every other app on your mobile device. What makes it different is its uniqueness in what you can do with it and those who can use it. It is a platform for gay, and if you delete your message for whatever reasons, you still have the likelihood to recover them in some ways.

If you want to recover the messages you deleted, you can do that through the backup on your phone. Some devices store messages, and you can recover them from the archive. If that does not work, you should use a third-party app called iMyFone D-Back if you are using an iPhone.

To use the app, just follow the instruction:

  1. Download the app from the app store
  2. Install and launch
  3. Go to the app and then to the settings
  4. Choose application from the settings, and then you see the apps you have on your phone
  5. Select Grindr and tick all options.
  6. You should always check the app for deleted messages whenever you want to recover any of your messages.

How Do I Get My Grindr Back After Deleting It?

If you deleted your Grindr on your device and want to recover it, that is much easier. However, if you deleted your profile on the platform, it will be quite hard to recover your profile as it is permanently deleted.

But if all you have done is to delete the app on your phone or you changed your device to a new one, and you want to use the app again, follow the step:

Step by step method to recover your Grindr account:

  • Download the app on your new or old mobile device
  • Launch the app
  • Click on forget password

Click on forget password

  • Enter the email you used for registration or the number
  • Tap on the yellow button that says next

Tap on the yellow button that says next

  • Tick the box to verify you are not a robot

Tick the box to verify you are not a robot

  • Check your email for the recovery procedure
  • Click on the link from the email

Click on the link from the email

  • Then go-ahead to set a new password for the account

Then go-ahead to set a new password for the account

  • Go back to your Grindr app homepage
  • Enter the email address  attached to the account and the new password
  • Tap on the yellow button that says log in

Tap on the yellow button that says log in

  • You should have access to your profile again.

You should have access to your profile again.


One of the challenges you could face as a Grindr user is deleting your message when you don’t want to. Sometimes we all make that mistake, and while we stay to regret some, some are easily corrected. So, with this article, you can learn how to recover deleted Grindr messages.

Not that alone, we also have information on how you can recover your account if you delete it or you find it hard to access from your device.

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