How to Recover Deleted Terraria Characters?

How to Recover Deleted Terraria Characters

Ever deleted a character in Terraria by mistake? Well, it has happened to me once. I’ve deleted a character in Terraria once. This can be frustrating for most players.

So, how to recover deleted Terraria characters?

You can recover a deleted character in Terraria easily from your recycle bin. When you deleted a character it directly moves to the recycle bin. If you haven’t deleted files from the recyclable bin, you can find the character there as a test.plr and test.plr.bak format, just click on them and restore it.

The first step whenever you delete a character in Terraria is to restore it from recycle bin or from backups. There are other alternative ways. Keep reading below to learn.

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  • Terraria is a cross-platform game designed both for PC and Android. You need both versions on all platforms to play it.
  • The game files are stored in the data folder. The files can be copied from Android and pasted on a PC depending on your device.
  • Deleted files in Terraria go to the recycle bin. Even before you delete any character, make sure there are backups.
  • Recovering deleted characters is easier when the files have not been deleted in the recyclable bin.

Can You Recover Deleted Terraria Characters?

Yes, you can recover deleted Terraria characters. If you accidentally delete characters in Terraria, they are stored in the recyclable bin. You can recover them by restoring them from the bin.

Click and open the recyclable bin. Right-click on the deleted files and choose to restore them. The files will be restored to your storage folder.

can You Recover Deleted Terraria Characters

Alternatively, you can try to recover the files from your backups. This is something you should ensure before deleting any files or characters. Make sure you have backups of all files and characters of the game.

If the two methods fail, you can try to reinstall the game. This will bring back all the original characters. However, reinstalling the game is not recommended in all cases. You might end up losing some of the game progress.

Where Is My Terraria Character File?

Your Terraria character file is usually stored in the saves file in the games folder. Most people don’t know where their Terraria character files are stored.

Wondering where to find your Terraria character file? Check and see if the file is in the Games folder. If using the PC, try to download the file. Once downloaded, copy and paste the path to the character file.

There is a second way to find your Terraria character file. Use the Open player file to find the file extension of the character. It is typically the same as in the in-game player character.

Where Is My Terraria Character File

The file character is often saved separately from the rest of the game data. It frequently features several functions and can be edited. Using an inventory editor, it’s possible to edit some properties of the character file. You can easily locate the file under section C in your computer, Users, and then the Terraria player directory.

Lastly, you can find your Terraria character by backing up your game data. Choose a backup menu and make sure your files are backed. However, Terraria character files can only be moved across compatible platforms.

Copy your Terraria character to an iCloud Drive and move it. If you’re using a PC, you can copy it to the Cloud and choose a backup menu.

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Why Did My Terraria Recover?

Your Terraria recovered because it was backed up. It can also recover because you restored it from the bin. Terraria characters files once deleted don’t disappear forever. They are stored in the recycle bin making recovery possible.

It’s also easy to recover them if they are backed. Terraria characters can be backed up on multiple compatible platforms. If you still can’t find the characters, then consider reinstalling the game. However, this can be applicable in a few cases.

How To Recover Deleted Terraria Characters?

You can recover deleted files in Terraria by restoring them from the recyclable bin. Deleted Terraria files move to the recyclable bin. This gives you the option of recovering them if you still need to use them.

To recover deleted Terraria files, open the recycle bin and locate the deleted files. Right-click on the files and choose to restore. The files will be restored and returned to the games folder.

How to Recover Deleted Terraria Characters

Secondly, you can recover deleted Terraria files by backing them up from the backup. This option is only possible if you initially backed up the files.

If the two options above fail, you might be forced to reinstall the game which will bring back all the characters.

How To Get Back Your Lost Character in Terraria If the Game Corrupt?

For any reason, if your Terraria save game gets corrupted, the only solution is to restore it to its previous save game. Although you’ll lose some progress that you did, it is still a better option than losing everything.

However, if you’re playing the Terraria game from your Windows-operated computer and your PC is enabled with OneDrive’s folder backup before your save game gets corrupted, you don’t need to worry about that.

This is because you can easily restore the previous version of your Terraria save game from the folder backup. Plus, every new version has a timestamp that will help you identify the uncorrupted version.

To find your saved game from OneDrive backup, go to OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Terraria.

Unfortunately, if you don’t use OneDrive, you have to restore your save game from the backup, and it won’t be possible if you don’t make any backup before the game gets corrupted.

Nevertheless, as the last hope, you can look for the backup in File History in Windows 10 and Time Machine on macOS.


Well, that’s it from me! You now know it is possible and easy to recover deleted Terraria files. Terraria gives you the option to back up both your character and world. Access most of the Terraria clouds and back up all your files.

This makes it a lot easier to recover any deleted character files. Folders can also be copied to a different computer allowing players to create duplicate worlds.

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