How to Recover Garena Account?

How to Recover Garena Account

If you are a gaming enthusiast and not on garena, you are missing a lot. It is a platform where all gaming lovers will always love to be as it connects one to another. However, the focus of this article is only to discuss how to recover Garena account with you.

You can always recover your garena account through the recovery window. For example, you can use to recover your account. First, you need to input your email or username with your mobile number, type in the security code, and submit. After that, you will get an email on how to recover your account.

Garena is on a mission to transform the world through games. It is just as easy to find new friends on Garena as it is to find new games, and you only need one account to sync everything.

Also, it is a multi-platform gaming service for players worldwide. With more than two million users, Garena provides you with an opportunity to join games with users from your own country or other countries. The dynamic population will provide you with exciting matches and intimate communication.

Key takeaways:

  • If you don’t remember your garena password, you can reset it.
  • Your Garena account can be banned if you violate the gaming rule
  • Users can never recover any banned account
  • It is not allowed to have more than one account on the platform

Can I Recover Garena Account?

You can recover your Garena account If it is an active account and you didn’t delete it yourself. But it suddenly stopped working for some reason, and then we probably have your information backed up somewhere.

Can I Recover Garena Account

The easiest way to recover the account is to simply re-install the game. When you create a new username and enter the email associated with your old one, you’ll get a message saying that the email is already in use.

That is good news, and it means that your old information is saved. Just click on the link to reset your password and re-enter the email associated with your old username.

You will have to submit some information specific to your account (for security reasons), such as:

  • Your favorite hero or team
  • Your highest score ever on the game
  • The last map you played on the game
  • Your last purchase from our store

Once you have entered all correctly, you should get your account active.

Why Did My Garena Account Get Banned?

If your Garena account has been banned, it is probably because you have violated one or more of the User Licensing Agreements. Remember, Garena is a place where people play games every day, and to keep it that way, the platform has to make sure everyone follows the rules.

Why Did My Garena Account Get Banned

Here are the offenses that will get your account banned:

  • Using a third-party software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players
  • Cheating or using hacks, including using third-party software to modify game files and/or memory
  • Sharing your account with someone else
  • Getting reported by multiple users
  • Account sharing
  • Buying or selling accounts
  • Impersonating Garena employees or other staff members (for example, claiming to be a moderator)

It is important to note that if one of your teammates gets banned for any of these offenses, your entire team will be banned because there is no way to tell who was responsible for the offense as your team either loses together or wins together.

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How Can I Recover My Garena Account?

Recovering your Garena account should not be too hard for you to do. You just need to ensure you have the information you registered with. The information is vital as you will likely use one or more to recover your account. Here are ways you can recover your Garena account.

How to Recover Garena Account

How To Recover Garena With Phone Number Or Email

To recover your Garena account, you will need to know your username. If you don’t know that, you can try using email recovery.

You can visit this page to initiate the account recovery process:

You will be able to either enter your username or email address associated with your account to begin the recovery process.

If you can enter a valid username, you will be taken through password recovery. You will need access to an email address registered with your Garena account to reset the password successfully.

Steps to Recover Your Garena Account:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to the, which is the recovery page
  3. It will help if you input your username or password
  4. Input your mobile number and click on submit
  5. You need to complete the captcha verification before you press the next button.
  6. You should have access to the email or mobile number because you will get a code.
  7. Check your mail for the code (you can check your spam box if you can’t find any message in your inbox)
  8. Check your phone inbox for the code too.
  9. Once you get the code, you should type it in the window that is on your screen and click confirm
  10. The following window will be to set a new password, and you should do that
  11. Then you can input your login details and login

Recover Your Garena Account With Customer Service

You can recover your Garena account by contacting Garena through their support system. The webform is available from the Garena website at You will have to submit some information about your account and what you are using it for them to verify that you are the account owner and should have access to it.

Follow this step to reach out to the customer care of Garena:

  1. You should open your email provider, i.e Gmail or yahoo
  2. Click on compose
  3. Your subject should be “Garena account recovery.”
  4. The receiver should be
  5. Ensure you send the mail with your registered email on the platform
  6. Your body of the article must be detailed to explain what you want
  7. To make the account recovery faster, you can submit your ID card that shows your real name and some other important files that can make it easy to recover the account.


If you have got your Garena account deactivated for one reason or another, you can get it recovered if you have not violated the rules and regulations of the platform. On this page, you will learn how to recover garena account if you mistakenly deactivated your account or do not remember the password.

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