How To Recover PSN Account Without Email – Step By Step

Recover PSN Account Without Email

If you forget or lose your PSN password, you can easily recover it through the Forgot Password option. But what happens when you completely forget the email address required to log into PSN?

In that scenario, you might wonder if it is possible to recover psn account without email? Fortunately, the answer is BIG YES, and to do so you need to take help from the live customer help service.

You need to speak to a live agent, and they might ask for some information to verify your account. Does the process seem a little complicated?

Actually, it’s not that difficult, and you can follow this article to get step-by-step instructions for PSN account recovery. Stay tuned.

How To Recover PSN Account Without Email Address

It’s common to feel frustrated when you forget the email address of your PSN. However, there is no need to despair as we will show you a reliable way to recover your PSN account without an email address. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Recover PSN Account Without Email

Visit PSN’s Official Website

Start by visiting the official website of PlayStation and then select your country. Now find out the Support from the below-listed options.

Visit PSN’s Official Website

Select the Account & Security

After entering the support option, now you’ll see a window with a bunch of options. From there, select the “Account & Security”

Select the Account & Security

Select the Contact PlayStation Support

Select the log-in issues and then tap on the Forgotten sign-in ID (email address). Then tap on the “Sign-in ID issues” and again click on “Contact PlayStation Support.” Once you enter the “Contact Support” option, then follow the below-mentioned path:

Select the Contact PlayStation Support

Account & Security > Password reset & Recover my account > Scroll down and select the Online Assistant

Start Conversation

Again tap on the Assistant Available option from the bottom and start contacting your first and last name. Once you put your first and last name then a bot will appear in the chat box and here you have to mention what happened to your account.

Start Conversation

Note: If the bot fails to fix your issue, it’ll take you to the support agent facility, and for that, you’ll have to provide your online ID. Now you can choose either chat or phone call to talk with customer support.

However, the online support agent may ask you several things for your account verification. Wondering what the agent might ask you? In that case, follow the section below to know about it:

  • The first thing the agent might ask you is about your birthdate as well year
  • Next, they can ask you the answer to the secret question that you’ve set while opening your account
  • The customer care agent will ask you about the PlayStation Network Name or PSN ID
  • They might also ask you about the MAC address of your PlayStation system
  • Last but certainly not least, the agent might also ask you about your PlayStation console’s serial number

Frequently Asked Question

Even after showing the step-by-step method, we know some questions can still come to your mind. Therefore, some of the commonly asked questions have been included in this FAQ section. Check them out:

What are the support hours of PlayStation customer service?

Basically, you can contact PlayStation customer service anytime, and a bot will reply and guide you to solve your issues. However, if you want a real person to talk with you, you can follow two different solutions, including chatting and phone calls.

When it’s about chatting you can try Monday -Sunday, 8:00 AM -7:00 PM. And for phone calls Monday -Friday, 9:00 AM -6:00 PM.

What is the best way to remember your PSN email and password?

The best way to remember the email and password of any online service account is by noting it down anywhere. You can note it in your diary or somewhere where you can get access during your needs. And you can store and keep your necessary email and password online or through any password management service.

Is There Any Other Option To Recover The PSN Email Without Talking To A Live Agent?

Unfortunately, except for talking or contacting a live agent, there is no other option to recover your email address. You may not need live agent support for a forgotten password, but when it’s about email, you’ll need live customer support.

Closing Thoughts

Forgetting your PSN email address should not be a headache for you anymore. Since you know how to recover psn account without email, follow our provided procedure and enjoy your favorite games once again.

Simply try to follow the step by step method to get access to your PSN. However, we suggest you choose the phone call option instead of chatting. So that you can clearly explain your issues and get instant solutions.

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