How To Recover Yahoo Account?

Recover Yahoo Account

Yahoo will be on the top when it’s about email service offering top-notch security and privacy. Basically, its reliable features, as well as a simple and clear user interface make this email service extremely popular.

Despite its popularity, Yahoo is also good at providing user support with fast responses. And if you’re facing logging issues for whatever reason, you can easily deal with this issue.

Well, you may face login issues because of a wrong password or your account was hacked. No matter what the reason is, you can easily recover yahoo account with some simple steps.

However, if you are interested in the recovery process, follow this article for reliable guidance.

How To Recover Yahoo Account

You want to recover your Yahoo account means you’re currently unable to sign up to your account. Well, no matter why you are unable to sign up with your ID, you can follow many solutions to solve this problem.

Recover Yahoo Account

You can try to recover your email or phone number. Plus you can also contact the Yahoo specialist to get rid of your log-in issue. We’re going to include all the possible solutions that you can follow, have a look:

1. Recover Password from Google Chrome

If you just forgot your Yahoo account password, don’t worry you can easily recover the password with Google Chrome. This web browser has a password manager option where you can easily view the password.

So, if you have been using Chrome and Yahoo for a long time, you probably saved the password in that browser. If that is the case, then you can follow the below steps to find out or recover the Yahoo account password:

  • Go to the settings option from your Google Chrome

Go to the settings option from your Google Chrome

  • Select Autofill and then Password Manager

Select Autofill and then Password Manager

  • Once you enter the Password Manager option, now you’ll see all the email and password

enter the Password Manager option

Alongside the passwords, here you’ll also see Site and Username, Plus, you  also copy, edit and remove the passwords as well,

2. Recover Your Account With Recovery Email or Phone

Another easy way to recover your Yahoo account is to have access to a recovery phone or email address. While creating a yahoo account, it asks everyone to set a recovery email or phone.

So if you have also set up a recovery email or phone and have access to them, you can easily recover your account. Here is a list of the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in with your email address

Log in with your email address

  • Then click “Next” and from click on the “Forget password” option

click on the Forget password option

  • In the next window, tap ‘Yes, text me an account key’ if you still have access to that phone number

tap Yes, text me an account key

  • Or instead of a phone number, if you’ve set up an email address, then also tap on the “Yes, text me an Account Key”

tap on the Yes, text me an Account Key

  • No matter which one you have, wait until you get the code or key
  • Once you get the key, now put the key in the appeared window, and you’re done

click on continue

After that, you will get the option to create a new password or proceed. We recommend you set a new password and remember it or store it somewhere you can find it when needed.

3. Recover Your Account Through Customer Support

This method is for you if you are not logged into your Chrome browser and have no access to your recovery email or phone. You can contact the customer support team directly.

However, if you don’t have experience contacting a live agent or customer care service, we can help. Here we will show you how to recover your Yahoo account with the help of customer support:

Go To Your Email

Start by going to Yahoo main and entering your email address. Then, press “Next,” and from the following box, choose “Forgotten password.”

Forgotten password

Select Visit our help site

After that select “Try another way to sign in” and again click on “Visit our help site”

Select Visit our help site

Again Put Your Email Address

When you click to visit our help site, then on the next page you have to click on “Contact us” and then type your email address again. Type your email address on the pope up window named “What can we help you with”

Put Your Email Address

Select contact ta yahoo specialist

In the next window, you’ll find several options and from there select “Contact a Yahoo specialist.” After that, then proceed as follows:

Password and sign in > Unable to change my password

Contact a Yahoo specialist

Choose your method

Now you’ll see a lot of options to make contact with customer service. However, you can also be able to talk with a specialist directly, but it’s only available for premium service. You can go for “Email a Yahoo specialist”

Choose your method

Provide All The Necessary Information

When you choose the email option, then it will bring you to a window where you have to fill up a lot of information. Wondering what things and information you’ll need for this part? We’ve included all of them in the section below, have a look:

  • Yahoo ID
  • Email address that you have access to
  • Re-enter the email address we should be using to reach you
  • First name
  • Detailed description of issue
  • Error Message, if any
  • On what platform do you normally access your Yahoo services?

Provide All The Necessary Information

There are the things that you’ll find, and you have to fill up all of them carefully. Most importantly, try to be gentle and completely honest while describing your issues related to your email address.

Click on “Create Request” after entering all the necessary data, then wait. Within a short time, a specialist will respond to you with a solution. So be patient and wait for the reply.

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How To Secure Your Yahoo Account?

If you don’t want to go through the yahoo account recovery process, then you have to secure your account properly. There are many ways that can help to secure your account. Here we’ve included some of the ways that you follow for a better result:

  • Always try to set a strong password
  • Enabling two-factor authentication is the best way to secure any online account
  • Updating your recovery information is also a key solution to secure your account
  • Another step you can take is reviewing your account’s history on a daily basis

These are some of the steps you can take to secure your Yahoo account. Once you secure your Yahoo or any type of account perfectly, then it’s clear that you won’t have to go through an annoying recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

While recovering your Yahoo email address, some questions may appear in your mind. Therefore, we’ve included this section where we’ve included the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Have a look:

Are payment support services available for all regions?

Unfortunately no. The paid support service or Yahoo Plus Support is available in a few selected countries. This service is available in a total of 27 countries. So if you live in these countries, then you can easily be able to get in contact with a live agent to fix your issue.

Can I Recover My Account If I Forget My Username?

Fortunately YES. You can easily recover your Yahoo account even after forgetting the username. All you have to do is go to the sign-in page and then click on the “Forgotten username” and then follow all the required procedures.

Does The Support Service Really Respond To Users?

Without any doubt, YES. Customer service always responds to customers no matter if you are contacting them through a free or paid service. The difference you’ll find between free and paid service is the extra benefits which you have to get by paying extra.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, recovering your yahoo account is not as difficult as most people or yahoo users think. Simply follow one of the methods included in this article to recover a yahoo account.

We believe this article is good enough to ensure Yahoo’s recovery. However, always go for customer support when you have no option to recover your account. Plus, the customer support is also super reliable, fast, and customer friendly.

So try to recover your yahoo account today by following our given method. And while restoring, if you face any problem, don’t forget to let us know for a quick fixing solution.

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