How to Retrieve Kindle Books?

How to Retrieve Kindle Books

Have you lost your Kindle books all of a sudden? Honestly, this is one of the major issues that Kindle users tend to face once in a while! Well, no worries, we’ve got you covered here! We’ll tell you the easiest ways to retrieve all your deleted Kindle books on Amazon.

Indeed, losing your favorite book bought on Kindle can be heartbreaking. However, there’s some good news for you! Once you have purchased or downloaded any book from Amazon, you can easily get back them from Amazon’s cloud memory or even redownload them from the archive.

You just need to follow the correct procedure retrieves books downloaded or purchased from Amazon.

So, want to know how to retrieve Kindle books by using these simple processes? Binge on the entire article without skipping any of it!

How To Retrieve Kindle Books? A Complete Process

One day you open your Kindle, and poof! All your downloaded and purchased books are gone. Kindle books can get deleted because of an incompatible format, virus infection, or even by accident.

How to Retrieve Kindle Books

However, there are a few various methods of retrieving your Kindle books through your Amazon account and its Cloud Library feature. Let’s dig in and know how it’s done.

Retrieve Books From Your Amazon Account

You can log into your Amazon account from your Kindle at any time. In order to retrieve books from your Amazon account, you need to access the Amazon website on your Kindle.

You can restore the purchased or downloaded books on your Kindle by logging into your Amazon account.

Here are the steps to retrieve books from your Amazon account:

  • Step-1: Go to the official website of Amazon from your personal computer.
  • Step-2: Log in to your Amazon account by using your username and password.
  • Step-3: Once in your account, click Kindle.
  • Step-4: In the top navigation bar of the Kindle, click on Manage my Kindle.
  • Step-5: Select Content & Devices.
  • Step-6: Find the deleted book or books from the list.
  • Step-7: Turn on your Kindle device and connect to the internet.
  • Step-8: Connect the Kindle device to your computer by using a USB port.
  • Step-9: Select the book you want to retrieve in the Actions section.
  • Step-10: Click on Download and transfer via USB to send the book to your Kindle device.
  • Step-11: Wait a few seconds for the book to be transferred

Retrieve Books From The Amazon’s Cloud Library Feature

Amazon has a cloud library that always stores all the books you have purchased or downloaded on your Kindle.

So, even if you accidentally remove any book from your Kindle library, you can just access it from the Amazon cloud library. You will need to redownload it from the cloud library.

Retrieve Books From The Amazon’s Cloud Library Feature

Here are the steps to retrieve books from the Amazon cloud library:

  • Step-1: Turn on your Kindle device.
  • Step-2: Go to the home screen.
  • Step-3: In the top left corner, click on My Library.
  • Step-4: Go to the All tab. It will have all of your downloaded or purchased books.
  • Step-5: On the Downloaded tab, you will see the downloaded books on your Kindle.
  • Step-6: Find the books you want to retrieve from the All tab.
  • Step-7: Click on the specific books to re-download them.

Redownload Books From Archive

Your Kindle is always connected to the Amazon archive. Once you have purchased a book from Amazon on Kindle, it will automatically upload to the archive. Then you can redownload it from the archive anytime you need to recover a book.

Even when you delete a book from Kindle, it is not gone forever. It will be archived safely. Here are the steps you should follow to retrieve books from the archive:

Retrieve Books From The Amazon’s Cloud Library Feature

  • Step-1: Turn on your Kindle device.
  • Step-2: Go to the home screen.
  • Step-3: Click on Menu.
  • Step-4: Select View Archived Items.
  • Step-5: Choose and select the books you want to redownload from the archive.

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Retrieve Kindle Books With The Recovery Software

In the unfortunate case that you can not restore your Kindle books using the three mentioned methods, there is recovery software for you.

Sometimes, your Kindle can get infected with viruses and malware. As a result, the books can get deleted from your Kindle with no other useful ways to recover them.

Kindle recovery tools or software can be your savior at moments like these. There is multiple recovery software for you to use.

AnyRecovery and Wondershare Recoverit are two of the best options you have. Use any of these tools to retrieve your lost books perfectly.

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Still not sure about some things regarding getting your Kindle books back? In this section, we’ll give you answers to those questions too!

Why Do My Kindle Books Disappear?

Your Kindle books can disappear because of a malfunction in your Kindle device. Apart from that, viruses or malware could attack your Kindle, resulting in losing your books. If everything else is okay, the reason could just be an accidental deletion on your or someone else’s part.

Do Kindle Books Expire?

If you have lent a Kindle book, it will expire when it reaches the expiration date. Once the expiration date is here, the book will close and return to the library. You won’t be able to open it and read it anymore.

Does Kindle Work Without An Amazon Account?

Yes, Kindle works without an Amazon account too. You can simply get some file formats into the documents of your Kindle and use it just fine. It won’t require you to sign up for an Amazon account.

Bottom Line

So, you can easily use any of the four methods mentioned above to retrieve your Kindle books. It won’t take up much of your time or cause inconvenience to you at all. Losing your beloved books is, of course, much distressing for you. With the help of this guide, you can get back your lost or deleted book within a few minutes.

If nothing else works, getting help from any recovery tools is a great idea to recover your books on Kindle.

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