How To Run Ethernet Cable Through Exterior Wall? [Step-by-Step Procedure]

Sometimes you might need to run an Ethernet cable through the exterior wall. However, it might be challenging at times. So, if you have been wondering how to run an Ethernet cable through an exterior wall, you’ve come to the right place.

Inserting an Ethernet cable through an outside wall necessitates using a few tools and drilling holes in the wall. It’s also important to avoid drilling holes through HVAC, plumbing, and other electrical lines.

Thus, if you want to know how to push an Ethernet cable through a wall, make sure to read this article thoroughly, as we will discuss the entire process in a step-by-step guide to make your work easier and effortless.

Can You Put An Ethernet Cable Through An Exterior Wall?

Yes, you can put an Ethernet cable through an exterior wall, and it’s completely safe and legal. Since an Ethernet cable has such an exceptionally low voltage, and it cannot cause any harm, most building regulations do not place any restrictions on its use.

Furthermore, inserting an Ethernet wire is a simple DIY project that will not harm your property. We recommend checking your local building code to ensure that Ethernet installs are unrestricted.

What Are The Benefits Of Running Ethernet Cables Along Walls?

There are many benefits of running Ethernet cables along walls which are as follows.

  • The Ethernet cable in the room gives you access to connect any device you want to
  • Ethernet wires that go along the walls may be simply removed at any moment, which is particularly handy for those who live in rental homes.
  • You will be able to get more bandwidth with a direct connection through Ethernet.
  • To avoid the difficulties with Wi-Fi, you can coax cable the gadgets that demand more bandwidth.
  • Running these wires along the walls is non-invasive, so you will not have to mess with your building’s cabling.

How To Run Ethernet Cable Through Exterior Wall?

It is not very tough to insert an Ethernet cable through external walls. But before we go and discuss how you can do it, you will require a few tools in hand.

How To Run Ethernet Cable Through Exterior Wall

Tools Required To Run Ethernet In Exterior Wall

  • Drill Machine
  • Drill Bit of different thickness
  • Ethernet cables that you want to put through the wall

Step 1: Put a Protective Box for Ethernet

Keeping the link between your Ethernet cable and the current internet line out of the elements is critical. You must secure the Ethernet cable from the environment where it connects to the line from your ISP.

If your home does not already have a waterproof box, you will have to install one otherwise a bad Ethernet connection will slow down your internet connection.

waterproof box

Step 2: Find the location.

If your home lacks specialized cable or connection holes, you will have to make a hole through the walls. Find the exact location where you want to drill and use a pencil to mark it well.

But you must use extreme caution to avoid damaging any other power cables or pipes. Piercing up or down lighting control and sockets should be avoided at all costs. Also, take care not to harm any of the house’s furnishings or equipment. As a result, determining where to drill is crucial.

Step 3: Make a hole

You must be sure of the area from which you will route the wire when drilling the hole. It is recommended to drill from the inside if you are extending an Ethernet connection from the outside into a room in your house. You will be able to locate the exact place where the cable will penetrate your property this way.

Make a hole

You will need a 12-inch-long drill bit with ½ inch of thickness to drill the hole. Place the drill’s tip on the spot wherever you want to make your hole. Place the bit at a 90° inclination toward the surface and balance it. To start drilling, softly press the trigger. To create a nice, uniform hole, slowly put more pressure.

Step 4: Put the wire through the hole

Push the wire into the hole afterward. Continue entering the hole from either side until you reach the opposite hand. You may not need to extend the wire any farther if you are placing it through an external wall straight into an indoor space.

Put the wire through the hole

You may also pass the Ethernet wire through the wall using another method.

  • Do not remove the drill machine from the hole instantly after drilling it.
  • Remove the drill bit from the drill.
  • After that, connect one end of the cable to the drill machine and remove it.

It is preferable to remove the dirt created by piercing the hole prior to pressing the cable. When entering the cable, be careful not to break it.

Step 5: Place a Wall Jack

You are already done inserting a hole through an exterior wall, and you can skip this. But, installing a wall jack will make it easier for you to connect your devices to the Ethernet cable.

Place a Wall Jack

The external cable must be connected to an RJ45 power connector. Interior Ethernet wires can then be plugged into the jack. This is the simplest and long-lasting method for securing your home’s outside to its inside.

Tips For Running An Ethernet Cable Through Wall

Running an Ethernet wire through a wall might be difficult, so use the tips below to make it easier.

  • Make sure to seal all the holes properly so that no water or dirt can enter them.
  • Some houses have thermal insulation, and hence there can be a jack. So, to ensure a proper Ethernet cable connection, you should connect your cable to the jack box.
  • There are distinct types of Ethernet cable available; buy the waterproof and UV-protected one if you want to use it through an external wall.
  • Ensure no HVAC linings were in the wire route when installing the Ethernet wire.
  • Blocking the hole with rubber or Slack can be pretty effective. You can put slacking paint in the hole, which is a mixture of soil and soot.


Even though running an Ethernet cable through the exterior wall is challenging, you can easily do it if you have the proper knowledge. Hence, today our guide focused on the steps which you need to follow to ensure the successful installation of Ethernet cables.

We discussed everything which you need for the proper running of Ethernet cable through walls. Always make sure to seal the holes properly after you are done. Still, if you find the task difficult, you can hire a professional ISP provider, and they can do the task for you.

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