How to Scan Qr Code on Mac?

How to Scan QR Codes on Mac

Scanning QR codes on a Mac is one of the most fundamental concerns of PC users. Scanning QR codes on a Mac is also a broadly demanding task PC users experience. As a matter of interest, users should know and understand how to scan QR codes. The reason is that most companies now use QR to transact. QR codes are used in most business centres, companies, even by government agencies.

Scanning a QR code on Mac is easy. People can use a journal application that will allow the user to recognize QR through the front camera. Alternatively, QR codes can be scanned using the front camera on the MAC system without the journal app. However, QR journal is entirely free and does not come with any in-app purchases. This article will provide readers with more information on scanning QR codes on MAC.

What Are QR Codes, and Why Do We Need to Scan Them?

QR is an acronym for ‘Quick Response.’ The QR code is a barcode that can be examined or scanned by a piece of digital equipment or gadget. Information is cached and reserved in a series of pixels in a square-fashioned grid. They are primarily used in advertising companies. They are mainly utilized to trail or track data on products or commodities.

What Are QR Codes

A QR code must be detected easily and quickly by other users as soon as the user scans. A QR code can be functional in storing contacts and making calls. It is also essential and helpful in downloading apps and connecting to other users. In addition, they are used to transfer files, gain knowledge from an online source, offer courses online, and many others.

Can I Scan a QR Code On a Mac?

Yes, a QR code can be scanned on a Mac even though there is no built-in scan tool. On a Mac, QR codes are scanned mainly using some applications downloaded from play-store or directly from online QR scanners.

Where Can I Find the Scanner On Mac?

Most PC users tend to ask this question. Some are not familiar with the settings on a Mac. The scanner on a Mac can be found in the Apple menu. The procedures are simple and easy. Below are the steps to finding the scanner on mac;

Find the Scanner On Mac

  • First, Click on the Apple menu.
  • On the system preferences menu, open “scanner” by clicking on the printer and scanner function.
  • On the list on the left, select “scanner.”
  • Right-click, and a menu will pop up.
  • Click open.
  • In cases where the scanner is also a printer, click on scan before clicking “open scanner.”

How to Scan QR Codes on Mac

It is common knowledge that there is no in-built tool to scan or read QR codes on a Mac. Reading a QR code on a Mac is one of the most sought-after questions that need a quick response as many users require it to learn an online skill or make transactions. There are ways of scanning QR codes on Mac. The points below will explain how to scan QR codes on Mac using some tools:

How to Scan QR Codes on Mac

1. Online QR Scanner

  • The first step is: Go to the web QR site ( this makes use of the webcam in-built in the computer to read codes).
  • Grant permission for browsers to access the gadgets webcam
  • Near the camera, clasp the code to be scanned. Clasping a QR code near the camera ensures that the code and its end or boundary are visible on the displayed screen.
  • When the code is visible to the camera, the website scans the code naturally.
  • The code comes up at the foot of the page.
  • The content to be granted permission can now be selected.

2. Third-party Apps

QR codes can be scanned on a Mac using third-party apps. These apps are usually downloaded and installed in the gadget. Some of these apps are free. In contrast, the user must first purchase other apps before use. Some are on a free trial for a particular period. The free trial stands redrawn at the elapse of time, and the apps must be purchased or subscribed to before use. Mac users can use a few apps to scan QR codes.

3. QR Journal

QR journal is a free, refined program that reads, stores, and scans QR codes by displaying the code in the face of the webcam or carefully choosing the picture with the QR code from the folder in the gadget. Many users prefer this app as it functions similarly to the WEBQR site. The steps in scanning QR codes on a Mac includes the following;

QR Journal

  • First, download the application from the “play store” or search for it on a search engine.
  • Install the application.
  • After installation, click on the “open” box.
  • Make sure the QR code to be read is saved as a different or separate folder on the gadget.
  • When the application is launched, drag the image or QR code to be scanned to the open space “toolbox” on the app.
  • Click on ‘open link.’
  • The app automatically connects to the content to which the user requested QR code access.

4. QR Code Reader

Unlike the QR journal app, this app must first be bought or purchased before use. The cost of this app is estimated at three dollars ($3). The QR code reader also scans, reads, and stores data by showing the code in front of the webcam. Below are the steps to reading a QR code on a Mac using a QR code reader;

  • First, type QR code reader on the search engine (chrome, goggle, or any search engine).
  • Purchase the app.
  • After purchase, the user can now download the application from the play store.
  • After downloading, click install.
  • Click open to launch the app.
  • Ensure that the QR code intended to be scanned is saved in a separate folder.
  • Drag the QR code to be scanned to the open space ” toolbox.”
  • Click the open link.
  • It automatically connects you to the content access was requested.

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A user can comfortably and conveniently scan QR codes on a Mac using an online scanner or downloading the app. Several apps also scan QR codes on a Mac, lessening stress and improving transactions. Learning how to scan QR codes on Mac can enhance business quality make life easy during a transaction, offset bills, and connect with loved ones.

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