How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Easily (With Image)

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord

Is there an official method to see deleted messages on Discord? Unfortunately, there is no official method to recover a message once it has been trashed by the sender. So, how to see deleted messages on Discord without it.

A person who was asked in reddit, “Is there any way to recover deleted messages or photos?”. Actually, there is no default method to see deleted messages.


However, you can use alternative ways that helps you to do it. In this content, I’ll share with you the step-by-step guideline for both PC and Mobile. After reading this content, you can easily recover deleted messages and images as well. So, this content will be an ultimate guide for the beginners. So, brew your favorite coffee and follow our guidelines carefully.

Key Points:

  • You can download a plugin that will allow you to retrieve deleted messages.
  • For the mobile user, you need to use crack software.
  • If you see spam messages or pictures on Discord, you can report them.
  • You can use two bots to help you turn off explicit content on Discord: Dyno Bot and Logger Bot

Can You See Deleted Messages On Discord?

“Let’s use our heads, shall we?”

If we think without using any 3rd-party software or plugin, then the answer is no. Discord has no recycle bin or any other way to view deleted messages. Even if you have message backups, those are most likely from a different service and not Discord itself.

According to a Discord engineer on their official Twitter account,” When a message is deleted, it’s also erased from the server”.


They also responded to someone who had deleted DMs, informing them that their servers instantly remove such messages.

Twitter 2

Now, you hopefully understand that it’s not possible to view deleted messages on Discord. Are those messages really important to view? Don’t worry! We’ll teach you how to do that. Read on!

What To Do If A Discord Message Is Deleted?

“Shit! All the messages are sucks”

We feel annoyed and say this naturally when we have deleted some important messages, later on we feel the necessity. You already know that there is no official method to view deleted messages.

But we know that, “Where is there is a will, there is a way!” You can easily view the deleted messages via software and plugins. So, which software or plugin? Before knowing the software details or plugin, you have to know some short precautions. Here they are:

1. You’ll need to download a plugin for your PC. Install or add it after ensuring that there is no malware on it. Check the malware from here.

2. You have to use crack software for your mobile.  There are many risks in using it. We don’t take any responsibility for any risks.

3. You will not be able to see the messages that are deleted while you are offline.

SO, if you accept these risks, then you can go ahead and proceed to the next steps.

How To See Deleted Messages On Discord?: PC and Mobile

Maybe you’ve been the victim of threats, or someone has sent you inappropriate images or messages. The worst part is that they have deleted their message, and now there’s no way to report them.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! There are ways to get those messages back, and it doesn’t require any technical skills. You can simply download a software or plugin to retrieve your deleted messages. This method is working for both PC and mobile. In this section, you can know how to apply it and retrieve messages fast. Let’s have a look:

How To See Deleted Images And Messages in PC

If you’re a PC user, you do NOT need to download any crack software for Discord. You just have to download a simple plugin. But make sure that it’s malware free before adding it on your Discord.

Step 01: First, go to Google and search for “Lighty’s better Discord.” You can also click this link to directly enter the website.

Lighty's better Discord

Step 02: Let’s scroll down and you can find an option that is named “MessageLoggerV2”. Then simply download the files.


Step 03: Now, simply open the file and you can see an alert on screen. Just tap on the “Yes” button.

tap on the Yes button

Step 04: Then, go to the Discord and click on the “Plugin” section. Now click on the “open plugin folder” button. Then simply add it.

open plugin folder

Step 05: Now, enable the plugin, as shown in the screenshot. After enabling it, you’ll see a message on screen. Click “Download now.”

Download now

Step 06: After clicking “Download Now”, it will take some time to download its essential files.

After clicking Download Now

Step 07: Now, let’s check and enjoy!

let's check and enjoy

After following these simple steps, you’ve successfully installed the MessageLoggerV2 plugin on your Discord. This plugin is really helpful for storing logs of all the messages sent in a Discord server. If you want to see deleted messages, then you can do this with this process.

How To See Deleted Images And Messages On Discord Mobile

If you are a mobile user then you don’t need to download any plugin of Discord. You just have to download a simple software. But before download you should know it is crack software. Sometimes, this crack software makes some issues on mobile. We don’t take any responsibility for this.

Step 01: To do this, you need to download and install 3rd party software. So, click this link and download an app.

install 3rd party software

Step 02: Click the “Register option” and fill up all the required information.

Register option

Step 03: After registering, create your server.

create your server

Step 04: Now, go to the “User settings” and tap on the “Blue Mods”.

Blue Mods

Step 05: You can see 3 options and click on “Chat”. Then this app wants permission from you. Just click “Deny”. Don’t click allow.

click on Chat

Step 06: Now you can see several options here. Just find out the “Anti Message Delete option”. Click on it and choose the 2nd option “Block Delete Log”.

Block Delete Log

Step 07: It’s time to check. Check and enjoy.

With following this process, you will be able to see the deleted images as well as messages from Discord mobile.

Check and enjoy

Can You Report Deleted Messages On Discord?

When a message is deleted, you can’t report it. If the message hasn’t been removed yet and is abusive, you have the right to notify authorities.

So, if someone is sending you abusive or hurtful messages, it’s deleted before you take a screenshot. If you are being harassed on Discord, you can contact law enforcement or the platform itself to try and stop the abuser.

But, how can you do that? I think you may guess what to do! The process is simple. At first, you need to retrieve the abusive message and then report to the Discord. You may already learn how to retrieve a deleted message by the methods that mentioned above.

Now, if you don’t know how to report a person who sends abusive messages, then follow this video.

Don’t avoid taking a screenshot of the message as it will help you to report more easily. It’s high time to take a stand against such people and make sure they are punished for their actions.

How Do You Turn Off Explicit Content On Discord?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with people who use abusive language or inappropriate words in their conversations. Fortunately, there are some popular bots available that can help you block these people from contacting you again in future conversations. Let’s see what they are:

Dyno Bot

The purpose of Dyno bot is to help you manage your Discord community. It will help you moderate your community by allowing you to easily set up roles, assign different permissions, and create automated tasks.

For example:

If anyone sends a message that is slung or bad language. Then, this bot will automatically remove those messages. Sounds cool, right?

Moreover, it’s also a great tool for managing your server’s activity. You can see who has been online recently and who hasn’t, as well as which users have been idle for too long.

So, how to setup Dyno Discord Bot? If you don’t know how to setup this bot follow this video below:

Logger Bot

The Logger bot is the best alternative to Dyno bot. It is a free program that can be used to filter out messages. It will automatically remove any messages that are considered spam or abuse.

What’s other advantages?

1. It can be used to send reminders to users who have missed out on some important announcements or events.

2. you can use it to send automated messages when someone joins your Discord server

You can use both of the Dyno and Logger bots to turn off explicit messages or pictures.

If you don’t know how to use Logger Bot, then this video is for you.

Final Word

Discord is an app that lets you chat with people who have similar interests as you. But, some people misuse this platform. Sometimes, they send us nude pictures or abusive messages. But the worst part is they deleted them. In this case, you need to retrieve it first according to the methods mentioned above.

You should report against them on Discord. You can also use bots to remove spam or abusive messages. Hope this content will be helpful for you. Thank You!

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