How To Set Up MacBook Clamshell Mode?

How To Set Up MacBook Clamshell Mode

Some years back, you could only think of operating your PC on another monitor while you had the lid closed. It looked almost impossible until Apple came and proved it was possible with Macbook clamshell mode. After that, it is no longer a dream but a reality.

MacBook Clamshell Mode is the new feature that lets you use your Macbook on another monitor while the Mac is closed and charging. Of course, not all Mac can do this, but those with a USB-C port and thunderbolt 3 can get into the mode.

There are many things you should learn about this mode if you ever want to get into it. Also, you need to know how to get out of the mode as a Mac owner or user. So I will discuss everything with you on this page.

Article Summary:

  • MacBook clamshell mode is very easy to get in for anyone
  • You can use the Clamshell mode even without power through the use of the amphetamine app
  • Without the essential tools, it will be hard to get into clamshell mode
  • You must keep the Macbook cool using an external fan or take a break often. It helps to ensure the laptop does not overheat.

What Is Macbook Clamshell Mode?

In simple terms, Clamshell mode provides a way to hook your Macbook up to an external monitor and keep the Macbook’s lid closed while you work. It also allows you to use your Macbook plugged in as a desktop computer with an external keyboard, mouse, and display.

You should know that the Macbook is completely powered down. It will still run certain processes in the background, which is why you need to keep the Mac charged. Keeping the Mac charged is that it can run out of charge when using it.

what is macbook clamshell mode

Also, apart from charging it, you need to ensure enough ventilation to keep the Mac cool when in Clamshell mode. Once you have the Mac closed, the fan will get inactive, and there is no way that the heat buildup will get out of the Mac.

Too much of this heat will lead to overheating, which could damage the Mac. So, you must get an external fan that you can use to keep the Mac cool whenever you are using it in this mode.

In addition, to use this mode, you need more than your Mac. You need an external monitor or TV, AC power adapter, and USB or wireless keyboard with mouse.

Why Is Cooling Important In Clamshell Mode?

Cooling is important in the clamshell mode because it prevents the processor from overheating. This is done by using a heat sink, a piece of metal that absorbs and dissipates heat away from the processor. A fan can also cool down the processor by blowing air across it.

If a computer does not have good cooling, the processor can overheat and cause the system to shut down or not work. Unfortunately, many Macs have got damaged due to a lack of this information, and you should not make the same mistake.

There are cooling devices that you can consider in the market, and I prefer Lamicall Laptop Cooling Pad because it is very easy to use and effective. So just get yourself one of the best in the market and ensure you rightly place the Mac on it to keep it cool.

Your failure to keep the Macbook cool will only lead to the early destruction of the laptop. However, the damages can be more than what you ever think of. So, you should take precautions and not try to opt for fixing when you have the power to prevent the damages.

How To Set Up and Operate In Clamshell Mode?

If you have a Mac and want to set up and operate in clamshell mode, you need to follow the method below.

How To Set Up and Operate In Clamshell Mode

Tools you need:

  • AC power adapter that came with the MacBook
  • Monitor or TV
  • Macbook
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • USB-C to HDMI cord
  • High-quality HDMI cord

Simple Ways To Setup Clamshell Mode:

Get your monitor active

You need to switch on your monitor or TV, which serves as the external screen. You should power it on and leave it to the next level. You should also switch on the Macbook and get set for the next step.


  • You need to insert the USB-C adapter into the Type C port in your MacBook.
  • Pick your HDMI and insert one end into the adapter and the other end into the monitor.
  • Now, you should have a multi-screen once the connection is right
  • Connect the power adapter of the Macbook as you need to keep it charged
  • Close the Macbook, and you will see the monitor as the primary display screen

Connecting the Bluetooth and mouse

  • You should go to the system preference
  • Locate Bluetooth icon, choose and ensure it is turned on
  • Put your devices in pairing mode and connect them
  • Go ahead to use your device

How Do I Use Clamshell On Mac?

Using a clamshell on a mac is a simple thing to do. The method requires no trick whatsoever, as all you need is the availability or access to the right tools.

How Do I Use Clamshell On Mac

You can use clamshell on mac through your quality HDMI cable. You need it with other tools and, most importantly, the external monitor. You can also use a TV set depending on what you have within your reach.

Connect the Mac with the monitor using the USB adapter and HDMI cord, and then you can go ahead to cover the Macbook while you use the monitor as the main display. So, this is the simple way you can use MacBook clamshell mode.

How Do I Put My Macbook In Clamshell Mode Without Power?

To put your Macbook in a clamshell mode without power is not a difficult thing to do. However, if you have the whole setup in place and remove the power adapter, the monitor will go off, and then it is quite hard to do anything.

You should not worry too much as the method below will take you through steps you need to follow to use your Mac in a clamshell mode without power.

Method to use clamshell mode when the power adapter is disconnected:

  • Get to the apple store and download amphetamine
  • Download it, install and open it
  • Locate the icon at the top corner of the screen, as seen in the image below
  • Click on it and choose indefinitely.
  • Unselect allows the system to sleep when the display is closed
  • Click OK


MacBook clamshell mode is proof that there is nothing too impossible in the technology world. Years back, it was difficult to do, and now, it is something most Mac users often use, especially those who are graphics-oriented.

The interesting part of it is that anyone can use the mode. So it is never difficult, and this page reveals all you need to know.

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