How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing?

How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing

I love going on the stealth mode to prevent people from knowing my current location. The idea also helps stop mobile apps from misusing my location data and sharing it with third parties without my consent.

But if your phone has a spy app, it will constantly track your location and share crucial mobile activities with people monitoring it. The spying and tracking issues tend to force people to learn how to stop sharing location without them knowing.

I wrote this article guide to share some hacks to stop your gadgets from sharing location with family and friends. Remember that this option comes with advantages and disadvantages in the long run.

Is There a Way to Stop Sharing Location Without Notifying a Person?

Sharing location on your phone helps the family and friends to trace you or your device. The feature comes with many advantages rather than disadvantages. But sharing your geo more often can compromise your privacy.

So, is there a way to stop sharing location without notifying a person? Yes. Turning off the phone and disabling the location feature are reliable ways to stop sharing geo without notifying a person.

These methods prevent people from tracking your real-time location without sending notifications to them. But when you reactivate these features, your friends or family will receive notifications.

Disabling the location sharing feature will inhibit your friends or family from seeing your mobile number from the contact list. But this depends on your phone type since some will still display your number in the contact list.

Remember to tweak your phone settings to prevent sending messages to friends or family after disabling your location feature. iPhones with Find My App tend to notify the contact list through the iMessage app.

How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing?

Sometimes I usually want to be left alone without the world knowing my current location. A little privacy helps me handle my mental issues and get rejuvenated.

Most people tend to turn off the Find My App to hide their location. But this is not enough since your friends or family will get a notification.

How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing

There are other creative methods for hiding your geo without notifying friends or family. The following are tips to stop sharing location without them knowing:

Method 1: Use Airplane Mode

Most people think that Airplane Mode is ideal for boarding a plane alone. But the feature disables all the cellular and internet connections.

Use Airplane Mode

It is the most reliable method to stop someone from tracking your location and other crucial cellular activities. Below are quick tips to activate airplane mode:

  • Open the control center interface by swiping down the screen.
  • Tap the airplane icon on the upper-left-hand corner.
  • The airplane mode will turn orange to imply its activation.
  • Tap the airplane icon again if you wish to re-activate your cellular connections.

Method 2: Turn-off Precise Location

Turning off precise location in Find My App is another reliable method for hiding your geo without notifying friends or family.

Turn-off Precise Location

The phone will serve you personalized content without letting people know your current location. Below are quick steps to follow:

  • Open phone settings and select privacy.
  • Select location services and tap on Find My App.
  • Tap the Precise Location icon to change the green color.
  • Repeat the above procedures for the messaging app and other apps.

Method 3: Disable Find My App

Find My App is the center point for sharing locations with friends or family. Disabling the feature will help stop location sharing with everyone. Below are quick steps to follow:

  • Launch the Find My App.
  • Tap on the Me tab at the bottom.
  • Toggle off the share my location button.

Method 4: Use Another Phone to Change Your Location

The method is suitable for those people using iPhone devices. The option allows users o share locations from another iPad or iPhone.

When sharing a location with another iOS gadget, your phone’s current location will remain hidden. Below are quick steps to follow:

  • Unlock your phone and launch the setting app.
  • Tap your profile followed by the Find My option.
  • Toggle share my location option on the screen.

How to Fake a GPS Location on Your Phone?

Most people opt for extreme measures when hiding GPS location on their phones. It helps dictate the gadget to fake the GPS location.

So, can you fake a GPS location on your phone? Yes. I recommend installing either Tenoshare iAnygo or NordVPN application on your phone.

These applications allow the users to choose their preferred location by tweaking the current geo. It is also an ideal option for stopping sharing locations without notifying people.

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How to Tell If Someone Stopped Sharing Location?

Most phones tend to compromise people’s privacy since there is an option to activate sharing your location. Some friends or family members can use the setting to monitor your movement for safety purposes.

But you can personalize these settings and forget to disable sharing location feature. Below are quick tips to tell if someone stopped sharing location:

  • Go to the phone settings and tap on the profile.
  • Tap Find My and see the list of people seeing your whereabouts.
  • Review the list of people who can track your location by tapping on them.

Final Words

The kidnapping rate has become a global issue, and many people tend to care for their loved ones regardless of age. Phone manufacturers have made it possible to track someone’s whereabouts for safety purposes.

If you plan to stop sharing your location without notifying friends or family, you risk making them worried. I recommend informing your close friend or family member before tweaking your phone settings.

Learning how to stop sharing locations without them knowing is a no-brainer task. Keep in mind that the option tends to come with advantages and shortcomings. Feel free to share these hacks with your friends or family members, seeking privacy.

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