How To Tell If Youtube Views Are Fake – Check these Methods

How To Tell If Youtube Views Are Fake

The growing popularity of YouTube is something that attracts everyone to become a top-level YouTuber. And to do so nowadays many YouTubers are going for fake subscribers, views, comments, and so on.

Among all the fake things, the use of fake views is growing rapidly as large number of views always impresses the viewers. However, there are some ways that anyone can apply to identify the fake and real viewers of any YouTube video clip.

Interested in knowing how to tell if youtube views are fake or real? In that case, follow this article toCheck out these reliable methods to spot fake views on YouTube. Let’s get started.

Why YouTubers Are Going For Fake Views?

No matter whether it’s YouTube or anything else, it always takes a lot of effort to start and grow a new business. But the reality is that most new YouTubers aren’t willing to invest time and creativity, and they’d rather go for fake stuff.

Investing in fake views is an easy way to increase the channel’s value as well as popularity. Alongside popularity, YouTubers purchase fake views to go viral, stay on the trends list, enhance audience engagement rates, and collaborate with top brands.

In some cases, fake views also help to monetize the YouTube channel as well as amplify the profits. And these are some of the core reasons that encourage most YouTubers to go for fake views.

How To Tell If YouTube Views Are Fake

Whether you’re a content creator or a general viewer, there are two different ways that you can follow to identify fake views. Want to know about those methods?  In that case, follow the section included below to know some methods to indicate fake views. Have a look:

How To Tell If Youtube Views Are Fake

1. As a Content Creator:

Knowing about fake views is important if you have a channel and want to promote your YouTube content through marketers. When you’re paying someone for promoting, you must know how to identify fake views as fake views will add no value to your channel. Here are some of the ways or methods that you can try:

Check The Traffic Sources:

Check The Traffic Sources

The very first thing you can do to indicate fake views on your channel is checking the traffic sources. You can check traffic sources to know from which sources you are getting views. Some of the legal sources of getting traffic on your content are:

  • Search
  • Suggested videos
  • Playlists
  • Browse features

However, when checking traffic from YouTube Analytics, if you notice traffic from an unknown source or ad network, these views are likely fake. Whenever you notice traffic from a website that is not related to your content, it means both traffic and views are fake.

Compare The Views And Watch Time:

The next thing you can do to figure out fake views in your content is to compare the views and watch time. A high or large amount of views while having an unreasonably less watch time indicates that the views are fake.

Compare The Views And Watch Time

That is because fake viewers will only view the video to increase the viewing count, not the watch hour. Plus, you’ll notice a big amount of drop in your content’s beginning as fake viewers only view the video for a couple of seconds.

In short, if the watch hour ratio is relatively lower than the viewing, then it’s common that the views are fake.

Look At The Engagement:

By looking at the overall engagement of your channel, you can easily determine if the views are fake or not. If you’re getting a lot of views on your videos and if the views are real, then you’ll notice changes in other aspects.

Look At The Engagement

That means you’ll also find differences in likes, dislikes, shares, comments, and subscribers. And if you don’t notice any impressions in other directions than the view, the views are probably fake.

Check From Where The Views Are Coming From:

While checking the engagement, don’t forget to check from where the views are coming from. If most of the views are from developing countries like South Asian countries, and you live in the US, the views may be fake.

Check From Where The Views Are Coming From

Moreover, YouTube will pay you based on region, and you’ll not get a good amount of money from most of the South Asian viewers. In short, you will get different amount of money based on different countries.

2. As a Viewer:

Not only as a content creator but as a viewer, you can also identify whether views on a video are fake or not. And to do so, there are some simple ways that you can follow. However, some reliable methods are included below, have a look:

Look At The Subscriber:

If you’re not a content creator, the easiest way to spot fake views as a viewer is by looking at subscribers. Suppose you’re watching content that has 100k views and that channel has 1k subscribers and other content has fewer views, then the views are fake.

Look At The Subscriber

This is because if someone gets large number of views on their content, other content is more likely to get close views as well. Moreover, you should also check the views of recent videos as well as pinned videos.

If you notice fewer views on recent videos than pinned videos, the views may be fake.

Most Of The Comments Will Be Irrelevant:

Another way to identify the fake views on YouTube is manually checking the comments. It may be a time-consuming way, but it’s way more effective. Checking the comments before going with a partnership with any channel could be the main task for anyone.

Most Of The Comments Will Be Irrelevant

If the views are not fake then you’ll see real and related comments on the comment section. On the other hand, unrelated, over-simplistic, vain comments on videos, mean those views and engagement in the content is fake.

The most effective way to identify the real comments is they are completely relevant and related to the content.

Final Thoughts

You see, this is no longer a rumor, and fake views exist on YouTube. So now you know how to identify fake views  and other related aspects to YouTube fake views.

Moreover, we’ve shown some of the reliable ways how to tell if youtube views are fake or not. We’ve included different methods for both content creators as well as regular or casual viewers.

Fake views may be good for showing off, but they bring nothing good to the content as well as the channel. Therefore, always try to ignore fake views and content that has fake views.

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