How to Timestamp Youtube Comments Mobile?

How to Timestamp Youtube Comments Mobile

It’s known by all that YouTube is the largest streaming platform packed with many user-friendly features. Among many features and facilities, timestamp is the unique one that is both convenient and time-saving.

Timestamp is a reliable and user-friendly feature that will let you go to a specific segment or moment in a flash. However, the fact is that most YouTube users think that making a timestamp comment is difficult, but this is not true.

From computer to mobile, you can create and make a timestamp effortless. And if you’re interested in knowing how to timestamp youtube comments mobile, follow this article for guidance.

What Does ‘timestamp’ Exactly Mean In A YouTube Comment?

What’s the reason behind YouTube’s mess popularity? It’s simple, this platform is free, and all the features are super easy that can be operated by anyone. And timestamp is a reliable feature that offers enhanced usability by saving time.

Timestamp is a unique and great feature offered by YouTube that both content creators and viewers can create. The main purpose of making or creating a timestamp comment is to create a clickable link of any moment in the video you’re watching.

Posting a timestamp comment will allow users to click on the comment and to go to the mentioned time and part instantly. Suppose you create a timestamp of 07:33 in the comment box, and then clicking on the blue highlighted time will let you quickly go to the 07:33 part.

How To Timestamp YouTube Comments Mobile

Since you already have a brief understanding of timestamp comments on YouTube, it’s time to show you the process. Creating a timestamp comment is fairly easy whether you are a mobile or computer user. Simply follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process to create a timestamp YouTube comment from mobile.

How to Timestamp Youtube Comments Mobile

Open YouTube And Navigate Your Desired Video Clip:

The very first thing you have to do is open the YouTube app from your phone, or you can use a browser. After that play your desired video clip or any video on YouTube to create a timestamp comment.

Open YouTube And Navigate Your Desired Video Clip

Watch The Video And Select The Time To Want To Link To:

Now watch the full video, or you can scroll through the video to find the moment you want to highlight.

Watch The Video And Select The Time To Want To Link To

Click On The Pause In The Video You Want To Create A Timestamp:

Once you find the segment you’d like to highlight to get an answer or for any other purpose, pause the video. Remember, you have to pause the video exactly at the time you want to mention it in the comment.

Note The Time And Go To The Comment Section:

Now it’s time to note the time and go to the comment section. If the content creator is not turned off the comment section, you and anyone can comment in the comment section.

Note The Time And Go To The Comment Section

Prepare Your Comment:

It’s time to prepare your comment, and for making a timestamp comment, you have to follow a specific format. The format is hours:minutes: seconds. Remember you can not put any space between hours, minutes, and seconds.

Prepare Your Comment

Publish Your Comment With The Clickable Timestamp:

Once your comment is ready, it’s time to publish it. Publish the comment and if you have followed the right format, then you’ll see your timestamp comment highlighted in blue.

Publish Your Comment With The Clickable Timestamp

Note: Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, you can follow the method mentioned above on all mobile phone platforms.

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How Does A Timestamp Comment On YouTube Work?

You’re not the only one who’s curious about the working mechanism of timestamp comments on YouTube. There are many users out there who are also interested in learning more about this.

Well, the timestamp comment is a unique feature introduced by YouTube in 2020 that offers a simple working mechanism. An automatic link will be created when viewers comment on a YouTube video by mentioning a time (hours:minutes: minutes: seconds).

It’s the best way to reach any specific or key part of a YouTube video without watching the whole clip. And the more rewarding aspect of this timestamp is it can be done by anyone from the content creator to the viewer.

In short, the viewing perspective becomes more efficient and easier with this timestamp comment system.

Can You Post Multiple Timestamps Comment On a YouTube Video?

If the content creator has not blocked the comment section, you and anyone can comment on anything in the comment section. You can comment on anything, including timestamp comments in the comment section.

However, YouTube doesn’t have any limitations on commenting, and you can make multiple and even unlimited comments on the same content. So that you can easily be able to make or create multiple timestamp comments on a YouTube video.

By making multiple timestamp comments, you can ask the creator to answer your multiple queries. Plus, you can be able to help others to reach the key parts of the video instantly instead of watching an hour-long video.

Differences Between The Timestamp Comment And Timestamp Video Link?

Timestamp comments and timestamp video links may require different actions to make, but they serve the same purposes. When it’s about creating a timestamp comment you’ve to mention the time.

On the other hand, you have to mention a link in the comment section to make a timestamp video link. And the core benefit of making a timestamp video link is you can share this link on any social platform you want.

The timestamp video link will instantly let you go to the specific moment or time of the time-stamped video link-created video. Here is the video link that you can follow as guidance for making a timestamp video link.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, making or creating a timestamp comment on YouTube from a phone is not a difficult task. All you have to do is follow the provided step by step guidance to make a timestamp comment from both iPhone and Android.

However, always remember to maintain the time mentioning format before publishing your comment. If you don’t follow the proper format which is hours:minutes:seconds, then you may not be able to make a timestamp comment of your desired part or moment.

Today try this timestamp feature and enhance your and other viewing experience by saving valuable time.

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