How to Use GoSurf Free Wi-Fi?

I love traveling using public transport across the country due to the nature of my work, and I spend most of the time browsing on the phone. Buying mobile data seems to be more expensive than transport costs.

I stumbled on a guy in the city metro train about two weeks ago, and he was using a free Wi-Fi network. He taught me how to use Gosurf free Wi-Fi, which proved cost-effective, compared to data bundle prices.

I wrote this article guide to share steps to use a Go surf free Wi-Fi and tips for staying safe while on a public Wi-Fi network. Take the time to read it and find out if the Gosurf free Wi-Fi network is secure.

What Is the Purpose of GoSurf Free Wi-Fi?

A GoSurf free Wi-Fi is the fastest and secured public hotspot service from Global Telcom that provides smooth Wi-Fi experiences to its customers.

The Wi-Fi users can enjoy an internet connection of up to 100mbs and undertake their online activities without experiencing interruption.

The high-speed internet allows the users to browse Facebook, Instagram photo uploads, stream videos, check emails, download and upload files.

What Is the Purpose of GoSurf Free Wi-Fi

Besides that, GoSurf free Wi-Fi can update most used phone applications and listen to your favorite online music playlists.

The actual signal strength may vary due to the number of users and interferences from other mobile devices. Free Wi-Fi is also available for use in selected areas.

GoSurf free Wi-Fi service is open to TNT, TM, Smart, Global, and Sun subscribers. The user only needs a registered mobile number to access the service.

How to Use GoSurf Free Wi-Fi?

Learning to use a GoSurf free Wi-Fi is a no-brainer task since it involves connecting and validating your mobile number before using it.

The high-speed public internet service has some precise guidelines for registration. The user needs to either contact customer support or visit the Gosurf website.

How to Use GoSurf Free Wi-Fi

Below are quick steps to use a GoSurf free Wi-Fi:

Step 1: Connect the Phone and Wi-Fi

Open your phone and select Wi-Fi settings to search for the GoSurf signal or toggle. You will get a list of Gosurf hotspots on the screen.

Pay extra attention to the names and pick a reputable option. Otherwise, there is a high risk of choosing an insecure hotspot name leading to personal information leaks.

Step 2: Enter Mobile Number

A GoSurf with a free Gowifi portal will appear on your phone screen. Look at the bottom of the screen and enter your mobile number in the empty box.

The Gowifi will send a confirmation code to validate the user. I recommend reading the terms and conditions of the GoSurf before entering the phone number.

Step 3: Enter Validation Code

A validation code will be sent via SMS to your phone from GoSurf. Copy the code and paste it into the white box and click the go button.

Remember to double-check your mobile number if you do not receive the code. Select the change number option and re-enter the correct number.

Step 4: Time to Surf

You will receive a congratulation screen display message on your phone. Use the public Wi-Fi network to search for necessary information online.

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Where Can You GoSurf Free Wi-Fi?

During my traveling experience across the country, I realized that Gosurf free Wi-Fi services are not available in every area.

So, where can you Gosurf free Wi-Fi? It is available in provincial airports, Cebu international airport, malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, selected LRT and MRT stations.

Besides that, there are many places in Mindanao, NCR, North Luzon, Visayas, and South Luzon with GoSurf Free Wi-Fi services. Take the time to check out the list of hotspots in these regions.

Gosurf free Wi-Fi services come with a premium package to allow users to go beyond free browsing time and connect to hotspots without portals or ads.

Is GoSurf Free Wi-Fi Safe?

Many people across the country are reluctant to use public Wi-Fi networks due to the rapid increase in cybercrime rates. But most Telcom companies in the country strive to ensure their subscribers’ details are protected.

So, is GoSurf free Wi-Fi safe? Yes. It is the fastest and most secured public Wi-Fi service in the country. But exercise precautions to those websites that request personal information to avoid online scams.

I recommend installing a reputable and reliable application on the phone to protect vital details while accessing the Gosurf free Wi-Fi services. It is a public Wi-Fi service vulnerable to online scams through personal information request pop-ups.

Is GoSurf Free Wi-Fi Safe

What to Do If GoSurf Free Wi-Fi Is Not Working?

GoSurf free Wi-Fi availability is growing since it is found across the country. Most mall chains and Manila Metro have GoWiFi hotspots. Besides that, buying promos for GoSurf free Wi-Fi is super straightforward.

So, what can I do if GoSurf free Wi-Fi is not working? Double-check the mobile number and validate the real user by entering the confirmation code received via SMS. The Gosurf free Wi-Fi won’t work if the user validation is not undertaken.

Click the change number button and re-enter the phone number correctly to receive a confirmation code. Copy and paste it into the white box, then click the go button. The GoWiFi settings will validate the code and sent a congratulation display message.

Tips for Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Thousands of people get scammed online when using secured and unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Many Wi-Fi service companies advise their subscribers to encrypt their information when accessing the internet.

Below are quick tips for staying safe on public Wi-Fi networks:

  • Do not access financial information on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Sign in or send personal information to fully encrypted websites.
  • Log out from your accounts after using a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Keep the browser and security software updated to get alerts from malicious websites.
  • Change the mobile settings to avoid auto-connect to any nearby public Wi-Fi.
  • Install a browser add-ons that forces encryption on popular websites.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article guide helped on how to use GoSurf free Wi-Fi. You can now have an unlimited and stable internet connection without incurring additional costs.

Many people use the above steps to connect to GoSurf free Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere. But this public free Wi-Fi is available in specific areas.

Feel free to share this information with your loved ones in any community. Remember to share your experience on GoSurf free Wi-Fi services in the comment section.

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