How To Use Ssn To Buy Things On Amazon?

How To Use Ssn To Buy Things On Amazon

Your Social Security number, better known as SSN, is not a credit card or a debit card. The card only features your social security number which the government uses for income tax purposes and other related services.

So, how can I buy things on Amazon using Ssn? You cannot use your Ssn to order things on Amazon. To order from Amazon, you require a debit card or a credit card linked to your bank.

Nonetheless, you can still use the SSN card to buy things from Amazon but not in the same way as a credit card.

Below, I will discuss if you can use your SSN to buy things from Amazon, how to use it and if it’s safe to put it on Amazon.

Can I Use My Social Security Card To Order Items From Amazon?

No. You cannot use your Ssn to buy things because it’s not a credit card or debit card. Furthermore, the Ssn card is not linked in any way to your bank, debit, or credit cards.

You require a credit card or a debit card that is linked to your bank to buy from Amazon. While you can still buy from Amazon without a credit card or debit card, you’ll need your bank routing number and checking number.

Can I Use My Social Security Card To Order Items From Amazon

If you don’t have any of the options above, you can use a gift card. However, buying from Amazon directly using an Ssn is not possible.

However, you’ll still find articles online telling you it’s possible to buy items on Amazon using SSN.

Well, the internet is filled with all manner of hoaxes. Most people think the Federal bank maintains accounts for individuals, and the accounts are linked to your social security number. This information is false.

There are no such accounts. Banks only need your SSN to verify identity, report delinquent payments and check credit scores. None of these activities convert your SSN to a credit card.

What about payroll taxes paid to social security numbers? The payroll taxes don’t just go to a bank under your name. Payroll taxes go to accounts that pay benefits to other people.

The money is only paid to qualifying dependents when one dies, is disabled, or is retired. it‘s also paid monthly with the amount depending on the amount paid initially. It’s different from your traditional bank where you can withdraw money whenever you want.

No bank account is linked to your social security number

In the past, most people have tried to use the Federal Reserve routing account number to pay for bills. These are unauthorized transactions that would lead to late fees.

You cannot use the federal reserve routing account number to pay for bills when making an online or echeck payment.

What’s more, the Federal Bank does not offer accounts for individuals. It only provides accounts for banks.

Any attempt using the Federal Reserve account number will be rejected and bill payments returned as unpaid attracting fees.

So, can one really buy things on Amazon using Ssn? Keep reading to learn more.

How To Use Ssn To Buy Things On Amazon?

I did mention you can buy items from Amazon using SSN but not in the way you expect it. You must qualify for the retirement benefits. Furthermore, you’re not just going to use the SSN card to order items directly.

You need to qualify for the benefits and then use the money to buy from Amazon. Not as favorable as you wanted, right? Let’s see how you qualify:

How To Use Ssn To Buy Things On Amazon

Reach 62 years

You’ll gain your social security benefits from 62 years. This simply means you have to work until you reach at least 62 years. At 62 years old, you’re guaranteed your social security retirement benefits and can now shop freely.

Work for 40 quarters

Persons born from 1929 and above need at least 10 years of work before they can qualify for retirement benefits.

Retirement benefits are earned once you’ve worked for a minimum of 40 quarters. What’s more, you cannot buy or borrow credits from others.

Just make sure you work for at least ten years and then apply for the retirement benefits.

Keep on Paying the Social Security Tax

These payments will help fund your disability, retirement, and survivor benefits in the future. Keep on paying them if you want to benefit from them in the future.

If you fail, you might be subjected to penalties and interests.

Apply for the retirement benefits online

You can apply for retirement, spouse, disability, or Medicare benefits online. The application can also be done by visiting the SSA offices and checking if you’re eligible.

Buy directly from Amazon with Money

Well, once you get the social security benefits, you can buy directly from Amazon using the money. This can be in the form of a gift card, debit card, or credit card.

Is It Safe To Put Your Social Security Number On Amazon?

Yes, it is completely safe to put your social security number on Amazon. Amazon is one of the safest companies out there. They might need the number to create an account, verify identity, and help in cashing out.

However, Amazon will not ask for your social security number when buying items. You need bank account information, gift card, debit card, or credit card to make a purchase.

If you find Amazon asking for SSN when purchasing an item, then check again. Most likely, that’s a fake Amazon site. You can check more Amazon scams on Reddit where scammers try to get SSN for identity theft.

Most fake websites don’t use secure certificates. The only time when Amazon might require your SSN is when you open a certain account with them. This is a requirement by the US Patriot Act and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to track your earnings.

Final Words

Looking to purchase from Amazon and not sure whether your SSN card can order? Your social security number is not a credit or debit card and cannot order items on Amazon. You only use it when registering seller accounts, personal accounts, or business accounts on Amazon. However, you cannot use it to pay for items.

Instead, get a debit card, credit card, or Amazon gift card and use it to order items. There is no link between your SSN and your credit card, or debit card to help you make a purchase.

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