Is Data Recovery Possible After Formatting?

Is Data Recovery Possible After Formatting

Data recovery from deleted or formatted hard disk drives is possible in most cases. If you lose important data from the hard drives, it is better to approach a professional data recovery service technician. Even if you reform or reinstall your personal computer(PC) operating system, you can still hope to recover your data.

But you should know the dangers and processes that help ensure your recovery. If anyhow your essential data get formatted, in the meantime, a question will arise in your mind that is: Is data recovery possible after formatting?

I think you got the immediate answer. The first thing you need to do is to shut down the PC or any other device. This shutdown is very crucial to recover formatted data.

Let’s move through the article to learn about data recovery from a formatted hard drive.

Is Data Recovery Possible After Formatting?

Yes, you can restore data and files in any format. All of the old files are erased when you perform the formatting action. The data deleted or formatted means being lost forever.

But the interesting thing is that the data remains in memory storage until new data overwrites the deleted data space. So you have to avoid any overwriting to make the process easy.

Is Data Recovery Possible After Formatting

Computer scientists have disputes about data recovery from deleted files. But they all agree to stop writing or operating your device immediately after noticing the format or deletion. Overwriting in the device memory makes recovery difficult and may be lost forever.

How Can I Recover Files From a Formatted Hard Disk?

If you subconsciously lose valuable files, don’t worry; you can restore deleted data using data recovery software like Disk Drill and EaseUS Data Recovery wizard.

You can restore your files easily after deletion from an external hard disk drive, hard drive partition, SD card,  USB, and any other data storage device in the windows operating system by that professional software.

Hard disk formatting may occur due to corrupted files, the crash of the hard disk, low performance, power off, malware attacks, etc. This article will show you the easiest way to recover your formatted data. But the safest way is to go for a third party or expert to recover data.

Steps to Restore Data After Format by EaseUs At a Glance

  1. First, you need to download and install the EaseUs data recovery software on your PC.
  2. Secondly, you must initiate the software and choose the drive you wish to scan.
  3. Identify the files and choose the files to restore.
  4. Select Recover to restore the selected files.

How to Recover Formatted Data by EaseUS Data Recovery Software in Detail

EaseUS is one of the most popular tools to recover formatted data. With this software, you can regain all formatted data from any windows compatible data storage device.

It has a higher data-recovery success rate and outstanding data restoration quality. Download the required software format on your computer and go through the below process to recover your data.

The guidance is to show you the recovery process. Connect the formatted device and apply the method:

Step-1: Download and install the original EaseUs application for Windows from its website.

Download and install the original EaseUs application

Step-2: Launch the EaseUs Hard Disk Data Recovery Wizard. Then select the hard drives formatted accidentally and click on the “Scan.”


Step-3: In this step, the EaseUs software will start searching for the lost files and data. When the search is completed, you can click the filter tab to scan the specific data type to find your necessary data quickly.

EaseUs software will start searching for the lost files and data

Step-4: Look over the scanned data or files. Then choose the files you want to restore to your computer memory and select the “Recovery” option. Please select a new destination for the files to store on it and finally select “Ok.”


EaseUs data recovery software can recover the formatted data and supports data recovery lost during reinstallation, lost partition, and recovery files even if emptied from the recycle bin.

Formatted Data Recovery With Any Professional Data Recovery Service :

When serious damage occurs to your hard drive, you should go to a professional data recovery station to recover your data.

The data recovery stations have some modern and updated software to recover data. They also have some expert hand in recovering data from any complex situation.

Why And When You May Need to Format Data?

Though formatting seems a destructive operation that causes loss of valuable data, hard drive users need to format data for various purposes. Sometimes you may need to delete or format some data to make your drive usable.

You may need to format data from your hard disk when you want to convert a FAT file to an NTFS file. Besides, you also may delete it subconsciously or remove any malware effect.

To change this type of file system, you need data formatting. When you click on the “Format” or “Quick Format,” the hard disk or folder files are deleted. In this condition, data recovery is the only way to access your data.

Types Of Drive Formatting

There are two types of drive formatting such as:

1. Low-level Data Formatting:

Low-level data formatting indicates and levels the disk’s surface with assort markers reflecting the beginning of the recording block. At last, it will put the disk in factory condition and erase all the old data.

2. High-Level Formatting:

It indicates quick formatting of your disk data, which usually occurs at the installation of the operating system or during the addition of a new disk.

In these two conditions, you may fail to recover your data and need to use any reliable data recovery software. But always keep in mind that any overwriting can eliminate your existing data forever.

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How to Format Data Safely On The Hard Drive

There are some ways to format your data without the threat of losing it.

Ensure Backup of Your Data Before Formatting

If you are in a condition where you need to format data, you must ensure a proper back of your emergency files. To secure your files, you can back up your data by time and date.

You can use some free backup software to perform the backup safely. Backups are essential to keep your computer use safe, and you should ensure backup regularly.

You may need to set up a backup schedule depending on data types. Static data and file backups may be performed after a few intervals, but the dynamic data needs to be done daily.

In case critical data like brokerage houses and b banks need to ensure constant backup from any remote location.

There are different types of data backups, such as manual or local backups, automatic local backups, cloud backups, full disk backups, and Raid backups.

Use Any Trusted Back Up Software to Back Up Your Data:

Some useful data backup software is:

  • File Explorer
  • EaseUs Partition Master Software
  • Windows Disk Management.

Data Recovery From a Formatted Drive Using Your Backups:

Backup restoring can be done easily with success until it is completed without errors. This is the most useful method to recover any formatted data. You can follow the below steps to recover your data from the backups.

Data recovery from a formatted drive with backups:

  1. Select the files or the file system of the HDD that you need to restore.
  2. Search for the correct backup portrayal to use for the recovery.
  3. Start the restoring process by starting the recovery system from the backups.
  4. Check out the data or files when the recovery process is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see some frequently asked questions on data recovery from a formatted hard disk.

How to recover data from a formatted hard disk in Windows 10?

For any kind of data formatted with essential data, you should use data recovery software like disk drill or EaseUs to regain your lost files.

But always remember data recovery is possible until you don’t overwrite anything. So, never write anything in your formatted data for quick recovery.

How to recover data from a formatted hard disk on Mac?

Data recovery from a formatted drive on Mac is not too difficult with data recovery software like Disk Drill or EasUs. Follow the steps:

  • Download the Disk Drill and install it.
  • Initiate it and scan the deleted hard disk.
  • Find and restore your data.

Can I recover the formatted external hard drive?

Yes, you can recover the  Formatted data from an external drive easily. The same trick is to start the data recovery process before any overwriting with reliable data recovery software.

How to recover a formatted external hard drive?

We suggest you use any recovery software like EaseUS to recover formatted external hard drive data. The recovery process is the same as other recoveries.


Formatting is one of the easiest solutions for any incorrect data or file. But the process may delete your important data forever if you don’t maintain proper backups. Therefore, you need to create a backup of the file that you want to format and ensure that you have formatted the files or HDD folders correctly.

However, if anything goes wrong, you can easily solve the issues using the right software for formatting and recovery. We added all of the possible causes and remedies for data recovery. And we expect you got your answer to the question: Is data recovery possible after formatting?

If you have more queries on data recovery, leave a comment in the comment section. We will answer you within the minimum time.


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