Is Mesh Wi-Fi Good for Gaming?

Is Mesh Wi-Fi Good For Gaming

Is mesh wifi good for gaming? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to that question. That is because a mesh wifi system works as a double-edged sword.

This network system is good for slower-moving and turn-based games. On the other hand, mesh wifi is not good for fast-paced games that require a latency-free connection.

Perhaps the whole mesh wifi usability looks complicated to you. If it does, don’t panic; just follow this article. Here we’ll explain why mesh wifi is good at the same time not good for gaming.

What Is The Purpose Of Mesh Network System?

Before explaining is mesh wifi better for gaming, let’s gather a little knowledge about the mesh network system. Basically, mesh WiFi consists of two more nodes or pods that connect to the existing router and act as a central router.

What Is The Purpose Of Mesh Network System

In short, this network facility is used to increase WiFi range as well as ensure fast speed and reliable connection. What is more, a mesh network also uses the same SSID or identifier, which is exceptionally easy to manage.

Another interesting fact about this network system is you’ll get multiple access points. While traditional WiFi broadcasts the Internet signal from a single point, you can access a mesh network from multiple sources.

Is Mesh Wi-Fi Good For Gaming

As we’ve already said, using mesh wifi for gaming is both good and bad. So what exactly makes this network facility both good and bad for playing games? Well, in the section below, we will explain do wifi mesh systems work for gaming or not.

Is Mesh Wi-Fi Good For Gaming

1. When Mesh Wi-Fi is Good For Gaming:

Let’s start with positive things which is why it’ll be good to use mesh wifi for gaming. Well, you can enjoy several types of games with the network facility. However, some criteria must be met when it comes to playing games over mesh WiFi.

Wondering what those criteria are? Discover those aspects from the section below:

  • The most interesting fact about mesh wifi is that you can enjoy any game that doesn’t require a low-latency network connection.
  • Mesh network facility is also good for all the slower moving as well as turn-based games. That means you can easily enjoy chess, golf, certain RPGs, and so on.
  • Plus, you can easily enjoy most online games when many devices are not connected to the network.

In short, if you’re not a serious gamer and enjoy playing games for relaxation or fun, then mesh wifi could be a good option. Alongside enjoying playing games mesh network facility will also give you enhanced coverage, easy setup, and effortless manageability.

2. When Mesh Wi-Fi isn’t Good For Gaming

Well, a mesh network system is probably not a good choice if you enjoy playing games or are an obsessive gamer. That is because if you play online games regularly, chances are that you like fast-paced and multiplayer games.

When Mesh Wi-Fi isn’t Good For Gaming

However, when it’s about fast-paced and multiplayer games, then a latency-free connection is not only good but also mandatory. It’s mandatory because a little or tiny latency can spoil the whole game.

Well, why is mesh wifi bad for gaming is explained in the section below; take a look:

  • Mesh wifi doesn’t provide latency-free internet connection. Therefore, you cannot enjoy playing games that require latency or lag-free connection, like fast-paced and multiplayer games. That is because a little latency can hamper your whole game plan.
  • You can expect excellent coverage from a fake WiFi, but you won’t get the blazing-fast speeds that most online games require. Nothing can beat the mesh network when it’s about exceptional network coverage.
  • Mesh Wi-Fi lacks some advanced features like adding custom DNS and changing DHCP scope. These advanced features can help improve the gaming experience.

In short, if you are not a casual gamer and don’t play games to relax, then a mesh network could be a source of frustration. Therefore, instead of mesh wifi, try to go for an internet network system that will give you a latency-free connection.

What Are Alternative Solutions To Mesh For Latency-Free Gaming?

As you can see, a mesh network is not a good option when you want latency-free gaming. However, don’t worry too much because there are other options that you can try. Some of the available options are:

Gaming Router:

The easiest solution you can follow to enjoy a latency-free connection while playing an online game is getting a gaming router. These types of routers are specially made for gaming with a lot of whistles and bells. So that you can be able to enjoy a latency-free and enhanced gaming experience.

Gaming Router

Ethernet Cable:

Another effortless solution you can follow to enjoy latency-free gaming is using the Ethernet cable. And everybody knows that nothing can beat the Ethernet when it’s about consistency, speed, and performance. So, if you don’t want to invest on a gaming router, then go for Ethernet cable usability.

Ethernet Cable

Powerline Adapter:

Last but certainly not least, you can also go for a powerline adapter when you want to enjoy stable internet connection for gaming. This facility uses a power wire inside your house to deliver a wired internet connection based on your needs.

Powerline Adapter

Here you have to connect the first adapter to an outlet near your router and connect both router and adapter through an Ethernet cable. Then plug the second adapter near to your device (the device you’ll use to play games.)

Note: The powerline adapter comes with two devices; this facility will not work if you connect them to an extension cord or power strip.

Closing Thoughts

Now you might have a good idea about using mesh wifi to play your favorite game. Plus, now you also know is mesh wifi good for gaming. Well, playing games with a mesh network is a good idea if you’re a casual gamer.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular gamer, then the mesh wifi will never be a good choice for you. That is because a mesh network will cause a lot of latency issues while playing fast-paced and multiplayer games.

Although mesh wifi is not good for most popular games, we’ve shown other methods that you can go for. So we hope you now have a pretty good understanding of mesh networks and playing games with them.

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