Know About Google Chromecast Android Recovery

Is It Possible To Recover Google Chromecast On Android

Google has introduced Google Chromecast to take your TV experience one step ahead. But due to technical problems, it sometimes becomes necessary to perform a Google Chromecast Android recovery.

You can recover the Google Chromecast through the device’s reset button or the Google Home app. The next step is to input the required information, like setting up a new Chromecast device.

Recovering Chromecast will not delete your data. The history of usage will be in your Google backup. You will only reset the device during the process, not the Google Account.

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  • Google Chromecast Android Recovery needs resetting the device.
  • After resetting the device, the saved information can be retrieved from Google Account.
  • In recovery mode, the remote of the Android TV will not work.
  • The Reset button can perform a complete reset on the device, or you can use the Google Home App.

Is It Possible To Recover Google Chromecast On Android?

Yes, it is possible to recover Google Chromecast on Android. Google Chromecast is a home appliance. It connects to an Android TV to enhance your TV experience.

This app allows you to cast TV programs, movies, photos, etc., from your Cast-enabled Android apps. From Google Chromecast, you can also browse Chrome and enjoy live streams.

Is It Possible To Recover Google Chromecast On Android

Even though this appliance enhances the TV experience, sometimes it can malfunction. These malfunctions can be the result of technical bugs on the device. Therefore it becomes necessary to recover Google Chromecast.

To recover Google Chromecast, you will first need to reset the device. Once the reset gets completed, you will have to log into the Google account as if you are setting it for the first time.

How Can I Enter Recovery Mode Chromecast?

Sometimes Google Chromecast has technical problems. In that case, the device will go into recovery mode itself.

Your Android TV screen will show you a message asking to recover Google Chromecast by resetting. But this is not always the case.

While enjoying the Google Chromecast on your Android TV, you might bump into some bugs. There can be many malfunctions. In that case, you will need to put the Google Chromecast into Recovery mode manually.

It is elementary to do. Take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the power supply to the Google Chromecast device.
  • Step 2: With the help of a USB cable, establish a connection between the device and the TV.
  • Step 3: Locate the Reset button on the device.
  • Step 4: Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

Once the LED light turns white from the orange, you will see that the Google Chromecast has entered recovery mode on your TV screen.

How Do I Recover My Google Chromecast On My Android?

The recovery procedure of your Google Chromecast on your Android devices is of two parts. These two parts need to be implemented sequentially.

Recover My Google Chromecast On My Android

Part 1: Resetting

When your Google Chromecast asks you to recover, you will need to reset the whole setting. In this situation, the remote of the Android TV also does not work.

In such a situation, there are two ways by which you can reset the Google Chromecast to recover it on your Android TV.

1. Reset Google Chromecast By Chromecast Device Connected To Android TV

On your Android TV, you will have a Chromecast device connected. Using this, you will be able to reset the Google Chromecast.

Here are the steps discussed briefly.

Step 1: Press And Hold The Reset Button

On the Android TV remote, there is a reset button. But in this situation, that button is kind of useless.

In the Chromecast Device, you will also find a reset button. This button is available on the side of the device in the second generation, third-generation Chromecast, and Ultra Chromecast. On the first-generation model, the switch is on the back.

After locating the button, press and hold it until the LED light on the device stops blinking. Once you see the light turned to be white from orange or red, release the button.

Press And Hold The Reset Button

Step 2: Remove The USB Cable

The Google Chromecast device gets connected to your Android TV with the help of a USB cable. In this step, remove the USB cable from your Android TV.

Step 3: Disconnect The Device

In this situation, the Google Chromecast device has no connection with the TV. But to ensure the reset, it is necessary to disconnect the device’s power.

So, take the power connection cord out of the power socket.

Step 4: Reconnect The Device

After cutting off the power supply to the device, wait for a while, around 3 to 5 minutes. Then again, reconnect the power supply and wait for the LED light to blink again.

Step 5: Reconnect The Android TV

Once the device gets activated, wait for 1-3 minutes. During this time, the reset of the device will be complete, and it will get activated.

Then, reconnect the device with the Android TV with the help of the USB cable.

Step 6: Check

It is necessary to check if the reset successfully recovered the Google Chromecast on the Android TV. So, switch on the TV. If you are not getting the error message, the recovery is complete.

Check the remote also. After resetting, its buttons will be activated again.

2. Reset Chromecast Using Google Home App

The Chromecast can also be operated from your Android phone or tablet. For this, you will need an app called Google Home App.

This app allows you to establish a connection between your Android phone or tablet and the Google Chromecast. Therefore, using this app on your phone or tablet, you can quickly recover Google Chromecast by resetting it.

The following steps will help you in the recovery process:

Step 1: Get Google Home App

The Google Home App is available on Google Play Store.

On the search bar, type Google Home App and search it. Then download and install the app. Approve the required accessibility.

Step 2: Launch The App

Complete the installation procedure carefully. Also, make sure it has permission to access your Google account. Otherwise, you will need to log in manually with your Gmail address and password.

Step 3: Locate Google Chromecast

When you open the app, you need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi. Also, use the same Google account to connect to the Google Home app as before.

Locate Google Chromecast

Once it is done, scroll to the bottom of the home screen of the Google Home App. Here, you will see all your Google Home appliances installed with your Google account. From the list, tap on the Google Chromecast device.

Step 4: Accessing Google Chromecast

Tapping on the Google Chromecast icon will open the Window for Google Chromecast. Check the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that both Google Chromecast and your phone or tablet are under the same Wi-Fi connection.

Accessing Google Chromecast

The setting gear icon is on the top right corner of the Google Chromecast page. From there, tap on the icon.

Step 5: Performing Factory Reset

After opening the settings page of Google Chromecast, scroll down. Under “learn more,” you will find “Factory Reset Device”. Tap on it, and a pop-up window will appear.

Performing Factory Reset

The window will ask for confirmation to reset the device. Tap on OK. The factory reset will start.

Step 6: Set Up Google Chromecast

The factory reset will take a while. But once done, the Chromecast will appear to be just like a new product. You will need to set it up from the beginning.

Provide the required information and establish the necessary connections. Thus it will recover, and it is ready to be operated on.

Part 2: Recover Google Chromecast With New Information

After the reset procedure is done, it is necessary to set up the Google account on Chromecast.

Step 1: Google Home App

To set the refreshed Google Chromecast, you will need to open the Google Home App. From there, choose the account you will be proceeding with.

Step 2: Information

After selecting the account, you will need to provide your name and address. The name you choose will be used to recognize the device later on. Also, allow location access.

Step 3: Choose Device

Your phone will start scanning all the available devices. From the list of the devices, choose Chromecast. Make sure the device is plugged into the TV.

Once the device gets recognized, it is ready for use, and the recovery is completed.

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With the advancement of technology, Google brings different smart home devices. Chromecast is such a smart device. Like other smart devices, it might face bugs from time to time.

You will need to recover the Chromecast to its default state in such a situation. Google Chromecast Android recovery is a simple procedure. It is possible to conduct the whole process from your Android phone or tablet.

All it requires is the Google Home App. During the recovery process, just ensure that you use the same Google Account you were using before recovery.

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