Explore The Easiest Way To Recover Xbox Account

There are hardly find any game lovers who are not familiar with the Xbox. It is usually a Microsoft-owned game console brand that requires creating an account to play games and access other features on your console.

However, it is common for Xbox users to forget the account username and password. Forgetting an Xbox account can be heartbreaking for those who are fond of games. If you ever experience such an issue, don’t be afraid.

Thanks to Microsoft that lets users recover Xbox accounts, including email and other log-in information. If you are perplexed about how to do that, go through the entire context. Here, we’ll discuss some of the simplest methods for recovering any Xbox account.

How To Recover Your Xbox Account?

Xbox accounts can be recovered in multiple ways, but we will discuss the easiest ones. Typically, Xbox accounts have two things: an email and a password.

Recover Xbox Account

When someone forgets the password of an account, they can’t access the account. In that case, recovering the account is the only solution. Check out the methods discussed in the section below to recover your Xbox account.

Method 1: Recover Your Xbox Account Password by Accessing Microsoft Live Website

Microsoft allows Xbox users to recover account passwords by accessing its website. For your help, we have discussed the entire process of recovering the Xbox account password below.

  • First, visit the official website of Microsoft Live using a web browser on your device and click on the “Sign In” button from the home screen.

click on the Sign In button from the home screen

  • Enter your email, phone, or Skype account and click the “Next” button to proceed with the recovery process.

click the Next button

  • At this point, you have to tap on the “Forgot password” option to reset your Xbox password. It will take you to the verify window, where you have to verify that it is your account.

tap on the Forgot password option

  • Choose the method you want to verify your account between email or phone number. Check Mark any methods and tap on the “Get code” option.

tap on the Get code option

  • Then, a code will be automatically sent to your preferred option. If you choose to email, check your mail and copy the code and paste it to the enter code box. Tap on the “Next” option, and you will be taken away to the Reset Your Password window.

Tap on the Next option

  • Here you have to input a new password in the two blank boxes and tap on the “Next” button. Remember, your placed password must be a minimum of 8 characters and case-sensitive.

placed password

  • Finally, you have to press the “Sign in” button to gain access to your Xbox account.

press the Sign in button

Method 2: Recover Your Xbox Account Username Accessing Microsoft Live Website

If you forget your Xbox account username, don’t worry. Hope is not lost. There is a way to recover your Xbox account username from the Microsoft Live website. Below, we have demonstrated how you can do that.

  • Navigate to the “Microsoft Live website” using a web browser and tap on the “Sign In” button from the opened home page.

tap on the Sign In button

  • Click on the “Sign-in options” option just above the “Next” button and choose “Forgot my username” from the displayed menu.

Click on the Sign-in options option

  • Enter your email or phone number and tap on the “Next” button. You entered email or phone will instantly get a code.

Enter your email or phone number and tap on the Next button

  • Then, enter the code sent to you and tap on the “Next” button. Your username will be displayed if you enter the code correctly.

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How To Recover A Deleted Xbox Account?

You can even recover your Xbox account if you somehow delete the account. In that case, you just need to remember your username and password. Below we have shown how you can recover your deleted Xbox account.

  • First, visit xbox.com using a web browser on your device and tap on the Sign-In icon in the top-right corner of the Xbox home page.

visit Xbox home page

  • Now write your username (email, phone, or Skype) and tap on the “Next” button.

write your username (email, phone, or Skype) and tap on the Next button

  • After that, type your password and tap on the “Sign in” button. You will get a summary containing the date you closed your account.

tap on the Sign in button

  • Here, tap on the “Reopen account” following the question “What do you want to do?

tap on the Reopen account

  • You have to verify now that it is your account by writing your full email address. Then, tap the “Send Code” button to get a code for your entered email.

tap the Send Code button

  • Enter the code you were sent to your email address in the box provided, then choose “next”

tap on Next button

  • Finally, a window will display that says, “Your account is now reopened.” Tap on the “Done” button to access your Xbox account.

Tap on the Done button

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Xbox Account

Xbox users frequently run into several issues with their accounts. For that, Here we have answered some of the questions that Xbox users often ask. If you have any queries about your Xbox account, check this; you may find your answer here.

Can I Recover My Banned Xbox Account?

In some cases, Microsoft can ban your Xbox account. This mainly happens if you break their community policies or any rules. To get your banned Xbox account back, you have to communicate with the Xbox support team. If you convince them that you won’t do any violating activities, the support team will help you recover your banned account.

Can I Recover My Xbox Account With Gamertag?

Unfortunately, you can’t recover your Xbox account using Gamertag. To recover your account, you have to know at least your email address, username, or phone number. Using any of this, you can easily recover your Xbox account by following the method discussed above.

What To Do If I Forget My Username Or Email Address Connected With Xbox?

As an email address or username is used to access or reset an Xbox account, forgetting this will lead you to deep trouble. Without the login information, you can’t even reset the password. In that case, you can do a couple of things to recover your forgotten username or password.

  • Try to remember the Xbox email address or username.
  • Check your console Gamertag and Gamerpic to see whether the email address includes.
  • Check your device password manager.


Having an account on Xbox will allow you to sync gaming information into the cloud and manage subscriptions. So, if you forget or lose the login credentials, you will fall into trouble.

However, from now on, you may not have to face any trouble if you forget the Xbox login details. Following the methods discussed in the section above, you can easily recover Xbox account. It is also possible to recover a deleted Xbox account, following the mentioned process.

If you still encounter any complications in recovering your Xbox account, write to us in the comment section. Our Expert team will provide you with information based on your problems.

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